5 Local SEO Tips for Surgeons & Medical Professionals

A sound SEO and search marketing strategy for surgeons and medical professionals is the greatest way to get more patients. However, advanced plastic surgeon SEO strategies like increasing domain authority and generating link popularity might be beyond the reach of most marketers. However, they can adopt these 5 effective surgeon SEO strategies to attract more patients and broaden their businesses.

Get Listed on Local Directories

surgeon seoThis is the greatest way to embark on local SEO for surgeons and other locally-focused medical professionals. You can create directory listing on major sites like Bing, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. Why is this important for a surgeon’s SEO efforts?

When you search on Google with a keyword, ‘Plastic Surgeons Alaska’, you can see a special set of local listing, which are associated with Google Maps. Various variables are responsible for the rankings of these local listings. These variables are unique to conventional SEO in use citations, or mentions, of business to determine high ranking businesses and surgery practices.

Citations are one of the most influential factors in doing any sort of local SEO. A citation is the technical term for mentions of NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) of business (which are most common directory listing pages for a business.) Google uses citations to assess the credibility of a local business or organization. If you can provide more accurate citations (from directory listings), Google will position your business in higher in its local search listings.

Also important to note – accuracy is also highly important. If there is any inconsistency in NAP, a flag will be raised to Google. Therefore, you must provide accurate information and build well-populated directory listings to make the most of the SEO value these listings can provide.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Social media play highly significant and crucial role in SEO and they also influence search engine rankings. If you have strong presence in numerous platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, you can realize greater visibility in Google search. If your business gets more likes, shares, +1’s, Tweets, Pins, etc. (social signals), you can make greater strides when doing SEO for plastic surgeons.

These social signals are sound and legitimate ways to define credible content, which are significant for getting higher rankings. However, building an audience is the biggest challenge for social media marketers. So, you can invest in advertising, which is the natural and alternative option to build audience. If you invest money on growing your social media presence, you will get incredible returns.

Get Listed on Medical/Surgery Directories

Getting listed on conventional local directories is the easiest way to start SEO and search marketing for surgeons and medical professionals. You can also adopt this step for finding more opportunities. These types of directories are aligned closely with surgery and medical field. Therefore, Google will provide greater values to these citations, as well as any links pointing back to a surgeon’s websites.

Start Producing Content

Just like social media marketing, content production also has greater significance. You can produce content in the form of videos, infographics, educational blog posts, patient testimonials, etc. If your site is fresh with new content, it will help your medical practice site’s SEO potential.

Fresh content signify the worthy of frequent indexing and crawling, which is great for ongoing SEO. Producing content is also helpful for defining your surgery practice. If patients have questions, refer them to special articles through your site. If you are able to create evergreen content and share with social media audience, this is great for getting inbound traffic.

Network with Other Medical Professionals

You can also build relationship with other medical specialists and surgeons, which is helpful for opening doors to many opportunities. Surgeons and medical professionals can also cultivate reciprocal relationships, which is beneficial for both parties.

You can also engage in activities such as guest blogging, content sharing, link exchanges, and growing your social media audience. If you are a plastic surgeon, you are involved in memberships or groups with other plastic surgeons. However, you will also get support from other surgical specialists as well.

These are highly powerful and most useful SEO tips for medical professionals and surgeons. You can use them for your plastic surgery SEO campaign for generating more traffic, increasing your conversion rate and improving your search engine rankings.

Leland Indie Film Company Goes Big With Beyond Glory

Most action and adventure movie lovers are suckers for compelling first-hand accounts of major wars on the silver screen. What if we were served an engaging indie film with accounts of eight Medal of Honor recipients spanning across World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War all in one movie?beyond glory the film

Beyond Glory is a spectacular movie from the indie film company 8180 Films. The film Beyond Glory stars Stephen Lang, with Larry Brand as the director and James Cameron and Jon Landau serving as executive producers. Beyond Glory the film has been adapted from the play which was first adapted by Lang from journalist Larry smith’s book of the same name. It is a breathtaking amalgamation of theatre and cinema.

Stephen Lang who has many notable performances in both cinema and stage to his credit, proves his versatility once again. He plays the characters of all the eight Medal of Honor recipients with equal alacrity and understanding. Gary Sinise adds drama to the film Beyond Glory with his deep voice. Larry Brand has given a true depiction of men at war without using any filters and shows the moviegoers the true tribulations that men and women undergo when faced with hard choices.

This movie recognizes and celebrates all the men and women who serve our nation. It brings to the forefront some of this country’s greatest war heroes and their sacrifices.

About Indie Film Company 8180 Films8180 films

8180 Films is an indie film production company based in Leland, Michigan with award winning producers Larry Brand, Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter as founding partners. The award winning production house has produced four movies till date with Beyond Glory being their latest production. Their main focus has been to produce cost effective and high quality independent films.

Each of the four movies belongs to a different genre. If Christina was a World War II drama, The Coexist Comedy Tour was a comedy documentary. While The Girl on the Train was a neo-noir suspense thriller Beyond Glory-their latest offering – is a performance documentary. All the four features have been directed by Larry Brand.

The Indie film company has collaborated with a host of talented stars including Stephen Lang, Gary Sinise, Nicki Aycox, David Margulies, Jordan Belfi, Moshe Kasher and John Fugelsang. Their movies have been featured regularly in international film festivals like the Mumbai and the Oaxaca Film Festivals. They have also played in the local movie festivals like Newport Beach, Napa Valley, Sedona international and Chelsea film festivals and won awards under categories including Acting, Screenplay and Direction.

Top 5 Companies for Truck Scales & Advanced Weighing Systems

The most reliable truck scales and advanced weighing systems in the United States are made by reputable, honest companies in the field, and many of them have local roots. Because truck scales and weighing systems are high-dollar investments, these companies set out to offer exceptional products with quality customer support.

Firms that invest in truck scales systems want to choose the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers, as they can provide items that are based on the most advanced technologies. The following 5 companies are top providers of truck scale systems in the U.S.truck scale companies


On-board truck weigh scales are the most advanced heavy-duty truck solutions provided by this company. Vulcan is a top provider of on-board weighing scales for any type of truck or loader. With products that are used by the marine and the aerospace industry, the manufacturer can also cover general trucking, the timber market, aggregate, or refuse. Already existing customers are very pleased of the available items, as they are reliable and easy to load.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing is a top truck scale manufacturer with headquarters in Webb City Missouri that also has warehouses overseas. There are more than one hundred distributors of the scales from this company.

All types of truck scales and advanced weighing systems are offered by Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, including different types of portable weighing systems, load cell units, steel deck weighbridge truck scales and peripheral equipment for truck scales and weighing systems. The truck scales offered by this manufacturer can be electronic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic, with a wide range of load capacities.

Walz Scale walz scale

Walz Scale is a well-known supplier of truck scales and advanced weighing systems in the US. The main focus of this manufacturer is providing precise and versatile systems for a wide range of industries, like construction, mining, agriculture, waste management, or recycling. As one of the top truck scale companies, Walz Scale can provide customized solutions that are developed according to the needs of every specific customer instead of having a general approach.

Walz Scale is specialized in a wide range of advanced heavy-duty weighing systems, such as on-board weighing systems, axle scales, agricultural and farm scales, mining scales and load volumetric scanners. The advanced technology that is implemented in these solutions makes them some of the best in the industry. Both surface and pit mounted loader scales can be chosen, along with portable mining scales and portable rail scales. The systems are electro-mechanical, with pneumatic and hydraulic load cells.

Avery Weigh Tronix

Avery Weigh Tronix is another popular and respected truck scale manufacturer in the United States that is also a supplier for more than eighty countries all over the world. The company has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

There are many industries covered by this Fortune 200 company, such as agriculture, mining, aggregates, waste or recycling. Avery Weigh Tronix even offers software for scales or data management.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros manufactures static, dynamic, and portable truck scale solutions for different industries: agriculture, mining, construction and recycling. These items are meant to serve anyone who is performing different types of weighing operations in an efficient and affordable manner. In addition to truck scales for sale, Payload Pros offers a wide range of portable truck axle scales for rent.

One of the main advantages of the scale solutions offered by Payload Pros is a maximum versatility without impacting precise measurements in a negative way. Customers can choose from various scale designs, such as aluminum and steel construction to cover both light and heavy duty applications.

WalzEQ.com: Illinois Mailing Systems & Postage Solutions

Walz Label & Mailing Systems, headquartered in central Illinois, is growing into the area’s leading supplier of mailing systems in Illinois. The reputable company has been in business for more than 50 years and today, Walz Label & Mailing Systems is among the fastest growing companies in U.S. walz label and mailing systems

Because the company is highly experienced and focuses on a high level of customer services, Walz Label & Mailing Systems understands the unique needs of their customers. The company consistently adopts the latest mailing system technology into it inventory. With specific divisions in labeling, mailing, and business automation, Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers a complete spectrum of solutions for many companies in Illinois.

In focusing on Walz Label & Mailing Systems division in mailing, below we delve into some of the comprehensive mailing systems and postage solutions offered by the company.

Mailing Machines mailing machines postage systems

Some of its mailing machines from Walz include the whisper quiet Neopost IM-330 postage meter, IN-600 HF mailing machine, IN-600 AF mailing machine, IN-360 mailing machine, among other mailing system machines. With these machines, businesses are able to send thousands of booklets, brochures, invitations and a lot more within a short period of time.

When you trust Walz for your Illinois mailing systems, you are guaranteed remarkable services at an affordable price. In addition, these mailing machines do not only saves you a great deal of time, but also saves ink, paper, labels and so on. These postage mailing machine systems provide you with the most efficient and effective logistic remedies or solutions at an affordable price.

Address Printers mailing machines address printers

With address printers, you can eliminate return postage charges. Note that address printers come in different models that can match well with your mailing demands. It is advisable to choose a model based on size, speed, price and more. Address printers also enable companies to design and send a material that is appealing and elegant while it saves you time and money.


These scales give you the exact reading of your products. Walz has a variety of weighing scales to suit your needs. Some of its weighing tools include PS15 that can measure up to 15 kg, PS30 with a capacity scale of 30kg and more. Most of these scales if not all can be integrated with mailing or shipping software or even used singly to to save time and expenses.

Tabbing & Labeling Products mailing machine tabbing labeling

Tabbing and Labeling products ensures that all your materials are accessible and prearranged. With the help of these products, you can tab and label a wide range of items, including magazines, mailings, financial documents, brochures, books, and much more.

Moreover, you can produce thousands of copies by using paper or plastic tabs and decals,and stamps of all sizes and types. Tabbing and labeling machines can save postage costs as well as time. In addition, tabbers and labelers are easy to use and efficient.

Mail Management & Mail Preparation Software

mailing systemsThis software makes sure that your accounting department as well as mailroom are working in harmony with each other for better results. It can also track all the activities and changes through your postage in order to generate simple and easy to read reports with a press on a button.

Other roles it plays include dividing expenses according to accounts and departments, so as to allocate operating costs correctly at the end of the season. Mail preparation software ensures the package is never lost as a result of mislabeling and reduce time loss since with this software takes care of everything.

Get more information by contacting:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611

Site Connects Athletes & Triathlon Coaches in Traverse City, MI

Better Triathlete (BetterTriathlete.com) has taken storm on the Internets to help connect athletes and triathlon coaches, starting in Traverse City, MI.  As a rather new website that’s focused on providing information and resources for triathletes (spanning from training tips to coaching resources), Better Triathlete helps athletes find triathlon coaches in their local area.better triathlete coaching traverse city

Through the Better Triathlete coaching network, the website offers a growing directory of triathlon coaches (as well as coaches who are specialized in swimming, biking, and running) designed to help connect athletes with coaches in their local area.

In addition to local triathlon coaching resources, Better Triathlete also plans to offer online triathlon coaching services and programs. Be sponsoring some of the top coaches in world, the brand’s mission is to make premium quality triathlon coaching accessible to anyone.

Roots in Traverse City, Michigan

Starting in the waterbound town of Traverse City, Better Triathlete has deep roots in the northern Michigan triathlon community. With limited coaching resources, the area is a hotbed for growth in multisport. Currently (as of when this article was published), the Traverse City triathlon coach page is still available for sponsorship.better triathlete

Team members and staff of Better Triathlete are discussing holding local clinics in the near future. The focus of these triathlon clinics will focus on aspects of form and biomechanics in swimming, biking, and running; mindful approaches to training and racing; and transitions and other disciplines of multisport.

Currently, Better Triathlete is operating a simple web presence that’s focused on building its coaching network, all while sharing content, ideas, and tips through its blog. The focus is unique information that’s cutting edge as well as effective at helping athletes cultivate greater fulfillment and longevity in the sport.

In the meantime, if you’re triathlon coaching in Traverse City looking for opportunities to connect with new athletes, visit the official website of Better Triathlete at www.BetterTriathlete.com.

5 Mailing System Solutions Ideal for Business Mailrooms

Are you looking for mailing machine, postage meters, and other mailing system solutions that can help your business save time and realize greater efficiencies? business mailing system

With the advancement of technology and digitalization in traditional mailing systems, new mailing machines are been developed and only a few businesses are taking the advantage of using this new machines to improve their productivity. A complete mailing system can help a business to efficiently handle mailing task with ease and attend to thousands of mail everyday.

1. Postage Meters

Having a postage meter is a great way a business can utilize it’s production time and save more money. With a good postage meter you don’t have to stick and lick envelops and stamps. Most electronic postage meters comes with a base that guides the envelopes for stamping.

postage mailing systemsThe more features the machine has, the more costly it’s likely to be. The main difference between most postage meters is how their base feeds letters through the machines. Advanced postage meters comes with stacker that stack your mail, sealers that automatically seal and wet all envelops as they pass through the base.

The benefits of having postage meters in-house include:

  • They help in postal accounting – postage meters can track and control money that is spent on direct mailing, parcel post and letters.
  • Postmark advertisements – Postage meters can also print advertisement ads and messages as they print stamps on your envelops.
  • Parcel post-dating – Postage meters print dates for third class letters and packaged parcels

The only downside to postage meters is maintaining an adequate stock of postage meter supplies, such as ink, tape, labels, and stamps.

2. Letter Folding Machines

If you have a small or large business that deals with sending thousand of mail to clients and organizations, you must find the task of folding envelops very time consuming. With a letter folding machine, you can save the time it takes to manually fold letters and use it to do other constructive work in your business.
Benefits of having a letter folding machine include:

  • Most letter folding machines can operate at a speed of about 2,000 to 7,000 sheets per hour. This can help a business complete mail folding task very fast
  • Letter folding machines are capable of folding several letter folds standard such as c-fold, right angle fold, double fold, single fold and Z-fold.

3. Postage Scalesmailing system postage scales

One of the most crucial mailing system products that every business should have is a postage scale. The benefit of having a postage scale is that it ensures you are not paying more than you want for all your out-going mail.

There are two types of postage scales, electronic machines and manual versions. Manual machines requires one to read the postage amount and they increase the chances of human error. Electronic postage scales are more popular and recommended because they are more accurate and less prone to errors.

4. Letter Opening Machines

If you receive a lot of mail in your office, a letter opening machine can greatly speed up the process of opening all your envelops. Some of the fastest letter opening machines can open up to 600 envelops per minute. There two main versions of letter opening machines; slitters and chadders.

Chadders normally open envelope by cutting about an eighth inch of the envelop and can sometimes accidentally the content inside the envelop. Slitters versions are the best letter openers and most expensive machines, they normally cut through the top seam of an envelop and they reduce chances of damaging the envelop contents.

5. Mail Shredders

If you receive a lot of mail, it’s good to have a mail shredding machine that will help you destroy envelops before disposing them. Disposing envelops that expose the address and other information can led to a leakage of confidential information that was meant to be used by the business.

With a shredding machine you can destroy mail and envelopes that you have already finished reading and dispose them without the worry of someone else getting to know the information printed in the mail.

To find these mailing system products and solutions available for sale, visit:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems walz label and mailing systems
624 High Point Ln,
East Peoria, IL 61611

Or check them out on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to learn more.

Why Stick With Local Lenders for Home Mortgage Loans

Every field has different terminologies for certain concepts and principles, and the home mortgage industry is no different. Looking at home mortgage rates can easily confuse the beginner to home buying. But, it doesn’t have to stop you from getting the best deal. As you read every word of this article, you will cut through the confusion.

Most people when learning about mortgages, home mortgage loans rates, and the different terminology of the like, frequently get confused. The truth is there is no need to get confused regarding matters of mortgage loans.

The Value In Keeping Mortgage Loans Local

research mortgage loansWith research, it is possible to uncover the truth about the local mortgage loan marketplace and lending packages available. This is important, as we can often neglect to see the important parts of the mortgage. And considering that the home mortgage you take out likely will last more than a decade.

For this reason, it’s important to work with local lenders when it comes to home mortgage loans. Local banks and lenders provide personalized services and individualized attention to help educate you based on your unique needs and financial standing.

How To Prepare Before Visiting Your Local Lender

The biggest point to realize about local home mortgage rates is the actual rate. The home mortgage rate is essential because it is generally a small number. We are talking about only 3 digits. When you apply this to your local home mortgage loan, you can see how hundreds of thousands of dollars any difference will be a big difference!

Ultimately you want to get the lowest rate. However, the lowest rate does not mean that you will get the best mortgage. The truth is that lenders have hidden terms and conditions, extra fees, and these, if you don’t know about, could make the best mortgage to be the worst. This is why the research factor becomes so important and essential for one to learn about the local mortgages.

Understanding the Complexities of Home Mortgage Loans

A mortgage is more complicated than a loan compared to home equity loans and other lines of credit. In short, with home mortgage loans, you are liable for more things. And all the paperwork for a mortgage is usually on file at the local courthouse. Be sure you know what you are getting a local home mortgage or a home loan. Often they will carry different rates depending on the banks.mortgage loans

Something to keep in mind is that local home mortgage rates change, and they change very often. Home mortgage lenders do give you the option to ‘lock in’ a certain interest rate while you are getting approved for a mortgage, which can take weeks. The rates might not be so good then. It is always advisable to activate the ‘lock in’ option when the rate it’s at its lowest. This way the local mortgage dealer will offer you the least charges, and you can easily recoup your income with a resale.

Another point you will find with home mortgages is that of a choice between fixed rate mortgage packages and adjustable rate mortgage packages or ARM for short. Your choice will come down to your own expectations of what will happen with interest rates, your choice among mortgage lenders and banks, and also your own needs.

A fixed rate mortgage will be a set home mortgage rate, which stays the same, throughout the term of the mortgage. The alternative ARM, and it has advantages and disadvantages. Often the payments for the first year or so are small, and then explode depending on the banks.

3 Dynamic Cubing Systems for Streamlined Shipping, Logistics, & Distribution

The logistics industry is becoming more and more competitive, and business need to adapt and evolve to keep up with the competition. Use of modern technologies and innovative products are the only things that can give you an edge over your competitors. If you are in the shipping business, then one of the most important things that you will need for the success of your business is an advanced cubing system.Logistics Cubing Systems

Finding one shouldn’t be a problem as many companies manufacture and supply them. However, just like any other equipment there are a few companies that are known to produce advanced cubing systems. Below are the top three dynamic cubing systems from some of the most reputable names in the industry.

1. In-motion Package Scanner by DimensionalWeighing.com

DimensionalWeighing.com is an industry leader having been in the business for many years. This company provides different weighing solutions by manufacturing different equipment using modern technologies. Just like most dimensional weighing equipment, the In-Motion Package Scanner is designed to adhere to three essential characteristics that are simplicity, speed and accuracy.

Cubing System Features

  • This advanced cubing system is an industrial grade dimensioning solution. With this system, you do not have to worry about installing a new conveying system or making alterations to your existing one as it can be incorporated directly to the existing conveying system.
  • It maintains high accuracy even at very high belt speeds. This accuracy is achieved through the use of laser scanners that have been tested and proven to be effective.
  • It uses off the shelf components meaning that you can be to source replacements parts locally. This is not only very convenient but also very economical.

2. The Walz Cube by WalzScale.com

Walz Scale is perhaps the most famous name in the manufacture and distribution of weighing and measuring equipment. When you talk about weight, it would be impossible not to mention Walz Scale has one of the best companies in this field. The Walz Cube system has been equipped with state of the art dimensioning and cubing technology to make sure customers not only get accurate readings, but they also get it efficiently.

Cubing System Features

  • These advanced cubing systems for shipping have a unique plugin into DHL, UPS, TNT and FedEx. Since these are the leading shipping companies in the world, you will benefit tremendously from this plugin.
  • It saves time and eliminates manual errors thanks to the online booking system and the fact that you will not need to enter any data manually.
  • The Walz Cube system from the king of truck scales is very versatile since it can be used as a standalone or integrated into the conveyor system.

3. Conveyor-based In-motion Cubing System from WalzEQ.com

The in-motion cubing systems from WalzEQ.com are designed for cartons or pallets, and they come with different capacities or ability to use for various applications. These scales can come as an integrated system or a standalone system. WalzEQ.com is the official website of Walz Label & Mailing Systems in Illinois.

Cubing System Features

  • It can be used for various applications in logistics and distribution services. One of its biggest strength with regards to versatility is the fact that the system can even be used for oddly shaped items.
  • This system is cheaper than most others of the same quality and capabilities.
  • Provides a solution for the common problems associated with random sized cartons or pallets and hence making sure that you comply with dimensional weight regulations.

United Facilities Offers Logistics Warehouses in California & Florida

United FacilitiesFor more than 60 years, United Facilities has been family owned and operated business offering third-party logistic solutions to businesses of all types. United Facilities is a nation-wide recognized logistics provider with 12 distribution centers all over the U.S. spanning from Florida to California.

When it comes to providing complete logistic solutions from warehousing and fulfillment, packaging, transportation to many more services catered to every specific business need, trust United Facilities. All you need to do is to tell the company what your logistic needs are and specialists of the company link you with the best transportation services on offer, provide you with best warehousing and fulfillment, as well as assembly and packaging solutions.

Logistics Warehouses in California

When it comes to providing logistic warehouses in California, United Facilities offers service at five different strategic locations: Fontana, Mira Loma, Tracy, and Stockton, CA (east and west logistics warehouses). For any California-operated business United Facilities offer a full range of logistic and warehouse solutions and help you complete your supply chain effortlessly.logistics warehouse

Logistics Warehouses in Florida

With two logistics warehouses in Florida, strategically positioned in Orlando, FL, our customers can enjoy advanced logistics management capabilities we have to offer. There United Facilities offers transportation services staffed by professionals who will execute your logistics strategy as well as help you connect with the best transportation services in business to ensure your supply chain won’t be interrupted.

Total Supply Chain Solutions

Regarding warehouse services and logistic management in California and Florida, there are numerous services on offer, whether you want your own team to manage your business’ warehouse or if you want United Facilities experts to handle your goods.

You’ll find solution catered to your every need, especially with specific services such as food grade storage, barcoding and RF chipping, temperature controlled storage, FDA approval or foreign trade zone, just to name the few of our services available. All you have to do is tell us what your business needs are and our warehouses are here to fullfill your every need. United Facilities in California and Florida also offer unique service of coordinating your assembly and packaging needs with pressure sealers, packaging systems, and various other inventory solutions.

Technology-Supported Warehousing & Logistics

warehousing conveyor logisticsInformation technologies available will enable your California or Florida-based warehouse to function to maximum of its extent, whether it is by using our latest software for standard warehouse management and packaging system, or by using the latest RFID chip technology and solutions to handle any special labeling and logistics. United Facilities’ operated warehouse also functions with high-end customer applications, barcode and RF technology, sortation systems, productivity monitoring and measurement as well as full online 24/7 support.

With United Facilities’ services in California or Florida, all you have to worry about is doing your business, and we’ll handle your chain supply fully, from warehouse and warehouse logistic, to assembly and packaging at your desired location. United Facilities are customer and business orientated and can adjust to meet your every business need, no matter how specific it may be with the use of latest informational technologies, as well as with experience that comes from 60 year old family operated and owned business that is widely recognized.

Leading FQHC Billing Company to Exhibit at 2015 IPHCA Leadership Conference

On October 14-16, the IPHCA, or Illinois Primary Health Care Association, will host the 2015 Annual Leadership Conference at The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Even though the last time the conference was held at The Ritz Carlton, St. Louis, MO, this time will be held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

IPHCA Leadership ConferenceWith a focus on representing FQHCs, or Federally Qualified Health Centers, and CHCs (Community Health Centers), the IPHCA represents 49 organizational members that operate and manage just over 440 sites throughout the state of Illinois.

Account Executive Kevin Vardeleon and Channel Partner Manager John Quatto are excited to announce the conference. They are excited to introduce to everyone the best ERP fund accounting software provider and IT specialists in the state of Illinois. They might be boasting a little, but they are calling it like they see it. The conference will start October 14, 2015 at 10:45 PM and will last till October 16 2015 at 11:45 PM.

What to Expect at the IPHCA Leadership Conference

leadership conference illinoisAt each conference, IPHCA’s main focus with regard to sponsors and exhibitors is to provide valuable networking opportunities with IPHCA members for participating companies. For example, this year a leading participating company will be Practice Management. Nevertheless, IPHCA’s 2015 Annual Leadership Conference will be an exciting opportunity to showcase your products and services to a diverse and receptive audience of executive directors, board members, clinicians, human resource directors, IT professionals, financial officers and more

IPHCA’s mission is to actually improve the health status of medically underserved populations and communities by fostering the provision of high quality care that is accessible, culturally sensitive and community-directed. Furthermore, IPHCA represents health centers created by the Congress to meet the basic health care needs of underserved communities and high-risk patients.

Helping FQHCs Advance & Thrive

Since FQHCs by law serve the medically underserved people regardless of their economical situation or even ability to pay, health centers are located in geographic regions designated as having a shortage of medical and basic care providers who serve this population.

IPHCA is completely committed to fulfilling its mission of helping underserved communities help themselves by advocating and spreading community primary care services across Illinois. Furthermore, IPHCA advocates and provides education and basic training to enhance the operation of these basic health care services, the unique interests and contributors of community health centers and develops information systems.

Practice Management FQHC Billing Company

A reputable FQHC billing company in Illinois called Practice Management will be exhibiting at the Annual Leadership Conference 2015. Practice Management is in business since 1995. Since then it provides comprehensive medical billing solutions with expertise in FQHC billing services. As health care is serving underserved population, these services are designed to improve revenue cycle and overall billing system for health centers across the state.

The human and technology resources of Practice Management FQHC billing company are on the forefront of medical billing. As this company is one step ahead of industry requirements, they save valuable time and money for these health centers. Health centers receive peace of mind knowing their accounts receivable is in good hands.

Practice Management stays up-to-date on medical policies and coding requirements specific to each payer. This company also uses direct electronic submission when billing third party payers (TPPs). Even more, each health center is required to utilize their own username and password. That way health centers only have access to their own practice’s data. For more information, visit the FQHC billing company’s website at MaximizedRevenue.com.