How SEO Can Grow Your Local Business by Leaps & Bounds

local SEO Services Reputable CompanyGetting your local business on the internet often leads to great opportunities that previously seemed out of reach. The internet places your business in a position to expand its audience, in addition to widening its exposure (all of which support the growth and development of a your company.) At the same time, SEO and being optimized on search engines like Google make it easier for your business to thrive.

Local digital marketing services from a reputable company can offer many different benefits for your business and its website. For starters, you will be able to have a greater return on your investments compared to most other marketing and advertising programs that offer ambiguous ROI. Further, SEO is extremely targeted, exposing your business in front of searchers who are actively looking for the products/services your company offers.

Get Great Results With a Professional SEO Company

When you are working with a professional SEO company with experience providing local digital marketing solutions, you can be better able to get the results that you have been aiming for. To start with, landing pages need to have the content that can be easy to understand without having to go too much into the in-depth details. The appearance of the pages will also have a credible impact on your campaign as the user experience provided will factor into whether or not they will come back to your website when in need of the same thing.

Additionally, the wording of your pages also has to be simple to understand as most of the internet users merely skip over the content so as to get a gist. Placing your words in clear space with all the appropriate typography rules adhered to will also work towards distributing your content far and wide regardless of the target platform.

Leverage Intelligence-Driven SEO Services

Most of the time, local business SEO services start with an audit or inspection of the web-based resources that you already have in place. Once this is done, more details make themselves evident such as the target audience. As a result, you can then optimize your content in such way that the audience you are targeting receives and understands your content in a clear, precise manner. SEO

This optimization also places some other significant features (such as analytics) in way that you can track website performance over time thus being fully aware of all the going on for your business. Working with a credible local SEO company gives you the confidence that your website will be more visible to the intended audience.

This will also make your business more successful in the long run thus giving you better returns on your efforts or initial investment. Consultations, SEO audits, and reviews of Google Analytics will offer you a better view of the audience landscape thus giving you more room for improvement and tweaks in the future.

Last but not least, SEO, especially when done hand in hand with credible search marketing companies, takes you to greater heights on the internet thus contributing to the growth and improvement of your web based business. It doesn’t matter where you are located, you will be able to find a reputable digital marketing company. From Detroit, Michigan to Tampa, Florida, from Bar Harbor, Maine to San Diego, California – some quick Google searches will show you options and that search alone with tell you just how good those companies are at digital marketing!

Blogger Takes Vegan Protein Powder Reviews to the Local Level

When it comes to 100% plant-based/vegan protein powder reviews, there’s massive demand for quality input. The vegan protein powder market is growing rapidly, and there are now hundreds of products that meet the criteria as vegan protein powders. vegan protein powder reviews

In an effort to distill the nutritional data and flavor profiles of some of the most popular products on the market, emerging blogger Tyler Tafelsky started a site centered on this particular area of interest. The project commenced in April of 2016, and as of the publishing date of this post, he continues to review and document vegan protein supplements of all types.

The Online Roots of  “Vegan Protein Powder Reviews”

The Vegan Protein Powder Reviews site (which can be found at,) is the keep-it-simple brainchild of Tyler’s. With advocacy and aspiration toward a plant-based lifestyle, combined with hobbies in fitness and endurance sports, Tyler’s blog organically evolved out pure curiosity in plant-based human optimization.

“I found myself analyzing the nutritional profiles of various products that I was interested in. In doing so, I was also try to pinpoint the plant-based that tasted best.”

Upon starting the blog, Tyler began taking the review process a little more meticulously.

“Because a lot of people, even those eat meat and dairy, and turning on to the benefits of vegan protein supplementation versus common animal-based proteins. As such, you have a widespread audience ranging from fit-minded moms to top-performing athletes. Some people have aversion to soy. Others need BCAAs (brain chain amino acids) for athletic recovery and  building muscle. And most want something that tastes good.”

This why Vegan Protein Powder Reviews is one of the few resources on the web that publishes such comprehensive overviews and insights of the products it reviews. Each review takes an inside look at the product’s ingredients, sources of protein, and overall nutritional profile. Because the nutritional composition is a major qualifier for researching consumers, Tyler addresses this first in each review.

best vegan protein powder weight loss

One of the reviews written by Tyler was based on the “Best Vegan Protein Powders for Weight Loss” featuring five great products.

To follow is the experiential component that gives readers a totally subjective yet 100% honest review of each product’s taste, texture, and overall flavor profile. Unlike wine and coffee where the descriptors are vast with different notes, forwards, and finishes, protein powders are to the point. In other words, Tyler’s rating system is based on a “Sweetness Scale” which measures his perceived level of sweet from 1-10, in addition to some notes on each product’s flavor and texture.

Each vegan protein powder review takes less than 5-7 minutes to read and comprehend. In short, it’s a nice blog that serves its purpose. The help consumers know what to look for in plant-based protein powders.

Distilling Product Insight on the Local Level

Upon starting the blog, Tyler sourced most products from his local organic food market, Oryana, based in Traverse City, MI. He quickly became a regular in the wellness department and made many quality connections. He also piqued the curiosity of some of the employees who often get asked what certain products taste like.

As a result, Oryana’s wellness employees with source information from Tyler based on the inventory of vegan protein powders. Not only were many shoppers coming in specifically asking for plant-based protein powders, but many also asked about the flavors and what certain products tasted like. Further, some requested products with certain qualities, such as BCAAs, soy-free, hemp, etc.

In addition to spreading awareness at his local organic food market, Tyler has hopes of doing more locally-based workshops in the future, promoting specific brands he stands behind. He’s a big fan of a few select products (with respect to both nutrition and affordability) that are not very well known in the marketplace for vegan protein powders. So Tyler Tafelsky hopes to continue to spread awareness on which options are available that individuals might not know about.

Connect with the Vegan Protein Powder review on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.

Atlanta’s WIFH Makes Stides In Laser Hair Removal Treatment

wifh atlanta laser hair removal servicesThere’s a reason why WIFH (otherwise known as Women’s Institute for Health) has made epic strides as one of the most trusted local sources for laser hair removal in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the official website of WIFH, Dr. Kulkin and his specialized team of licensed practitioners have performed over 650,000 laser hair removal procedures.

In essence, WIFH’s laser hair removal treatments offer an effective and permanent way to get rid of undesirable hair from virtually any part of the body. Using industry leading laser hair removal technology. it’s safe for all types of skin and applicable for both men and women.

The Solution for Unwanted Hair

Americans spend on average approximately 38 minutes a day grooming their hair. Over the course of one year, the time spent grooming and removing unwanted hair escalates to 230 hours. This includes all forms of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, and plucking.laser hair removal legs

WIFH’s Atlanta laser hair removal treatment is the solution to stop spending so many hours removing unwanted hair. The results Dr. Kulkin and his team achieves for patients have become the industry standard in laser hair removal. Studies conducted by the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery support that individuals need roughly 6 to 9 laser hair removal treatments to realize optimal outcomes.

For this reason, WIFH provides laser hair removal services at its Atlanta clinic in packages that consist of 8 treatments. After completing 8 sessions, patients often see anywhere from a 75% to 90% reduction in hair in the treated body part. And these results are permanent, meaning that hair in that particular area will not grow back.

The Process Behind Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When seeing WIFH for laser hair removal in Atlanta, the practitioners ask that patients prepare by shaving the target area prior to treatment. Unlike waxing as a form of hair removal, the surface hair is not required for laser hair removal treatment. Laser energy is, in essence, heat energy and its is drawn to the color found within the hair follicles.

On the laser hair removal page of the WIFH website, they provide a great example of how this works:mens laser hair removal atlanta

“An example of how this works can be felt when you wear a dark shirt and stand in the sun. Your dark shirt absorbs the heat of the sun and in turn makes you very warm, very fast. Atlanta Laser hair removal at WIFH works by the same principle.”

The color found in an individual’s hair absorbs the heat from the laser. Through this absorption process, the laser energy enters the hair follicle while destroying its ability to produce hair. So although this treatment is called laser hair removal, the process is not actually removing hair. Rather, the process permanently reduces the number of hair follicles and their ability to produce hair.

Undergoing Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

WIFH starts by bringing its patients in to their Atlanta facility for a no obligation, complimentary consultation. This is provides an opportunity for patients to meet with one of WIFH’s laser hair removal practitioners as well as discuss the overall procedure, treatment plan, expectations and realistic outcomes.atlanta laser hair removal staff

Most individuals who visit WIFH for an initial consultation have been considering undergoing laser hair removal treatment for some time. As a result, many patients choose to begin treatment on the day of their initial visit. Depending on the area of the body being treated, the time of each session can vary anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. An upper lip treatment can take just a few minutes, whereas a larger area of the body (like back or full legs) can take approximately one removal laser atlanta ga

Contact WIFH in Atlanta for Laser Hair Removal Services

If you’re interested in laser hair removal services, contact WIFH in Atlanta by following the address, location information, and contacts below.

6115 Peachtree Dunwoody Road #200
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 404.832.0300

Local Atlanta SEO Company Unveils Google Maps Marketing Branch

Atlanta SEO company, Captivate Search Marketing, has recently unveiled a new branch dedicated to providing local SEO and Google Maps marketing services. The new branch is called Captivate Local, and it’s one the newest and quickly-emerging SEO companies that offers focused expertise in search marketing solutions for local businesses.

Responding to the Demand for Specialized Local SEOcaptivate local seo services

Over the course of the last several years, the Atlanta-based SEO agency has seen the increased demand for highly-specialized local search marketing solutions, with an emphasis in helping businesses get ranked in the local 3 pack and Google Maps search results. This call to action lead Atlanta SEO company Captivate Search Marketing to carve a fine niche in helping support this growing demand. Through its new brand Captivate Local, the SEO company provides cutting-edge solutions in:

  • Google Maps Marketing
  • Multi-Location & Franchise SEO
  • Local Organic & 3 Pack SEO
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Members of the Captivate Search Marketing team have also mentioned introducing more agency-level solutions to Captivate Local in the future, such as content marketing, social media, and other more specialized solutions in review generation and offline strategy.

In essence, the new local SEO branch is the brainchild behind Captivate Search Marketing’s passion behind supporting businesses that operate on the local level. And the company delivers a wide spectrum of capabilities design to help clients increase their online footprint and achieve greater search engine visibility.

An Inside Look at the SEO Services by Captivate Local

The local SEO services behind Captivate Local are uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of specific types of business models. For instance, small businesses often thrive investing in programs specific to Google Maps marketing and local organic SEO, while more enterprise-level organizations (like franchises) can leverage more in-depth programs that center on multi-location SEO and reputation management.

local 3 pack seo

The Local 3 Pack has become own of the most highly-sought and in-demand forms of marketing real estate of businesses that operate on the local level.

To paint a clearer picture of the solutions offered by this new local SEO agency, below we take a closer look at some of the SEO and Internet marketing services offer by Captivate Local.

Local Organic SEO Services

Parallel to most conventional organic SEO services, the purpose behind Captivate Local’s localized organic SEO services is to help businesses achieve greater organic search visibility (listings shown below the local 3 pack) for keywords with geographic orientation (i.e. dentists, doctors, surgeons, etc). And similar to most other SEO strategies, successfully actualizing a local organic SEO program hinges on link generation, website optimization and on-site SEO, and optimizing surrounding web properties.

Captivate Local is well-versed in local organic SEO strategies and can help virtually any type of business grow its web presence for target keywords and phrases that will lend to greater and higher quality traffic. The company often combines the organic SEO component with local 3-pack SEO and other more integrated strategies.

Multi-location & Franchise SEO Services

google maps local seoMulti-location and franchise SEO services start with in-depth research, analysis and planning in order to develop a very clear and well-structured strategy. Unlike some search marketing companies that apply a scatter-shot approach to multi-location SEO, Captivate Local helps franchises and businesses optimize for the specific local markets that actually matter. This often includes reputation management solutions and review generation strategies to help ensure franchises maintain positive online sentiment surrounding their brands.

Regardless how many locations a company serves, or where it’s located, the local SEO specialists behind Captivate Local are proficient at helping franchises and multi-location companies with their SEO strategies. From multi-local Google My Business optimization to performing citation audits across each location, Captivate Local helps move the needle for such complex search marketing endeavors.

Google Maps Marketing Services

Services specifically tailored toward Google Maps marketing is emerging as one of the most essential components to local SEO and search marketing. Realizing top placement in the Google Maps listings (both ranked Google maps results and the local 3-pack) is immensely valuable for any type of business operating on the local level.seo google maps marketing

Google Maps marketing and local SEO drives highly-qualified search traffic and helps support the online reputation of a business or brand. In turn, Captivate Local’s Google Maps SEO and optimization services have become one of the most powerful and popular solutions that the company offers.

Online Reputation Management

Captivate Local is among few local SEO companies that specializes in local online reputation management (ORM) services. Applying a search-first approach, the Atlanta SEO firm handles both proactive and responsive reputation management situations, helping clients claim ownership over the keyword queries and Google SERPs that reflect their local business.

The company’s process to assessing the big picture behind a client’s online reputation starts by understanding and auditing the top ranking content surrounding its brand. Captivate Local uses comprehensive local search marketing strategies developed from years of spearheading complex reputation management strategies for high-profile brands. In essence, Captivate Local’s reputation management solutions seek turn the online sentiment around by ensure any damaging content suppressed in Google search.

To learn more about Atlanta’s new local SEO company, contact the company at:

Captivate Local
150 E Ponce de Leon Ave #200
Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: (404) 334-7993

Visit the address of Captivate Local during normal business hours at:

Alexandria Area Dentist Evolves The Standard of Care in Minnesota

dr leis alexandria area dentistReputable Alexandria area dentist, Dr. Orvin Leis based just outside Alexandria in Elbow Lake, Minnesota, continues to progress the communities standards for exceptional oral health care. From the breadth and depth of dental services offered to hosting some of the dentistry practice’s most advanced technologies, Dr. Leis is evolving the standard of dental in care, not just in Alexandria, but in Minnesota as a whole.

What’s Different About Dr. Leis of Elbow Lake Dental?

With an approach centering on “traditional values, modern technology, and locally-trusted dentists,” Dr. Leis of Elbow Lake Dental is one of the area’s most experienced and trustworthy dentists in Alexandria, MN. At Elbow Lake Dental, Dr. Leis and his dental care staff are committed to providing patients with the individualized oral health care that they deserve.

As one of the area’s most trusted team of dentists and hygienists in the greater Alexandria-Elbow Lake area of Minnesota, individuals and families can discover a dentist office that welcomes its patients wholeheartedly while advocating community values, dentist-patient relationship ethics, and quality dental treatment. The members of Elbow Lake Dental strive to create a modern and cutting-edge dental practice, leverage some of the latest technological advancements in dentistry to offer the best and most effective solutions in dental care.

elbow lake dental team

In essence, Dr. Leis and his team at Elbow Lake Dental provide the best of both worlds when it comes to the ideal dental facility in today’s modern age: a progressive dentistry practice delivered in a caring and compassionate environment.

Advancements in Alexandria’s Dentistry Community

Unlike some dentists in Alexandria, MN, Dr. Leis of Elbow Lake Dental provides a complete spectrum of dental services and oral health treatments. From cosmetic dentistry procedures (i.e. porcelain inlays, porcelain onlays, composite fillings, porcelain crowns, fixed bridges, veneers, teeth whitening, and dental implants) to restorative dentistry procedures (i.e. inlay and onlay restorations, dentures, fixed bridges, root canal therapy, and amalgam fillings,) patients trust Elbow Lake Dental for all of their oral health needs. The reputable Alexandria Area dentist office also handles orthodontics (braces), same day restorations, CEREC procedures, and periodontal disease treatment.alexandria area dental care

But what truly defines the Dr. Leis’ advancements in Alexandria’s dentistry community is the preventive approach that the practice strong advocates. As a family dentist office with expertise in pediatric dentistry for children, Dr. Leis and his staff place education and proper home care as one of the pinnacles to a healthy community. In addition to exemplifying exceptional at home care for young patients, Elbow Lake Dental also stresses the importance of regular teeth cleanings, fluoride treatment, dental exams, as well as use of digital X-rays, dental sealants, and other preventive measures to ensure a healthy mouth.

Perhaps the most advanced dental technologies or systems used by Dr. Leis and his Alexandria dentistry staff is the laser cavity detector. While traditional exploratory methods of pinpointing cavities are limited to finding only those that are equal to or larger than the instrument’s probe head, the laser cavity detector technology known as DIAGNOdent, offers a more thorough and revolutionary means of detecting cavities.

In the past, prolonged prodding and poking have been an acceptable aspect of common dental exams at finding cavities. However, such methods are only 50% to 75% successful, as tooth cavities can hide along fissure lines, or inside biting or occlusal surfaces. DIAGNOdent’s laser cavity detection capabilities provide a more precise and effective solution.

Your Source for Professional Dentistry in Alexandria, MN

elbow lake alexandria dentalOver the last 25 years of service, Elbow Lake Dental has become a recognized landmark among dentist offices in the Alexandria area of Minnesota. With an emphasis on creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere, combined with a friendly and willing staff that takes the time to get to know each patient on a personal level, you can trust in the compassionate and high-caliber level of care provided by Dr. Leis and his team.

For professional dentistry in Alexandria, MN, visit the address listed below or contact the practice at:

Elbow Lake Dental
18 W Division St
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
Phone: 218-685-4710

5 Central Illinois Chiropractors Redefining Best Practice

top chiropractors central IllinoisSpanning from Springfield to Peoria, the greater central Illinois region hosts many top chiropractors who offer highly-effective and innovative treatments. Many of these leading chiropractors are redefining the best practices of spinal care. Let’s take a look at five chiropractors/chiropractic centers who are leading the way.

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic is an outstanding and professional chiropractic practice based in Peoria, IL. The chiropractic and wellness center attends to patients in a holistic approach which involves diagnose of the cause of pain and providing treatment with long-term results.

This leading chiropractic center in Peoria, IL applies techniques that provide patients active care in an easy and safe way. The Chiropractors offer customized screenings such as Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA). These assist to identify multiple problems, enhance a treatment plan and help in recommendation of the suitable exercises to build strength. The chiropractic center also offers Impulse Adjusting Technique which adjusts the spine to the right alignment.

The team of Peoria chiropractors at Eastside Wellness Chiropractic also offers other treatments used techniques such as:

  • Active Release Technique which treats problems related to nerves, muscles ligaments, tendons and fascia.
  • Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) which helps to build mental changes that affect motor functioning.
  • Cox Flexion Distraction which is a safe and less painful treatment of intervertebral disc issues.
  • McKenzie Method which is used to diagnose and economically treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries.

Address & Contact Information

Eastside Wellness Chiropractic
351 Rusche St.
Creve Coeur, IL 61610
Phone: (309) 694-3565

2. Bly Family Chiropractic

Bly Family Chiropractic is popular chiropractic center based in Bloomington, Illinois. It has a team of professional chiropractors led by Dr. Timothy Bly who has been working with the chiropractic center since its inception in 1985.

Dr. Timothy is a graduate of Palmer College and initially worked as an associate for Buescher Chiropractic before starting Bly Family Chiropractic. The chiropractic center has witnessed a lot of expansion and is one of the first institutions in Illinois to use Pulstar technique. This is method that uses advanced technology to diagnose and correct spinal problems.

Bly Family Chiropractic provides inclusive treatments that address the entire body health using treatment such as:

  • Cold Laser Therapy which can be applied to reduce inflammatory operations yielding outstanding results. This treatment is used to manage pain including the back pain.
  • Spinal Decompression is an effective treatment of sciatica, headaches and arm pains. This treatment is done on a special table that essentially pulls the spine in order to differentiate it from the vertebrae thereby relieving pain.

Bly Family Chiropractic also offer other treatments such as: active release technique, massage therapy and the Pro-adjuster.

Address & Contact Information

Bly Family Chiropractic
2501 E College Ave. Ste C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 661-1155

3. Elite Chiropractic & Rehab

This chiropractic center is based in Bloomington IL since 2001. These chiropractors provide a broad specialized chiropractic care and rehabilitation. Treatments options at Elite Chiropractic & Rehab include: spinal decompression, corrective exercises, activator method technique, physiotherapy and spinal and postural screenings.

Address & Contact Information

Elite Chiropractic & Rehab
2422 Washington Road, Suite 202
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-663-9900

4. Schnack Chiropractic Center

This is another professional chiropractic center offering family chiropractic care in Bloomington, IL. These chiropractors offer outstanding physiotherapy and rehabilitation to help the patient recover fast. Examples of the therapies at Schnack Chiropractic include: electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, Myofascial release massage, cold laser, probe, hot/cold therapy and exercises.

Address & Contact Information

Schnack Chiropractic Center
3601 G.E. Street, Suite 3
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 452-9097

5. Shepard Pain & Performance Care

These central Illinois chiropractors have been operating in Bloomington, IL since 2011. Shepard Pain & Performance Care undertakes quick and effective chiropractic care. The treatments offered at Shepard Pain & Performance Care include: Active Release technique, Vojta Therapy, and Dynamic Neuromuscular Reeducation.

Address & Contact Information

Shepard Pain & Performance Care
2309 Empire St.
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone (309) 585-0382

3 Tips for Seeking Local Assisted Living Services

Most people who are in need of assisted living services often find difficulties choosing the best programs that suit their lifestyle. It is important to realize that older adults can either reside at a retirement community, where they are provided with all essential needs they require under one roof, or arrange for in-home care options for those whose places of residence have the capacity to provide good environment for healthy living.home care assisted living

Whichever means they choose to seek assisted living services, there are some primary considerations and decisions older adults should know beforehand. Here are the three most useful tips for choosing the right local assisted living services.

1. Senior Living Facilities & Therapy Programs

One of the major reasons why senior adults may choose a retirement home or community for assisted living instead of arranging for in-home care services is the suitable facilities found at the home-care communities. Facilities such as spas, activity rooms, massage lounges, beauty and barber salons, sunrooms, gyms and private garden courtyards all under the same roof provide a fulfilling atmosphere for holistic growth and healthy living. This is in great contrast to in-home services that might not have all these amenities for assisted living.

There are also some therapy and medication programs that can only be provided in a good way if the senior adult is at a retirement home. A good example is memory care and speech therapy that requires absolute quietness that might not be guaranteed at the senior adult’s home. So, if you are planning to arrange for in-home assisted living services, please remember that some facilities and programs will not be readily available at your disposal. This might have a negatively affect the influence of the homecare services to your overall health and living condition.

2. Reputation of Assisted Living Providers

assisted living providersAnother important factor to consider is the reputation of assisted living providers. Are they trustworthy individuals that any senior adult can interact with behind closed doors? What do their previous clients say about their level of professionalism? Have they been caught up in scandals recently? How did they deal with the situation?

These are some of the million-dollar questions you should ask yourself about the homecare providers before hiring their services. If you feel insecure about anything or if you develop doubts about the level of professionalism provided by the senior care service providers, then the best move to make is ignoring their services. You should take your time to know more about the in-home care providers or community for assisted living before enrolling for their services and fully committing yourself to their programs.

3. Eligibility & Costs of Assisted Living Services

Lastly, it is It is important to point out that not very senior adult is eligible to be enrolled in a home care community. Some retirement homes have minimum and maximum age limits to be admitted. Others do not allow seniors with health issues, while a good number can only admit you if you do not have a criminal record. You should ensure that you go through all the terms and conditions for admission before enrolling. This will help you get rid of complications that might arise later on regarding your eligibility.home care services

If you doubt anything about your qualification, try and have the service providers clarify the admission status. How much you are willing to pay for the services is also of great importance and can influence your choice in a positive or negative way. In most cases in-home care programs are often cheaper than living at a seniors’ community. However, the facilities and therapy programs available at an assisted living community make it a worthy investment. You should weigh your options and pick one that fits your lifestyle well and in the process does not drain your finances.

Hopefully these tips will help you get the best assisted living services near you. Remember to do some personal research before picking the best senior adult service providers in your locality.

Best Medical Billing Companies for Local FQHCs and CHCs

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) are locally-focused, non-profit health centers that are usually located in underserved regions throughout the U.S., commonly in both urban and rural areas. These health centers are aimed at providing complete medical care accessible to anyone irrespective of their status regarding insurance. medical billing company FQHC CHC

Unlike CHCs, FQHCs are organizations that receive grants under (section 330) of the Public Health Service Act. They entitled to additional reimbursement from Medicaid, Medicare, and other services. FQHCs must serve immoderate areas or population, provide complete medical services, have continuing quality assurance programs, offer a dropping fee scale, and have a board of directors governing it.

As a result, problems of patient billings and receiving payment for medical services on time severely face both these types of health centers. Therefore, FQHCs and CHCs often recruit the services of experienced medical billing companies that offer specialized billing solutions. Some of these companies include: Practice Management, Synergy Billing, and MEDCOR Revenue Services.

These CHC and FQHC billing companies provide highly professional FQHC and CHC billing services. Even though the medical billing and revenue recycle process are very complex, they relieve you by facing the challenge for you. Revenue Recycle process is a vital process that impacts each operational element in a community health center. It becomes impossible to serves patients if this cycle is broken. These companies provide analytics and data that help organizations make decisions and assist them to attain higher collection rates.

Synergy Billing

For example, Synergy Billing has it’s collection rate at 95% or more. They directly connect to client’s practice and electronic health record software; there is no software or licensing fees involved. They oversee the credentialing of insurance along with giving training for front office staff to ensure the revenue cycle is operating at maximum efficiency.

In short, they can handle their customers FQHC and CHC billing needs, in which customers will enjoy increased income, reduced costs, greater cash flow, increased provider and patient satisfaction, and coding experience using fully compliant policies and procedures.

Practice Management FQHC medical billing experts

Equally as recognized for it’s FQHC billing services, Practice Management on the other end strives to heighten the advantages of their clients with complete custom tailored FQHC billing services. The company can handle their client’s FQHC billing services by ensuring they enjoy reduced overhead costs, cash flow advancement, and greater incomes, with increased patient and provider satisfaction. They also have excellent reporting resolutions, billing consultations, credentialing, legal compliance, software consolidation, and a service contract for the patients.

Practice Management is a leading FQHC billing company that is committed to customer satisfaction while complying with all published and Federal Local and state laws, regulations, and statutes. They promote ethical and legal business practices throughout the organization with their customers and inside the community. Working with them ensures you get reliable, principled services, maximizing the benefits of your FQHC billing experience.

MEDCOR Revenue Services

MEDCOR Revenue Services is a leading independent revenue cycle management and billing services provider for CHC and FQHC clinics. They provide accurate, steady, and value added revenue recycle and medical billing management services. They do it by utilizing the recent web-based billing revenue recycle management platforms such as Electronic Medical Records (ERM).

Equipped with a specialized team of experts, MEDCOR Revenue Services helps to raise profitability for medical groups, doctors, and hospitals through medical claim submissions, medical practice audits, consulting, and medical practice management.

Zooming-in On Bly Family Chiropractic in Bloomington, IL

Bly Family Chiropractic in Bloomington, IL, is lead by one of the area’s most experienced chiropractors, Dr. Timothy Bly. Bly Family Chiropractic specializes in providing patients with high-quality, personalized, and comprehensive chiropractic care that includes a wide range of treatment protocols.Bly Family Chiropractic Bloomington IL

The Bloomington chiropractic center gives every patient customized, personal treatment plan depending on their specific needs. They give treatment to all injuries that originate from a car accident, work injury, sprain and strain, neck pain, low back pain, and many other issues. Without a  doubt, Bly Family Chiropractic strives to offer exceptional and excellent care. Their aim is always to offer high-quality chiropractic care services. This is one of the reasons that justifies their increasing status as being one of the leading chiropractic care providers in Bloomington and the surrounding area.

An Individualized Chiropractic Experience

Right from the moment a patient contacts this team of chiropractors in Bloomington, Bly Family Chiropractic offer compassionate correspondance that focuses on the patient’s unique conditions and overall needs. Right from the friendly voices during phone call all the way to the smiling faces when the patient arrives, they make one to feel right at home. Their primary mission is to lessen the pain of an individual and make his or her time with them as relaxing as possible.

Furthermore, they offer an all-inclusive approach to treatment that focuses on delivering pain relief, rehabilitation, and maintenance. That way, they are able to eradicate all symptoms and control all sources of pain and discomfort. In addition, they provide effective, safe, non-narcotic, non-surgical treatments and therapeutic massage. Therefore, they ease the pain of their patients. Also, they promote their health and wellness. Their golden rule is that every treatment must be pleasant. They take pride in administering gentle and precise corrective movements.

Treatment Beyond Chiropractic Care

In addition to premium chiropractic care services, Bly Family Chiropractic offers specialized treatments and services to help restore full health in patients.

spinal decompression table

The spinal decompression table is an effective way to relieve tension and pressure on the discs, helping to improve mobility and the efficacy of other chiropractic techniques.

  • Message Therapy
  • ART Technique
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Dietary Supplements, Pillows, and Supports
  • Pro-Adjuster Adjusting Technology

As the leading chiropractic clinic in Bloomington, IL, their chiropractors provide patients with a wide range of services. Truly, Cold Laser Therapy is a powerful and amazing supplement, especially for patients of all age groups and conditions looking to reduce pain and increase healing. Whether an individual is encountering headaches, a neck and back pain, an automobile injury, a sports injury, or a work injury, this chiropractic clinic can craft the best treatment for him or her.

The Bloomington Chiropractors Behind the Practice

The following is a brief overview of the two primary chiropractors of Bly Family Chiropractic in Bloomington, IL.Dr. Timothy Bly

Dr. Timothy Bly

Chiropractor Dr. Bly graduated in December 1993 from Palmer College of Chiropractic where he was acknowledged for having the largest student practice in the clinic. After his graduation, Dr. Bly started an associateship with Buescher Chiropractic Clinic in Peoria, IL.

In August 1983, the Bloomington, IL chiropractor started Bly Family Chiropractic. He is also certified in acupuncture, as he studied acupuncture in China in 1989. In short, Dr. Bly is one of the most well-versed and open-minded chiropractors in Bloomington, IL.

Dr. Lindsey Grahn

Chiropractor Dr. Grahn was born and and raised in Plymouth, WI. While she was in high school, Dr. Grahn competed in basketball, softball, and tennis. Her athletics in high school motivated interest in health and wellness. Dr. Grahn graduated with bachelor`s degree in Biological Science from St. Norbert College.Dr. Lindsey Grahn

She then proceeded to Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis where she graduation in April 2015. While in college, she also studied various techniques, like Diversified, Gonstead, Motion Palpation, Thompson, basic, and she is certified in Active Release Technique. Besides, Dr. Grahn studied Webster`s Technique. This is a technique used relieve pain and discomfort experienced during pregnancy.

In conclusion, this reputable chiropractic office in Bloomington, IL offer high-quality chiropractic care services. They always strive to stay updated with advanced techniques available. Undeniably, the facility treats conditions that include neck pain, back pain, whiplash, headaches, hip pain, scoliosis, numbness or tingling, fibromyalgia, and sciatica among others. Besides, they offer specialized treatment for people who have injuries as a result of car accidents, and even those who have work-related injuries.

For more information about this top rated center for chiropractic in Bloomington, IL, you can visit the clinics address or contact them at:

Bly Family Chiropractic
2501 E College Ave. Ste. C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 661-1155

Walz Scale: The Evolution of a Local Truck Scale Company

Walz Scale, starting a local service provider, has quickly evolved into a leading nationwide supplier of precision weighing systems and heavy-duty truck scales used in transportation, agriculture, aggregate, recycling, chemical, waste, laboratory, and mining applications. Over the last 50 years, Walz Scale has provided vital local support solutions and payload management products, in addition to supporting an increasing demand for truck scale systems. walz scale

Apart from offering truck scales, Walz Scale is among the largest worldwide service and support organization for mining scale applications, portable truck sales and on-board scales. If you need to invest in or rent advanced fixed weigh-bridge truck scale, Walz Scale offers unique payload management solutions depending on your needs.

Walz Scale has progressively evolved to become a leading company in developing advanced weighing technology and payload management solutions. Walz focuses in modern weighing technology that continuously stretches the boundaries of industry’s best equipment.

The company’s plethora of truck scales (including on-board truck scale, portable axle scales, mining scales, rail scales, wheel loader scales, etc.) are some of the leading weighing systems in their class.

Walz Payload Management Solutions

The payload management solutions offered by Walz Scale are designed to gather critical data, enhance faster processing, and transfer of this info to client’s management system. Additionally, their mining axle scale and truck scales feature ultra modern technology that provides customers with advanced tools to handle their vital weight and payload data, which gives them an edge over other truck scale service providers.

The services provided by Walz is aimed at improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer control, reducing costs, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity and profits. This explains the company’s evolution to now having three subsidiary brands, each focused on specific areas of truck scale marketplace. These include AgWeigh, Payload Pros and Load Scanner.

Branches of Walz Scale


AgWeigh is the leading source for weighing technology and farm truck scales for farmers and agricultural producers. AgWeigh provides a variety of agricultural weighing systems, yield management software applications, and farm truck scales for all levels of farmers.

Other than providing cost-effective solutions for agriculture producers, AgWeigh also supplies farm truck scales like standard portable truck scale and specialized grain dump truck scales for every kind of weighing need. The yield pro software for yield and harvest management enables drivers with fundamental computer skills to enter their critical data and run reports if needed.

Payload Pros payload pros

Payload Pros is a top industry source for advanced truck sales, dynamic weighing systems and on-site payload management. They specialize in a full range of load management systems and heavy-duty weigh scales, portable and fixed truck scales, static and in-motion rail weighing scales, as well as software for volumetric load scanning.

Over the years, Payload Pros has developed various highly upgraded measuring systems which efficiently analyze and manage data, and accurately weigh payloads.

Load Scanner

Load Scanner technology by Walz offers highly accurate, fast and easy to install and use in-motion volumetric load scanning solutions. This is the best alternative to cumbersome weighing systems and truck scales, it seamlessly calculates volume metrics into weight metrics in a few seconds. The brand provides accurate load scanning calculations and affordable payload management system.

The Walz load volume scanner is flexible and durable to endure years of use in construction, mining, and other tough production operations. Plus, the dependable and reliable load volume scanner performs reliably and dependably in the most extreme conditions and remote environments.

Whether for resource aggregation and waste management to agricultural and farming, Walz Scale load of management solutions satisfy the requirements of many industry leaders. Their package of software platforms and management technology are regularly integrated with different truck scales and weighing systems to offer an effective solution for utmost throughput. To learn more, visit