United Facilities Offers Logistics Warehouses in California & Florida

United FacilitiesFor more than 60 years, United Facilities has been family owned and operated business offering third-party logistic solutions to businesses of all types. United Facilities is a nation-wide recognized logistics provider with 12 distribution centers all over the U.S. spanning from Florida to California.

When it comes to providing complete logistic solutions from warehousing and fulfillment, packaging, transportation to many more services catered to every specific business need, trust United Facilities. All you need to do is to tell the company what your logistic needs are and specialists of the company link you with the best transportation services on offer, provide you with best warehousing and fulfillment, as well as assembly and packaging solutions.

Logistics Warehouses in California

When it comes to providing logistic warehouses in California, United Facilities offers service at five different strategic locations: Fontana, Mira Loma, Tracy, and Stockton, CA (east and west logistics warehouses). For any California-operated business United Facilities offer a full range of logistic and warehouse solutions and help you complete your supply chain effortlessly.logistics warehouse

Logistics Warehouses in Florida

With two logistics warehouses in Florida, strategically positioned in Orlando, FL, our customers can enjoy advanced logistics management capabilities we have to offer. There United Facilities offers transportation services staffed by professionals who will execute your logistics strategy as well as help you connect with the best transportation services in business to ensure your supply chain won’t be interrupted.

Total Supply Chain Solutions

Regarding warehouse services and logistic management in California and Florida, there are numerous services on offer, whether you want your own team to manage your business’ warehouse or if you want United Facilities experts to handle your goods.

You’ll find solution catered to your every need, especially with specific services such as food grade storage, barcoding and RF chipping, temperature controlled storage, FDA approval or foreign trade zone, just to name the few of our services available. All you have to do is tell us what your business needs are and our warehouses are here to fullfill your every need. United Facilities in California and Florida also offer unique service of coordinating your assembly and packaging needs with pressure sealers, packaging systems, and various other inventory solutions.

Technology-Supported Warehousing & Logistics

warehousing conveyor logisticsInformation technologies available will enable your California or Florida-based warehouse to function to maximum of its extent, whether it is by using our latest software for standard warehouse management and packaging system, or by using the latest RFID chip technology and solutions to handle any special labeling and logistics. United Facilities’ operated warehouse also functions with high-end customer applications, barcode and RF technology, sortation systems, productivity monitoring and measurement as well as full online 24/7 support.

With United Facilities’ services in California or Florida, all you have to worry about is doing your business, and we’ll handle your chain supply fully, from warehouse and warehouse logistic, to assembly and packaging at your desired location. United Facilities are customer and business orientated and can adjust to meet your every business need, no matter how specific it may be with the use of latest informational technologies, as well as with experience that comes from 60 year old family operated and owned business that is widely recognized.

Leading FQHC Billing Company to Exhibit at 2015 IPHCA Leadership Conference

On October 14-16, the IPHCA, or Illinois Primary Health Care Association, will host the 2015 Annual Leadership Conference at The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Even though the last time the conference was held at The Ritz Carlton, St. Louis, MO, this time will be held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

IPHCA Leadership ConferenceWith a focus on representing FQHCs, or Federally Qualified Health Centers, and CHCs (Community Health Centers), the IPHCA represents 49 organizational members that operate and manage just over 440 sites throughout the state of Illinois.

Account Executive Kevin Vardeleon and Channel Partner Manager John Quatto are excited to announce the conference. They are excited to introduce to everyone the best ERP fund accounting software provider and IT specialists in the state of Illinois. They might be boasting a little, but they are calling it like they see it. The conference will start October 14, 2015 at 10:45 PM and will last till October 16 2015 at 11:45 PM.

What to Expect at the IPHCA Leadership Conference

leadership conference illinoisAt each conference, IPHCA’s main focus with regard to sponsors and exhibitors is to provide valuable networking opportunities with IPHCA members for participating companies. For example, this year a leading participating company will be Practice Management. Nevertheless, IPHCA’s 2015 Annual Leadership Conference will be an exciting opportunity to showcase your products and services to a diverse and receptive audience of executive directors, board members, clinicians, human resource directors, IT professionals, financial officers and more

IPHCA’s mission is to actually improve the health status of medically underserved populations and communities by fostering the provision of high quality care that is accessible, culturally sensitive and community-directed. Furthermore, IPHCA represents health centers created by the Congress to meet the basic health care needs of underserved communities and high-risk patients.

Helping FQHCs Advance & Thrive

Since FQHCs by law serve the medically underserved people regardless of their economical situation or even ability to pay, health centers are located in geographic regions designated as having a shortage of medical and basic care providers who serve this population.

IPHCA is completely committed to fulfilling its mission of helping underserved communities help themselves by advocating and spreading community primary care services across Illinois. Furthermore, IPHCA advocates and provides education and basic training to enhance the operation of these basic health care services, the unique interests and contributors of community health centers and develops information systems.

Practice Management FQHC Billing Company

A reputable FQHC billing company in Illinois called Practice Management will be exhibiting at the Annual Leadership Conference 2015. Practice Management is in business since 1995. Since then it provides comprehensive medical billing solutions with expertise in FQHC billing services. As health care is serving underserved population, these services are designed to improve revenue cycle and overall billing system for health centers across the state.

The human and technology resources of Practice Management FQHC billing company are on the forefront of medical billing. As this company is one step ahead of industry requirements, they save valuable time and money for these health centers. Health centers receive peace of mind knowing their accounts receivable is in good hands.

Practice Management stays up-to-date on medical policies and coding requirements specific to each payer. This company also uses direct electronic submission when billing third party payers (TPPs). Even more, each health center is required to utilize their own username and password. That way health centers only have access to their own practice’s data. For more information, visit the FQHC billing company’s website at MaximizedRevenue.com.

Central Illinois’ Source for All Things Computers

nerds on call central illinois computersNerds on Call is a customer driven computer sales and solutions company with locations throughout central Illinois. Nerds on Call is a branch of the Facet Technologies, Inc. family of companies – a renowned computer company dealing with computer software, hardware, PC maintenance, networking, computer repair and support.

Nerds on Call has built an impeccable reputation by making sure that all customers are satisfied. The technicians at Nerds on Call offer responsible and comprehensive computer services. They are knowledgeable on a wide variety of computers and software systems, and their skills in configuring and troubleshooting computer viruses and repair issues is second to none. In short, the solutions provided by Nerds on Call are seamless and the company’s innovative approach in computer hardware and software optimization is unparalleled.

Comprehensive Local & Remote Services

computer network data backupThese key characteristics of the Nerds on Call computer repair technicians make their services professional and sufficient. Services Nerds on Call offer a comprehensive array of desktop, laptop and iPod services which include computer repairs, computer upgrades, local area network connections, data cabling, wireless communications, email and internet setups, virus and spyware eradication, internet security, software installation, computer/network data backups, IT support and consultation and game console repairs.

To put it simply, Nerds on Call has the solution for your computer or computer systems. Besides computers repair and computer maintenance, the company sells new and used computers, computer and iPod parts and accessories and much more. One thing that catapults the company to the front pack in computers repairs is the fact that they repair all computer and iPod brands including Apple. They have local technicians ensuring that the services they offer are on-site or in-shop services.

Experienced Computer Technicians

computer repair technicianBy continuing to offer quality and professional services and residential and business computer system sales, Nerds have garnered a high number of customers from residential users, small businesses, medium sized businesses, large corporations, through professional computer practitioners and government institutions. The technicians work with every client at their level to ensure that the services they give are tailored to meet the client’s needs. The technicians later install and also maintain the client’s equipment to keep it running at the optimum level.

The success of Nerds on Call can be attributed to the experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Irrespective of the problem with your computer, you are always guaranteed of getting help. May it a virus, lost files, lost internet connections, spyware, slow computer, computer getting hot, spam, computer screen blackening or even memory crash, Nerds on Call computer repair technicians got you covered. All technicians are motivated to work fast thanks to the great working conditions, their knowledge and their passion for computers.

Affordable Computer Repair Services

business computer systems salesClients will only pay for services offered and not services attempted. It is for this reason that the company does not charge per hour but rather based on the services offered. Different services are charged differently. Clients do not need to keep on checking their watch as time is of no essence in regards to charges. However, they respect the urgency of a project.

Another thing about Nerds on Call prices is that there are no surprises. After assessing your PC, laptop or iPod, the technician knows how much to charge you. There is however a small non-refundable fee on computer troubleshooting or hardware diagnostics. Nerds on Call offers the most competitive prices on computer and computer accessories sales.

Medical Billing Agency Provides Full-Service Solutions for Local Health Centers

Practice Management is a pioneer company in professional medical billing. Established in Illinois, they offer various medical billing services to numerous medical practitioners and health centers.professional medical billing solutions

Keen on conforming to the published federal, state and local laws and regulations they achieve to offer their clients competent, full-service medical billing solutions to suit their financial situation. Having a very hands-on approach, they produce consultative and actionable strategies that promise to effect higher revenue, increased cash flow, faster payments and most importantly, lower over-heads.

To help their clients realize greater financial well-being from various economies of scales, they directly implement systems and software’s to make any billing transaction assured with consistent returns. Listed below are the services they offer various medical practitioners and establishments.

Medical Billing Solutions Offered by Practice Management

Whether you operate a community health center or surgery center, Practice Management offers a wide scope of medical billing solutions for a number of local health care providers. From local health center billing to surgery medical billing, many medical specialists depend on Practice Management for their solutions.

1. Comprehensive Medical Billing & Coding

billing and codingMedical billing and coding issues are symbiotic aspects and will both increase in effect to the other. When in much confusion, Practice Management will aid in creating and implementing a cognitive billing solution that will be efficient when tracking fee schedules and medical codes.

The variety of comprehensive billing and coding methods will aim to reduce payment turn-around time, increase cash flow and revenues, which in turn, increase the overall patient satisfaction due to increased income and less overhead costs.

2. Customized Credentialing

In high active participation, Practice Management tracks and keep records of the various transactions that take place in order to keep your business’ cash flowing. This means they help you insure your factors of production. They aim to maintain and increase cash flow by dealing with Medicare and Medicaid credentialing, commercial payers, durable medical equipment, hospitals, physician organizations, workers compensation payers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They handle CAQH credentialing and NPI registry in terms of updates and applications as well. With this strategy, cash-flow pitfalls will decline in frequency.

3. National Medical Billing Services

Experienced in various technological advancements, the company offers nationwide billing services. With various programs and applications that perform electronic data transmissions, web portal accesses, online phone and video conferencing ensures their hand-on approach, irrespective of the distance and location.

4. Medical Billing Consultations

Ready to accommodate to your business’ financial ability, their consulting services are vastly available. Familiar with giving strategic billing services and solutions to various Federally Qualified Health Centers and physician groups in different locations, their consulting services will be thorough and professional. With an in-depth approach to consulting, they review your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations and medical billing performances to give effective and efficient solutions. They offer this even though their other services as well, as it is essential strategy when presenting comprehensive systems and plans of action.

All in all, in view of this day and age various billing operations and process take place in a very formal fashion and without much company-client interaction. Practice Management offers services that are informal but very professional through their abundant hands-on strategies. Customer satisfaction is key to their mission and will be their main aim when doing business with you. From a personal level to a national level, you can be assured of their full and active participation in strengthening their customers’ medical billing practices.

Find Kubota Tractor Packages for Sale at German Bliss

German Bliss EquipmentGerman Bliss offers the most comprehensive Kubota Tractor packages available throughout the Midwest. Fitting the specific needs of users without going over budget, German Bliss offer a complete array of Kubota tractor packages at various prices and options. Below we dive into each series of Kubota tractors and the packages offered.

Kubota BX Tractor Package

You have several options for tractor packages falling under this category, each one containing all the materials needed for a smooth operation: BX2370RV60 and BX2670RV60 tractor from Kubota.

The difference between these two tractor packages is the main Kubota tractor. In the BX2370RV60 comes with the BX2370-1 tractor with a 23 HP engine running on diesel. The BX2670RV60, on the other hand, comes with the tractor of the same name, running on the same level of horse power. Additional information on both include:Kubota

  • Transmission is hydrostatic with R4 industrial tires and a top of the line Front End Loader pin featuring a 48” bucket as well as grill guard.
  • There is also a 60” mid-mounted finish mower
  • These boast of a genuine 60” Land Pride RB0560 Rear Blade
  • The packages also come with a 3,500 pound Liberty single axle 78” by 12 feet trailer
  • Land Pride BB1248 4ft Boxscraper as well as scarifiers
  • DOT lighting as well as Rear Date
  • You also get new wheels as well as a 7-way RV plug with load straps
  • Package price goes for $17,099 BX23 while BX26 has a price of $18,399

Kubota B Series Tractor Packages

The Kubota tractor packages that fall under the B Series packages include the following:

  • B2320HSD – The package costs $18,699 and it features a tractor model of the same name running on a 23 HP diesel engine.
  • B2620HSD – This one is available for $19,999 and it comes with the tractor model under the same name running on a 26 HP diesel engine.
  • B2650HSD – This package features a same name tractor with a price of $21,899 as well as a 26 HP diesel engine.
  • B2650HSD – This comes with a same-name tractor model with a cost of $25,199 as well as a 33 HP diesel engine.

The similarities between these four packages are the following:

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • R4 industrial tires
  • LA304 Front End Loader (with Pin) and 54” bucket
  • Land Pride RCR1248 with a 4ft shredder plus shear bolt driveline protection
  • 7,000 Lb Liberty dual axle featuring electric brakes
  • 18 feet trailer with a dove tail
  • Land Pride BB1260 5ft Boxscraper as well as scarifiers
  • Pull out ramps
  • DOT lighting
  • Load straps
  • 7-way RV plug

Kubota L Series Tractor Packages

Possibly the most extensive line available in German Bliss, these packages feature basically the same elements with a slight difference in the HP of the engine. All the models listed below are available with more coming in from suppliers. Kubota tractor packages

  • L2501DT – tractor package available at $20,199
  • L2501HST – tractor package available for $21,699
  • L3301DT – tractor package sold for $23,199
  • L3301HST – tractor package available for $23,599
  • L3901DT – tractor package available at $24,499
  • L3901HST – tractor package sold for $25,299
  • L4701DT – tractor package available for $29,999
  • L4701HST – tractor package sold for $31,399

Kubota MX Series Tractor Packages

The packages in this series features a stunning 52.1 HP diesel engine for really tough jobs. The additional characteristic are also better compared to the other models, starting with an 8 by 8 partially synchronized transmission and R1 tires.

  • MX5200DT – tractor package sold for $32,999
  • MX5200HST – tractor package available for $34,499

German Bliss also engages in personalized Kubota tractor packages. If you find that your desired Kubota tractor package is not in the list, you always have the option of contacting German Bliss as well as discussing your preferences for a more personalized offering.

Local Businesses Leverage Walz Truck Scales Rentals for Short-Term Use

Walz ScaleWalz Scale has been a leader in truck scale rental services throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Their business model is simple – provide a wide variety of scales for short term use at affordable prices (in addition to truck scales for sale.)

What sets Walz Scale apart is their focus on ensuring you get the scale that is exactly what you need and that it will give you accurate results. Results are key and Walz ensures that you never have to question the quality of their products.

Many Uses of Truck Scales

Scales can be a fairly expensive investment if you aren’t planning on using them frequently. Customers often needs scales for short term projects or for an end of season weigh in. For example, a farmer finishing their harvest needs to know what their total yield weight is. While they could spend a significant amount of their income on buying a permanent scale for the end of each season, it will spend most of its time sitting in storage. For the few times a year that the yield needs to be weighed, rental is a perfect option.

portable truck scales for rent
There is another consideration that shines a bright light on just how important truck scale rentals can be. Technology is constantly pushing heavy equipment forward. If you are using something that has been around for a few years for your particular line of hauling, you may run in to a point that it is time to upgrade. Will your current truck scale work with the new truck? Truck scale rentals protect you from making one big investment, multiple big investments.

Winters can Get Brutal

Focused on business in the Midwest, ice and snow is a common issue in the winter for customers of Walz. Salt trucks don’t just head out on the road with a bunch of salt and hope it is enough, they need to know what they are taking. This ensures they have enough to get through the project and makes sure they know when they are close to needing to get more salt delivered to the station.

This is generally an event that only occurs over the course of a few months. Again, this falls under the same idea as the farmers that don’t need the scales year around. An additional issue with salting the roads is the fact that many of the trucks are different. Making sure that you own a scale that will work for each truck can become a nightmare. This, of course is solved through renting truck scales and Walz Scale will work with you to ensure that you have the right scales when you need them.

Finding the Right Truck Scales for Rent portable truck scales rental

Of course, Walz Scale is not the only truck scale rental company out there. It is the extra steps the company takes to ensure you get just what you need that sets them at the front of the pack. Their scales are like new, well maintained, provide certified accuracy and Walz offers a wide variety of truck scales for rent. Rental isn’t for everyone – some industries will need the scales year around – but for the rest, there is no better team to turn to than Walz for your truck scale rental needs.

From Local Equipment Dealer to Online Leader in Bush Hog Parts

For the last 74 years, German-Bliss Equipment has been a trusted name in the wider Central Illinois area when it come to top quality agricultural and landscaping equipment, such as lawn mowers, excavators, tractors, utility vehicles and trimmers among others.German Bliss Equipment

Now German-Bliss Equipment has developed a new business model in online parts sales. And today, the company has established itself as a leading online store for replacement parts, mower blades, and other components for a wide range of leading manufacturers (i.e. Bush Hog parts, Land Pride parts, Servis Rhino parts, and more.)

Comprehensive Online Parts Store

The relatively new yet highly popular online parts store of German-Bliss Equipment features hard to find parts for many make and models. Some of the most popular brands include.

  • Bradco Parts
  • Bush Hog Parts
  • Land Pride Parts
  • Gehl Parts
  • Sweepster Parts
  • Servis Rhino Parts
  • McMillen Parts
  • SnowEx Parts

And that’s just some of leading equipment manufacturers that German-Bliss Equipment offers replacements parts and components.

Trusted Local Roots Translate to Impeccable Online Support

Parts WarehouseThe company sells both new and used equipment at a very competitive price. Almost all its products are accompanied by a warranty and a 100% money back guarantee, something that sets the company apart from all others in the industry.

The company’s quality services and products have been in many years limited to the residents of central Illinois. It had only three stores located in Springfield, East Peoria and Princeville. However, having seen the power and influence of the internet, the company decided to take its operations online through opening an online store. It is a move that the company undertook in order to expand its scope to an international level.

One Brand. Two Successful Business Models.

While local dealers of German-Bliss Equipment focus on the service and sale of agricultural and landscaping equipment, the online store focuses on components and replacement parts for the various equipment and machines it offers. Included in the online store’s inventory are Bush Hog replacement parts, Befco parts, Gehl parts, Bradco parts, McMillen parts, SnowEx parts and much more.

Online visibility is an important aspect for the success of any business. German-Bliss realized this need, and thus their decision to go online. It was a move that was aimed at taking the company to new levels when it comes to brand recognition, influence and sales. With their online store, there is no limit to the number of clients that the company can cater for.

A Leader in Replacement Parts & Components Online

Customers can check for replacement parts they need by model and manufacturer. They have put into place safe and secure online ordering platform. If the items you are looking for is not available online, you can call them on their toll-free number 800-728-4734. They will process your order and take you back to the online site within one business day.repair parts replacement

For almost eight decades now, German-Bliss Equipment Company has been providing the residents of central Illinois with the best services and products. The company’s three service stores and their dealers have been offering nothing but high-performance equipment from top, reliable brands.

But with the company’s entry into the online marketplace, it is now very easy for their esteemed customers to find and order replacement parts and other components that they need. Shopping on the online store store.germanbliss.com will take just a few clicks of the button. Anytime you need of equipment sales and services and replacement parts, simply visit German-Bliss Equipment.

Nerds on Call Expands Boundaries With Remote-based Services

Nerds on Call is a highly trusted source for computer repair that has five shops that are conveniently located throughout the central Illinois area. The computer and IT experts that are employed by the company are able to provide on-site and in-store repair services for PC’s, Apple computers and products, laptops and tablets, as well as video game consoles.computer help

Additionally, Nerds on Call is able to offer consumers with unique, completely remote virus removal service that has helped to grow the company to new heights. All of the services that are provided are often completed in both an affordable and timely manner. If this sounds like your kind of computer repair company (whether you’re a local in Illinois, or simply need a dependable virus removal service), then learn more about what Nerds on Call can offer you.

Remote/Online Virus Removal

Should you find yourself in need that requires a nasty computer virus to be removed, Nerds on Call is one of the best options for remote virus removal. Just as with all most local virus removal service providers, you are able to bring your device in for repair. However, the remote virus removal services of Nerds on Call provide a more convenient solution (and an option for anyone worldwide who could use their professional virus removal service.)

For the vast majority of situations that constitute virus removal and malware clean up, the experts of Nerds on Call are able to remotely connect (via the internet) to your laptop or PC in order to eliminate all malware, spyware, viruses and additional threats posing any form of risk to the performance of your computer. These services are not just simply convenient (due to the fact that they can occur online from the comfort of your home), but the services are additionally more affordable and cost-effective.

For those that that opt for this form of virus removal service will also optimize their computer in a way that it will run just like new.

On-Site Virus Removal

For instances where you would prefer to bring your device in or the issues ailing your computer cannot be remedied remotely, you do have the option of bringing it to any of their central Illinois offices. Typically, on-site virus removal is reserved for drastic or more unique situations that require measures that are far more extensive. For instance, should your computer refuse to power on, on-site s the option for you and your computer.

Computer Optimization

In order to prevent computer viruses in the future, the experts and technicians of Nerd on Call are able to assist in the integration of a dependable antivirus software program. This will keep your computer fully protected so that the issue that you just remedied will not return any time soon. Also, the experts take the time to thoroughly optimize your computer so that it will obtain performance levels that are like new.

At Nerds on Call, central Illinois residents are almost certain to have a computer repair location near you. There is always an expert ready and waiting to assist you with your computer needs. The highly trained technicians are expressly able to tackle your needs in a manner that is convenient and cost effective for you. Whether you opt for optimization, on-site virus removal or remote/online virus removal.

Top-Rated Polaris Dealers in Central Illinois

Polaris is world’s leading manufacturer of sport performance vehicles. Their products are fueled by the passion for the ultimate off-road experience and relentless innovation. Polaris engineered off-road vehicles deliver the perfect balance of ride, performance, comfort, and handling. The comprehensive line of Polaris side-by-side off-road vehicles includes full-size, two-passenger, and multi-passenger models for the farm, trail, hunt and more.

polaris dealer

Polaris ATVs, with a long list of innovations, have redefined the entire industry. They are the hardest working and provide the smoothest riding. The revolutionary ACE has redefined the category with leading off-road performance. The sit-in cockpit, single seat model combines the size and confidence inspired by handling an ATC with the comfort and confidence of a side by side, in order to provide an easy to transport, easy to ride, off-road experience.

If you are looking for a top-rated Polaris dealer in Central Illinois, here is a list of reputable business you can count on for a complete selection of Polaris ATVs and off-road vehicles.

German-Bliss Equipment

German-Bliss Equipment is a Polaris dealer that offers a complete selection of Polaris ATVs and off-road vehicles. In addition to a complete product line, this trusted Polaris dealer also offers reliable service and repairs on any make and model.

German-Bliss Equipment is also an authorized dealer of Toro power equipment, Kubota tractors, Bush Hog, Stihl, Gehl light construction equipment, Land Pride, Honda power equipment, and many other brands. The company aims to provide the best in rentals, parts, service, plus new and used equipment. Customers at German-Bliss can take advantage of some factory financing promotions, pre-approved for certain equipment purchases.

This full-service Polaris dealer is located in three cities throughout central Illinois, but only the Princeville store provides Polaris products and service. The address to this store is:

German-Bliss Equipment Inc.
624 W Spring St
Princeville, IL 61559

Cupi’s Motor Mall

Cupi’s Motor Mall is a Polaris dealer located in Central Illinois, across the river from Pekin to Peoria. Their address is North Pekin, on 845 Edgewater, on the corner of Route 29 and Route 98. You can contact them at the number 309-353-2000. The company features a 9,000 square foot showroom, parts and accessory department.

Cupi’s Motor Mall offers some great deals on pre-owned and new endure on/off road, four wheelers, ATVs, RZR, Ranger, MUV Big Red, and UTVs side-by-sides. Besides Polaris the dealer also carries SYM & Aluma Trailers, Yamaha, and Honda in their store. Cupi’s Motor Mall aims to always have something on sale that can beat any price. They also offer in-store financing for their customers.

Hendren’s Sport Center

Another top Polaris dealer in Illinois is Hendren’s Sport Center. They are located in Gridley, on 304 W Gridley Road. Their phone number is 309-747-2596. You can find a large selection of equipment and parts at Hendren’s Sport Center.

They can ship their products anywhere. The company aims to provide only high quality products and the best service performed by factory trained technicians. They can service not only every brand they sell but also other brands as well.

Owen Motor Sports

Owen Motor Sports is a Polaris dealer located in Central Illinois, between Mattoon and Charleston, on 11660 Old State Road. You can contact them at the phone number 217-348-5500. You can find there some of the lowest prices on the market. The company is committed to keep their prices low without compromising their standards of quality.

Owen Motor Sports feature a state of the art facility with plenty of open space for taking the vehicles to a test ride. The company is a multi-line dealer. Beside They have a well-stocked inventory of side-by-side and utility vehicles, featuring Polaris RZR, Crew, and Ranger, as well as Brutus models.

Medical Billing Firm Helps Local Health Centers Improve Patient Billings

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing requires a unique and diligent approach to health center billing that can keep up with the ever increasing demands in the industry. Additionally, these demands are compounded as most FQHCs and local health centers collect medical and healthcare payments from low-income patients. As a result, ions and sufficient cash flow can be a struggle for most FQHC billing situations.timely collect local health center billing

Local health centers and FQHCs are currently under a great deal of pressure to improve their billing procedures in order to maximize billing effectiveness so that they can maintain a steady flow of revenue. The only way revenue streams can remain consistent is if patient billing processes are performed in a timely way. The complications of billing in the current atmosphere of health care payment make it more crucial than ever to stay up-to-date with patient billing.

There are billing procedures available that don’t truly provide a solution, however Practice Management (MaximizedRevenue.com) can take the billing procedures for health centers and FQHCs to a new level of effectiveness with a very efficient system of patient billing. The following components of patient billing are adhered to in FQHC billing practices behind Practice Management.

Proficient Billing Personnel on Staff is Vital

It is essential to have experienced staff members to perform billing aspects for all aspects of FQHC billing. Certified health care (CHC) billing and coding, Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance knowledge has to be fully understood for all areas of insurance including medical, behavioral health, and dental claims. Further, it is important to accommodate bilingual customer service needs with bilingual staff members who can properly care for all clientele.

An established FQHC billing system should have experts who can accommodate all medical specialties, such as family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, cardiology, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, dental, and behavioral health providers as well as electronic management records (EMR) including NextGen, GE Centricity, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts.

Federally & Locally-Compliant FQHC Billing Solutions

FQHC patient billing servicesThe FQHC billing service provider needs to be aware of all applicable federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and regulations. Their legal and ethical business practices will be a reflection of your business and so you must choose a billing system that is efficient as well as well versed in the law as it pertains to medical billing. Failure to understand the law is no excuse for crossing legal lines and so it is important to get billing help from someone who stays on top of the current legal issues.

Data Management, Reporting, & Communication Are All Key

Reporting is an important and often overlooked aspect of medical billing. A good billing system will include a customized reporting system to meet the needs of the FQHC to give a personalized billing service that can be easy to read and follow without spending too much time rehashing the data from the billing procedure.

Find a billing consultant who can help you with credentialing services. It is important to timely payment to have current credentialing for issues such as new locations and providers.

Patient service contact is one of the key parts of the process of FQHC billing. A qualified provider will have services available such as patient statements, past due letter notifications, outbound calls, web-based payment portals, toll free inquiry, and experienced patient service representatives. While you may want to ??mix and match’ these services, you need a provider who can meet your current health center billing needs with the capability of expanding as your business grows.