Inside The Local FQHC BIlling Services of Practice Management

FQHC billing is one of the most important forms of medical billing to retain the underlying quality of the health care system. For proper FQHC billing, a team of specialised and experienced professionals is often required to make sure that the systems implemented run smoothly. One of the best FQHC billing companies for this is Practice Management. You can completely rely on this full-service medical billing company for the solutions required for your local community health centers like FQHCs.FQHC billing company practice management

Practice Management is an experienced organization that can help various FQHCs to improve Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing. There is a reason Practice Management is well known as the top Federally Qualified Health Center billing company. Learn more below.

Comprehensive Medical Billing Services by Practice Management

Being one of the most reputable and experienced medical billing companies in FQHC billing, Practice Management is also proficient in community health center (CHC) billing, and FQHC look-alike billing. Further, they have experts who are professionally trained and experienced in all types of medical billing specialities.

  • OB/GYN billing
  • Family practice billing
  • Pediatric billing
  • Internal medicine billing
  • Surgery billing
  • Cardiology billing
  • Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing

Specialized Medical Billing Service?

The best part of the companies FQHC billing and other medical billing services is their specialized solutions for each and every client. Practice Management provides customized reporting service for each individual client who has invested in their billing services.

Their experts will work with you in order to determine whether or not have any special or unique requirements for the billing or design the report. So, you can get a personalized FQHC billing service from the Practice Management if you want so. For more information on this you have to personally consult with them to get details on this.

Benefits Of FQHC Billing Servicespractice management medical billing

Being one of the most premier and experienced companies in FQHC billing services, Practice Management provides companies with the utmost satisfaction with their FQHC billing services. They also make sure that they are following all the ethics, regulations and laws related to State, Federal as well as Local. They provide a FQHC medical billing service which completely legal and ethical so that the clients do not face any kind of problems, whatsoever it is.

Practice Management provides proven and experienced FQHC billing best practices. They give emphasis on the billing experience and try to maximize the advantage from their services. They can handle these billing requirements smoothly and you will enjoy an improved cash flow, increase in income as well as reduction in overhead costs. Even this will help you to get more and more patients.

Besides all these benefits, you will also get a great customer service which is also bilingual from this Practice Management health center billing service. The best part of their service is that they follow each and every law and ethics so that your company does not face any kind of legal problems in the long run.

This advanced FQHC medical billing service is also personalized which is a really great thing for the ones who want a specialized service for them. Another great thing is that this particular FQHC billing service, can help you to increase more and more revenue. Thus, from the business point of view this service can be really profitable for you.

What Defines the Top Ecommerce SEO Companies in 2016

Ecommerce SEO is an ever-changing art. With the many changes in Google’s algorithm, those companies that don’t keep up to the latest advancements are doomed to fail. Businesses and websites in general need SEO services that will get them to the top spots.

Ecommerce SEO companies using the same practices they have been using in the last few years will fail miserably at achieving this in 2016. Here are the few points that define the top Ecommerce SEO companies for this ecommerce seo companies

1. Sustainability

White hat SEO techniques are sustainable. Black hat ones are not. Applying SEO should be looked at as a long-term tactic. Usually, a company won´t reach the top spots in a few days. It may take a few months to see results and it is equally important to maintain those results for a long time – which is what a top ecommerce SEO company offers.

2. Personalized Ecommerce SEO Services

Not all Ecommerce sites are created equal. Thus, not all SEO implementation is equal too. When someone offers you a SEO package, that is just a sign they sell techniques that should work for every company but this seldom holds true. A top rated ecommmerce SEO company will loot at your company on a stand alone basis. After a complete investigation, it will come upwith a unique plan to achieve the desired goals. This is the best way to get results.

3. They Offer Services that Actually Work

A SEO company is only as good as the results it gets. A company with a long trajectory of helping clients with their SEO needs and plenty of positive reviews is one that most likely than not has fulfilled, if not exceeded their expectations.

4. Transparency

Phillip Kotler, the “guru”of Marketing has stated that the companies that will thrive and survive in this era, are those that have an ethical behavior. A SEO company that fails to disclose and detail its practices to its clients, is a company one needs to keep an eye on. A transparent company will be open about any action they are doing and will do and will explain the course of action to its clients.

5. Experience

Experience builds on in SEO. An experienced company with more than several years of experience in the field will be able to do a proper work. This also shows that the company has learned to adapt each year to new SEO techniques and has applied them successfully in the field.

6. Have a Complete Ecommerce SEO Plan

Planning is of utmost importance in executing ecommerce SEO services. a company that does not have a complete plan will fail. The plan has to be made up of two main components. These are the goals and the steps to achieve them. Each step should have a deadline and a timeline is needed as well. This will assure that goals are achieved at a set date.

7. Post-Sale Service

A top ecommerce SEO company should provide the user with ongoing evaluations of the performance. When new goals are set each time, the client can rest assured that it will maintain its ranking over a long period of time.

3 of the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons in CA’s Bay Area

Best Breast Augmentations Surgeons Bay AreaWhen looking seeking specialists for breast augmentation in California’s San Francisco Bay Area, it is ideal to find the best breast augmentation surgeons in the area. We have researched various candidates, assessed patient reviews, and came up with a list of the three of the best breast augmentation surgeons in the Bay Area. All surgeons here are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and offer the experience and expertise that women seek when looking for a qualified breast augmentation surgeon.

1. Albert W. Chow M.D.

Albert W. Chow is one of the best breast augmentation surgeons Bay Area CA. He has a team of surgeons whose mission is to deliver top standard treatments putting the patient’s safety in the first place. When the patient first comes in, he will be asked about medical info including pre-existing conditions, x-rays, etc. Then, Dr. Chow will examine the patient in his private office. Bay Area Breast Augmentation Surgeon Chow

Both the needs and goals will be discuss and Dr. Chow will provide available options. Right from the start, a computerized image of the final result will be shown to you to see if you want to proceed with the treatment.

Marcia is their current Operating Room Coordinator and the person in charge of scheduling patients’ procedures. During the breast augmentation surgery procedure, you will meet the anesthesiologist who has over 15 years of experience in the field along with Larisa, the nurse who will be assisting Dr. Chow during the operation. He is also one of the top Bay Area breast augmentation surgeons according to

1 Daniel Burnham Ct Ste 368C
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (628) 400-6068

2. Joseph N Togba, MD

Dr. Joseph Togba has more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field and has performed over 5,000 operations herself. The Consumer Research Counsel of America has voted and declared Togba is one of the Top Surgeon in the U.S. The AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) has accredited Dr. Togba’s ambulatory surgery facility.Bay Area Breast Augmentation Surgeon Togba

What to expect? At your arrival, communication will be given primordial importance. Especially, in aspects regarding what results can you expect to get with the breast augmentation surgery and what you shouldn’t expect. It is of utmost importance for Dr. Togba that your expectations are clear as to what he can offer you.

Dr. Togba’s team consist of three people including Bonnie, his registered nurse, karen, his secretary, and Melody, the patient counselor.

3300 Webster Street Ste 1109,
Oakland, CA 94609 (between Hawthorne Avenue and 34th Street)
Phone: (510) 761-8813

3. Elizabeth S Lee, MD

Bay Area Breast Augmentation Surgeon LeeDr. Elizabeth Lee has appeared and has been interviewed on numerous TV and radio Shows including CBS: Her Vision, Her Company, and KRON4: Body Beautiful among others. She graduated from the Honor’s Program at the Northwestern University and completed her residency in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the famous Albert Einstein College of Medicine in NY. She has practiced cosmetic surgery in the Bay Area since 1995. At the private consultation, you Dr. Lee will discuss treatment options as well as pros and cons of the breast augmentation surgery you are looking forward to have.

Her team consist of two medical professionals including Izabela, the patient coordinator who supports, guides, and answers all of the patients’ questions. Shireen is Dr. Lee’s registered nurse. She has experience with children and offers a very friendly support to patients as well.

2999 Regent Street Ste 401,
Berkeley, CA 94704 (Between Ashby Avenue and Webster Street)
Phone: (510) 704-2170

An Inside Look at New Jersey Spine Surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner

back pain doctorDr. Joshua Rovner, a highly-acclaimed New Jersey spine surgeon, has been known as one of the most reputable and prominent spine surgeons in the country. Dr. Joshua Rover has proved to be a competent leader in the practice of spine surgery and orthopaedics through his New Jersey-based practice, Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics. He also made immense technological and procedural contributions to his field and notable accomplishments with spine surgery.

“You have pain, we have solutions.”

Almost everyone will experience back pain as we grow older and usually. In some cases, the pain is fleeting and temporary, but there are many instances wherein the spinal problem becomes a very consuming issue that’s debilitating. There are many types of spinal issues that make you incapable of doing work and rob you the time you should be spending with your family and friends. Not only that, the chance of you being able to have the life you have always imagined and dreamed of will be hindered because of jersey spine surgeon dr.joshua rovner

An Experienced Spine Specialists in New Jersey

Dr. Joshua Rover is a trusted spine specialist in New Jersey who takes the time to diagnose each patient carefully to pinpoint what has caused the pain and to help in choosing the appropriate treatment. There are instances that the back pain would call for a surgery but that is usually rare. Most of the time it doesn’t and this is where many are impressed with the spine surgeon. He doesn’t just make you go through a surgery to make a quick buck. He is going to give you a conservative treatment and that is always one of the best places to start.

If a conservative treatment option that has been recommended by the spine surgeon fails, then that will be an indication that spinal surgery is needed in delivering a cure. Everyone has their own preference in terms of the treatments for the spinal situation and usually there are different types of spinal conditions. The top New Jersey spine surgeon has the reputation of making a treatment plan which is suited for his patients specifically.

Dr. Joshua Rovner’s Education and Training

The top-rated New Jersey spine surgeon graduated in the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center in the College of Medicine and with a medical degree. He has completed his residency as an orthopaedic surgeon in New York City’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has also finished his fellowship in spine surgery at the Twin Cities Spine Center which is a prestigious hospital in Minneapolis, jersey spine surgery

He has been certified by American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons which means he practices in New Jersey and New York. He has been certified by the board to practice orthopedic surgery and he has a specialization on spine surgery.

You are assured that you will be given the very best treatment, whether via spine surgery or other non-surgical treatments. Dr. Joshua Rovner has invested in advanced training with spine and orthopaedic surgery but he also will give you a wide variety in treating your back and spine issues. He has gained the regional expert title on the surgical and medical management of disorders and diseases of the spine.

If you have been experiencing problems with your spine or back muscles, that should be a sign that your body is not in its tip top condition. The best thing to do is to schedule a consultation before it worsens. Learn more about about Dr. Joshua Rovner and the various types of treatments and surgery procedures he specializes in at:progressive spine center new-jersey

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics,
440 Curry Avenue, Suite A
Englewood, NJ 07631

Top 3 Companies for Creative Custom Bike Jersey Design

custom bike jerseysIf you are managing a cycling team or local cycling club, then you probably realize the importance than having a unique custom bike jerseys to represent your team. Many companies produce custom bike jerseys, and choosing the best should be based on things such as their design capabilities, delivery, reliability, quality of apparel, customer service, print quality, selections and, of course, the price.

To help shed light on where to get custom cycling jersey design, below are the three of the best online companies that you can trust when you need custom bike jerseys and design services.

1. Custom Bike Jerseys is a unique company well-known for crafting unique custom bike jerseys using the highest quality material available and at some of the best deal. They have been in this industry long enough to make a good reputation among other reputable stores on the web.

While most of their competitors require volume purchases with custom cycling jerseys, only requires a minimum of 25 custom bike jerseys, all with the same design and same gender jerseys.retro custom bike jerseys

Design templates and your art specifications are offered at no charge and after 1-5 days after receipt of your artwork meeting, you get your first design proof. Seven days, you get a photo proof of production-line sample at no charge, and if you need a preproduction, you get it for just $50. Within four weeks, you have all your custom bike jerseys, with no delivery charge if you are within the continental United States. personalized customers service is unsurpassed on the market. They know what you need, and they work with you until you get your first order, your second or your twentieth order.

2. Custom Bike Jerseys

Pactime Custom Bike is another reputable company that began their operation back in 2003, dedicated to providing custom cycling jersey with consistent quality. Unlike most companies of their kind, they provide women specific garments. Their delivery time is around five weeks, with a five-piece minimum order.

The customer service is excellent at, they guarantee delivery, and they have convenient team store called team store concept, one of its kind. They offer unlimited colors options at a no additional costs.

3. Custom Bike Jerseys is another company founded in 1992, well known for the production of high-quality custom bike jerseys for teams, clubs and events all around the world. They offer a wide variety of cycling gears, from tops to jackets to shorts and suits. They have pretty good customer services, and they usually base their delivery time based on your needs and all their pricing is inclusive and no additional cost for delivery within the continental United States. Primal Custom Bike Jerseys

To get custom jerseys from, you need to follow their guidelines strictly and make sure that you meet their terms. For example, you need to order at least 25 jerseys all with the same design and same genders wearers. They promise to create a design for each an item and revise it twice at no charge, but exceeding two revisions will result in a charge of $ 50 per hour.

There several other companies that offer quality custom bike jerseys, but these few are so far the best based on their quick delivery, their pricing structures, their guidelines, selections, their customers services and many more.

5 Local SEO Tips for Surgeons & Medical Professionals

A sound SEO and search marketing strategy for surgeons and medical professionals is the greatest way to get more patients. However, advanced plastic surgeon SEO strategies like increasing domain authority and generating link popularity might be beyond the reach of most marketers. However, they can adopt these 5 effective surgeon SEO strategies to attract more patients and broaden their businesses.

Get Listed on Local Directories

surgeon seoThis is the greatest way to embark on local SEO for surgeons and other locally-focused medical professionals. You can create directory listing on major sites like Bing, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. Why is this important for a surgeon’s SEO efforts?

When you search on Google with a keyword, ‘Plastic Surgeons Alaska’, you can see a special set of local listing, which are associated with Google Maps. Various variables are responsible for the rankings of these local listings. These variables are unique to conventional SEO in use citations, or mentions, of business to determine high ranking businesses and surgery practices.

Citations are one of the most influential factors in doing any sort of local SEO. A citation is the technical term for mentions of NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) of business (which are most common directory listing pages for a business.) Google uses citations to assess the credibility of a local business or organization. If you can provide more accurate citations (from directory listings), Google will position your business in higher in its local search listings.

Also important to note – accuracy is also highly important. If there is any inconsistency in NAP, a flag will be raised to Google. Therefore, you must provide accurate information and build well-populated directory listings to make the most of the SEO value these listings can provide.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Social media play highly significant and crucial role in SEO and they also influence search engine rankings. If you have strong presence in numerous platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, you can realize greater visibility in Google search. If your business gets more likes, shares, +1’s, Tweets, Pins, etc. (social signals), you can make greater strides when doing SEO for plastic surgeons.

These social signals are sound and legitimate ways to define credible content, which are significant for getting higher rankings. However, building an audience is the biggest challenge for social media marketers. So, you can invest in advertising, which is the natural and alternative option to build audience. If you invest money on growing your social media presence, you will get incredible returns.

Get Listed on Medical/Surgery Directories

Getting listed on conventional local directories is the easiest way to start SEO and search marketing for surgeons and medical professionals. You can also adopt this step for finding more opportunities. These types of directories are aligned closely with surgery and medical field. Therefore, Google will provide greater values to these citations, as well as any links pointing back to a surgeon’s websites.

Start Producing Content

Just like social media marketing, content production also has greater significance. You can produce content in the form of videos, infographics, educational blog posts, patient testimonials, etc. If your site is fresh with new content, it will help your medical practice site’s SEO potential.

Fresh content signify the worthy of frequent indexing and crawling, which is great for ongoing SEO. Producing content is also helpful for defining your surgery practice. If patients have questions, refer them to special articles through your site. If you are able to create evergreen content and share with social media audience, this is great for getting inbound traffic.

Network with Other Medical Professionals

You can also build relationship with other medical specialists and surgeons, which is helpful for opening doors to many opportunities. Surgeons and medical professionals can also cultivate reciprocal relationships, which is beneficial for both parties.

You can also engage in activities such as guest blogging, content sharing, link exchanges, and growing your social media audience. If you are a plastic surgeon, you are involved in memberships or groups with other plastic surgeons. However, you will also get support from other surgical specialists as well.

These are highly powerful and most useful SEO tips for medical professionals and surgeons. You can use them for your plastic surgery SEO campaign for generating more traffic, increasing your conversion rate and improving your search engine rankings.

Leland Indie Film Company Goes Big With Beyond Glory

Most action and adventure movie lovers are suckers for compelling first-hand accounts of major wars on the silver screen. What if we were served an engaging indie film with accounts of eight Medal of Honor recipients spanning across World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War all in one movie?beyond glory the film

Beyond Glory is a spectacular movie from the indie film company 8180 Films. The film Beyond Glory stars Stephen Lang, with Larry Brand as the director and James Cameron and Jon Landau serving as executive producers. Beyond Glory the film has been adapted from the play which was first adapted by Lang from journalist Larry smith’s book of the same name. It is a breathtaking amalgamation of theatre and cinema.

Stephen Lang who has many notable performances in both cinema and stage to his credit, proves his versatility once again. He plays the characters of all the eight Medal of Honor recipients with equal alacrity and understanding. Gary Sinise adds drama to the film Beyond Glory with his deep voice. Larry Brand has given a true depiction of men at war without using any filters and shows the moviegoers the true tribulations that men and women undergo when faced with hard choices.

This movie recognizes and celebrates all the men and women who serve our nation. It brings to the forefront some of this country’s greatest war heroes and their sacrifices.

About Indie Film Company 8180 Films8180 films

8180 Films is an indie film production company based in Leland, Michigan with award winning producers Larry Brand, Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter as founding partners. The award winning production house has produced four movies till date with Beyond Glory being their latest production. Their main focus has been to produce cost effective and high quality independent films.

Each of the four movies belongs to a different genre. If Christina was a World War II drama, The Coexist Comedy Tour was a comedy documentary. While The Girl on the Train was a neo-noir suspense thriller Beyond Glory-their latest offering – is a performance documentary. All the four features have been directed by Larry Brand.

The Indie film company has collaborated with a host of talented stars including Stephen Lang, Gary Sinise, Nicki Aycox, David Margulies, Jordan Belfi, Moshe Kasher and John Fugelsang. Their movies have been featured regularly in international film festivals like the Mumbai and the Oaxaca Film Festivals. They have also played in the local movie festivals like Newport Beach, Napa Valley, Sedona international and Chelsea film festivals and won awards under categories including Acting, Screenplay and Direction.

Top 5 Companies for Truck Scales & Advanced Weighing Systems

The most reliable truck scales and advanced weighing systems in the United States are made by reputable, honest companies in the field, and many of them have local roots. Because truck scales and weighing systems are high-dollar investments, these companies set out to offer exceptional products with quality customer support.

Firms that invest in truck scales systems want to choose the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers, as they can provide items that are based on the most advanced technologies. The following 5 companies are top providers of truck scale systems in the U.S.truck scale companies


On-board truck weigh scales are the most advanced heavy-duty truck solutions provided by this company. Vulcan is a top provider of on-board weighing scales for any type of truck or loader. With products that are used by the marine and the aerospace industry, the manufacturer can also cover general trucking, the timber market, aggregate, or refuse. Already existing customers are very pleased of the available items, as they are reliable and easy to load.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing is a top truck scale manufacturer with headquarters in Webb City Missouri that also has warehouses overseas. There are more than one hundred distributors of the scales from this company.

All types of truck scales and advanced weighing systems are offered by Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, including different types of portable weighing systems, load cell units, steel deck weighbridge truck scales and peripheral equipment for truck scales and weighing systems. The truck scales offered by this manufacturer can be electronic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic, with a wide range of load capacities.

Walz Scale walz scale

Walz Scale is a well-known supplier of truck scales and advanced weighing systems in the US. The main focus of this manufacturer is providing precise and versatile systems for a wide range of industries, like construction, mining, agriculture, waste management, or recycling. As one of the top truck scale companies, Walz Scale can provide customized solutions that are developed according to the needs of every specific customer instead of having a general approach.

Walz Scale is specialized in a wide range of advanced heavy-duty weighing systems, such as on-board weighing systems, axle scales, agricultural and farm scales, mining scales and load volumetric scanners. The advanced technology that is implemented in these solutions makes them some of the best in the industry. Both surface and pit mounted loader scales can be chosen, along with portable mining scales and portable rail scales. The systems are electro-mechanical, with pneumatic and hydraulic load cells.

Avery Weigh Tronix

Avery Weigh Tronix is another popular and respected truck scale manufacturer in the United States that is also a supplier for more than eighty countries all over the world. The company has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

There are many industries covered by this Fortune 200 company, such as agriculture, mining, aggregates, waste or recycling. Avery Weigh Tronix even offers software for scales or data management.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros manufactures static, dynamic, and portable truck scale solutions for different industries: agriculture, mining, construction and recycling. These items are meant to serve anyone who is performing different types of weighing operations in an efficient and affordable manner. In addition to truck scales for sale, Payload Pros offers a wide range of portable truck axle scales for rent.

One of the main advantages of the scale solutions offered by Payload Pros is a maximum versatility without impacting precise measurements in a negative way. Customers can choose from various scale designs, such as aluminum and steel construction to cover both light and heavy duty applications. Illinois Mailing Systems & Postage Solutions

Walz Label & Mailing Systems, headquartered in central Illinois, is growing into the area’s leading supplier of mailing systems in Illinois. The reputable company has been in business for more than 50 years and today, Walz Label & Mailing Systems is among the fastest growing companies in U.S. walz label and mailing systems

Because the company is highly experienced and focuses on a high level of customer services, Walz Label & Mailing Systems understands the unique needs of their customers. The company consistently adopts the latest mailing system technology into it inventory. With specific divisions in labeling, mailing, and business automation, Walz Label & Mailing Systems offers a complete spectrum of solutions for many companies in Illinois.

In focusing on Walz Label & Mailing Systems division in mailing, below we delve into some of the comprehensive mailing systems and postage solutions offered by the company.

Mailing Machines mailing machines postage systems

Some of its mailing machines from Walz include the whisper quiet Neopost IM-330 postage meter, IN-600 HF mailing machine, IN-600 AF mailing machine, IN-360 mailing machine, among other mailing system machines. With these machines, businesses are able to send thousands of booklets, brochures, invitations and a lot more within a short period of time.

When you trust Walz for your Illinois mailing systems, you are guaranteed remarkable services at an affordable price. In addition, these mailing machines do not only saves you a great deal of time, but also saves ink, paper, labels and so on. These postage mailing machine systems provide you with the most efficient and effective logistic remedies or solutions at an affordable price.

Address Printers mailing machines address printers

With address printers, you can eliminate return postage charges. Note that address printers come in different models that can match well with your mailing demands. It is advisable to choose a model based on size, speed, price and more. Address printers also enable companies to design and send a material that is appealing and elegant while it saves you time and money.


These scales give you the exact reading of your products. Walz has a variety of weighing scales to suit your needs. Some of its weighing tools include PS15 that can measure up to 15 kg, PS30 with a capacity scale of 30kg and more. Most of these scales if not all can be integrated with mailing or shipping software or even used singly to to save time and expenses.

Tabbing & Labeling Products mailing machine tabbing labeling

Tabbing and Labeling products ensures that all your materials are accessible and prearranged. With the help of these products, you can tab and label a wide range of items, including magazines, mailings, financial documents, brochures, books, and much more.

Moreover, you can produce thousands of copies by using paper or plastic tabs and decals,and stamps of all sizes and types. Tabbing and labeling machines can save postage costs as well as time. In addition, tabbers and labelers are easy to use and efficient.

Mail Management & Mail Preparation Software

mailing systemsThis software makes sure that your accounting department as well as mailroom are working in harmony with each other for better results. It can also track all the activities and changes through your postage in order to generate simple and easy to read reports with a press on a button.

Other roles it plays include dividing expenses according to accounts and departments, so as to allocate operating costs correctly at the end of the season. Mail preparation software ensures the package is never lost as a result of mislabeling and reduce time loss since with this software takes care of everything.

Get more information by contacting:

Walz Mailing & Mailing Systems
624 High Point Ln
East Peoria, IL 61611

Site Connects Athletes & Triathlon Coaches in Traverse City, MI

Better Triathlete ( has taken storm on the Internets to help connect athletes and triathlon coaches, starting in Traverse City, MI.  As a rather new website that’s focused on providing information and resources for triathletes (spanning from training tips to coaching resources), Better Triathlete helps athletes find triathlon coaches in their local area.better triathlete coaching traverse city

Through the Better Triathlete coaching network, the website offers a growing directory of triathlon coaches (as well as coaches who are specialized in swimming, biking, and running) designed to help connect athletes with coaches in their local area.

In addition to local triathlon coaching resources, Better Triathlete also plans to offer online triathlon coaching services and programs. Be sponsoring some of the top coaches in world, the brand’s mission is to make premium quality triathlon coaching accessible to anyone.

Roots in Traverse City, Michigan

Starting in the waterbound town of Traverse City, Better Triathlete has deep roots in the northern Michigan triathlon community. With limited coaching resources, the area is a hotbed for growth in multisport. Currently (as of when this article was published), the Traverse City triathlon coach page is still available for sponsorship.better triathlete

Team members and staff of Better Triathlete are discussing holding local clinics in the near future. The focus of these triathlon clinics will focus on aspects of form and biomechanics in swimming, biking, and running; mindful approaches to training and racing; and transitions and other disciplines of multisport.

Currently, Better Triathlete is operating a simple web presence that’s focused on building its coaching network, all while sharing content, ideas, and tips through its blog. The focus is unique information that’s cutting edge as well as effective at helping athletes cultivate greater fulfillment and longevity in the sport.

In the meantime, if you’re triathlon coaching in Traverse City looking for opportunities to connect with new athletes, visit the official website of Better Triathlete at