3PL Company Expands Illinois Roots to Offer 12 Distribution Warehouses Nationwide

When you need a reliable and efficient supply chain to keep your Illinois-based business moving forward, look no further than United Facilities, Inc., a reputable third-party logistics (3PL) company. United Facilities offers everything your supply chain needs from storage and warehousing to packaging and shipping. United Facilities 3PL Logo

The team at United Facilities concentrates their attention to every minute detail and fulfilling their clients needs at 100% accuracy at all times. Whatever type of business you operate, United Facilities has the logistics and supply chain management solutions to help you thrive. They will help you to grow your loyal customer base and keep them coming back time and time again.

Local Roots Grow National Branches

United Facilities is widely known as a pioneer in the Illinois warehousing and distribution industry, having developed many new methods for handling materials. The 3PL company continues to facilitate innovative ways of improving their services no matter how good those services are to begin with. So much so that United Facilities has grown to now offer 12 distribution warehouses nationwide.

United Facilities is instrumental in various areas of third-party logistics, like storage and warehousing, packaging merchandise, light assembly, and offering contract transport services for all types of retailers and distributors. They are even involved with aspects such as technical writing, computer-assisted designing, and specialized engineering services that are necessary throughout the supply chain of a product. One particular area of expertise for them is in their packaging department. As one of the top logistics management companies in Illinois, they excel at this and have seen a huge expansion in customer need for it, with further expansion expected in the future.

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Comprehensive Supply Chain Solutions

The most important service of all that is provided by United Facilities is the transportation of merchandise all over the country. Of course if a company sells any form of goods or products, they cannot do that very well without being able to move it from one location to another. United Facilities will not only move the merchandise to begin with, they will do it in a safe and secure manner. This ensures that companies will not have any disasters and lose their coveted products along the way. Therefore that merchandise can be sold to each business’ own customers rather than having to assume the costs of damaged products. Obviously this is much better for their business, so they are extremely happy. Third Party Logistics

The pursuit of excellent business practices and operations has paid off substantially for United Facilities. The 3PL company began with one single distribution warehouse in Illinois. Today this company has grown by leaps and bounds. United Facilities now offers advanced third party logistics and supply chain management solutions through twelve distribution warehouses in locations all over the United States. With the demand for their services exploding significantly it would not be surprising if additional locations were added down the line. Happy customers know they can rely on United Facilities to provide all of the services they require and help them to maximize their overall business performance.

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by United Facilities, Inc., or to inquire to the company about their capabilities in being your thrid party logistics provider, you have a couple of options. You can go to their website at www.unifac.com or you can simply telephone them at their original headquarters in Peoria, Illinois. That toll free telephone number is: 1-866-699-7271.