5 Local SEO Tips for Surgeons & Medical Professionals

A sound SEO and search marketing strategy for surgeons and medical professionals is the greatest way to get more patients. However, advanced plastic surgeon SEO strategies like increasing domain authority and generating link popularity might be beyond the reach of most marketers. However, they can adopt these 5 effective surgeon SEO strategies to attract more patients and broaden their businesses.

Get Listed on Local Directories

surgeon seoThis is the greatest way to embark on local SEO for surgeons and other locally-focused medical professionals. You can create directory listing on major sites like Bing, Yahoo! Local, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. Why is this important for a surgeon’s SEO efforts?

When you search on Google with a keyword, ‘Plastic Surgeons Alaska’, you can see a special set of local listing, which are associated with Google Maps. Various variables are responsible for the rankings of these local listings. These variables are unique to conventional SEO in use citations, or mentions, of business to determine high ranking businesses and surgery practices.

Citations are one of the most influential factors in doing any sort of local SEO. A citation is the technical term for mentions of NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) of business (which are most common directory listing pages for a business.) Google uses citations to assess the credibility of a local business or organization. If you can provide more accurate citations (from directory listings), Google will position your business in higher in its local search listings.

Also important to note – accuracy is also highly important. If there is any inconsistency in NAP, a flag will be raised to Google. Therefore, you must provide accurate information and build well-populated directory listings to make the most of the SEO value these listings can provide.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Social media play highly significant and crucial role in SEO and they also influence search engine rankings. If you have strong presence in numerous platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc, you can realize greater visibility in Google search. If your business gets more likes, shares, +1’s, Tweets, Pins, etc. (social signals), you can make greater strides when doing SEO for plastic surgeons.

These social signals are sound and legitimate ways to define credible content, which are significant for getting higher rankings. However, building an audience is the biggest challenge for social media and search engine marketers. So, you can invest in advertising, which is the natural and alternative option to build audience. If you invest money on growing your social media presence, you will get incredible returns.

Get Listed on Medical/Surgery Directories

Getting listed on conventional local directories is the easiest way to start SEO and search marketing for surgeons and medical professionals. You can also adopt this step for finding more opportunities. These types of directories are aligned closely with surgery and medical field. Therefore, Google will provide greater values to these citations, as well as any links pointing back to a surgeon’s websites.

Start Producing Content

Just like social media marketing, content production also has greater significance. You can produce content in the form of videos, infographics, educational blog posts, patient testimonials, etc. If your site is fresh with new content, it will help your medical practice site’s SEO potential.

Fresh content signify the worthy of frequent indexing and crawling, which is great for ongoing SEO. Producing content is also helpful for defining your surgery practice. If patients have questions, refer them to special articles through your site. If you are able to create evergreen content and share with social media audience, this is great for getting inbound traffic.

Network with Other Medical Professionals

You can also build relationship with other medical specialists and surgeons, which is helpful for opening doors to many opportunities. Surgeons and medical professionals can also cultivate reciprocal relationships, which is beneficial for both parties.

You can also engage in activities such as guest blogging, content sharing, link exchanges, and growing your social media audience. If you are a plastic surgeon, you are involved in memberships or groups with other plastic surgeons. However, you will also get support from other surgical specialists as well.

These are highly powerful and most useful SEO tips for medical professionals and surgeons. You can use them for your plastic surgery SEO campaign for generating more traffic, increasing your conversion rate and improving your search engine rankings.