Ag Weigh Offers The Ultimate in Harvest Management Solutions

For farmers and agricultural producers, effectiveness in harvest production is highly dependent on weighing, tracking, monitoring and recording data for crop valuation and pricing. When it comes to handling these processes with great efficacy, Ag Weigh is a leading innovator of specialized farm truck scales and harvest management solutions for all level of ag weigh scales

There’s no question that flawed systems reduce profitability, significantly crippling production, espeically for farmers. For Ag Weigh, massive investments in weighing technology and computerized farm management systems has lead to the creation of effective and accurate solutions for any farm. Ag Weigh offers comprehensive selection of farm truck weighing options.

Ag Weigh’s farm truck scales are designed and developed to give an economical solution to today‚Äôs ag producers. All systems are electronically operated and feature diamond safety steel decks for seamless weighing. Although some systems are portable and low-profile, all scales are extremeley strong and can serve just about any size truck. Moreover, all systems are NTEP certified, and different scale systems are provided so to suit different weighing requirements.

On-board Scales

For massive agricultural production, on board truck scales are indispensable. Ag Weigh’s on-board truck scales are important in facilitating quick accurate produce measurement. The measurement and scaling applications can be used in measuring moving or static carts and trucks. These on-board truck scale systems can be installed easily in the measurement systems to allow quick capture of weights and number of trucks or carts loaded. They feature sensors that capture truck volumes, processors to calculate weights and displays on which the information is displayed. For more information about on-board truck scales, click here.

Yield Load Scanner

The efficiecnt of harvest weighing and valuation can be enhanced with Ag Weigh’s Yield Load Scanner system. This is basically an advanced laser scanner system which scans truck beds while in motion and give accurate volume measurements which can then be calculated into weight metrics. The Yield Load Scanner interfaces with Ag Weigh’s Yield Pro software platform which is an intuitive and easy to use farm management suite which enables farmers to keep track of loads, farms, fields, moisture content, and various other metrics.

load scanner

The Yield Load Scanner boasts the highest level of standards and can withstand harsh conditions. Installation can be done on different terrains as the Yield Load Scanner can be hard-mounted and ready for use withing hours. Installation is easy and flexible in that they can be moved from one point to another. Unlike truck scales, this load scanner offers maximum functionality with least maintenance.

Yield Pro Software

After load measurements have been determined, data management is the next vital step in the process of harvest valuation. The Yield Pro management software is certainly the smartest and most highly sought solution for ag producers. The software is very versatile and practical, and is specifically designed to optimize and enhance efficiency in many ways.

Yield Pro is simple enough to learn within a day, and is fast enough to allow for quick monitoring and data extraction. The system allows the producer to automate virtually all operations to better manage specific fields and farms. A direct interface with the truck scale data facilitates quick weighing and recording. Weights can be captured via the smartphone, tablet or any other computers and mobile device. The software can also factor-in moisture levels, which can significantly impact the value of a crop load from harvest to distribution.

Ag Weigh is dedicated in providing every farming entity with the best harvest management system that will eventually lead to great efficiency and profits. Learn more about truck scales from Ag Weigh and visit