Atlanta’s WIFH Makes Stides In Laser Hair Removal Treatment

wifh atlanta laser hair removal servicesThere’s a reason why WIFH (otherwise known as Women’s Institute for Health) has made epic strides as one of the most trusted local sources for laser hair removal in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the official website of WIFH, Dr. Kulkin and his specialized team of licensed practitioners have performed over 650,000 laser hair removal procedures.

In essence, WIFH’s laser hair removal treatments offer an effective and permanent way to get rid of undesirable hair from virtually any part of the body. Using industry leading laser hair removal technology. it’s safe for all types of skin and applicable for both men and women.

The Solution for Unwanted Hair

Americans spend on average approximately 38 minutes a day grooming their hair. Over the course of one year, the time spent grooming and removing unwanted hair escalates to 230 hours. This includes all forms of hair removal such as shaving, waxing, and plucking.laser hair removal legs

WIFH’s Atlanta laser hair removal treatment is the solution to stop spending so many hours removing unwanted hair. The results Dr. Kulkin and his team achieves for patients have become the industry standard in laser hair removal. Studies conducted by the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery support that individuals need roughly 6 to 9 laser hair removal treatments to realize optimal outcomes.

For this reason, WIFH provides laser hair removal services at its Atlanta clinic in packages that consist of 8 treatments. After completing 8 sessions, patients often see anywhere from a 75% to 90% reduction in hair in the treated body part. And these results are permanent, meaning that hair in that particular area will not grow back.

The Process Behind Laser Hair Removal Treatment

When seeing WIFH for laser hair removal in Atlanta, the practitioners ask that patients prepare by shaving the target area prior to treatment. Unlike waxing as a form of hair removal, the surface hair is not required for laser hair removal treatment. Laser energy is, in essence, heat energy and its is drawn to the color found within the hair follicles.

On the laser hair removal page of the WIFH website, they provide a great example of how this works:mens laser hair removal atlanta

“An example of how this works can be felt when you wear a dark shirt and stand in the sun. Your dark shirt absorbs the heat of the sun and in turn makes you very warm, very fast. Atlanta Laser hair removal at WIFH works by the same principle.”

The color found in an individual’s hair absorbs the heat from the laser. Through this absorption process, the laser energy enters the hair follicle while destroying its ability to produce hair. So although this treatment is called laser hair removal, the process is not actually removing hair. Rather, the process permanently reduces the number of hair follicles and their ability to produce hair.

Undergoing Laser Hair Removal in Atlanta

WIFH starts by bringing its patients in to their Atlanta facility for a no obligation, complimentary consultation. This is provides an opportunity for patients to meet with one of WIFH’s laser hair removal practitioners as well as discuss the overall procedure, treatment plan, expectations and realistic outcomes.atlanta laser hair removal staff

Most individuals who visit WIFH for an initial consultation have been considering undergoing laser hair removal treatment for some time. As a result, many patients choose to begin treatment on the day of their initial visit. Depending on the area of the body being treated, the time of each session can vary anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. An upper lip treatment can take just a few minutes, whereas a larger area of the body (like back or full legs) can take approximately one removal laser atlanta ga

Contact WIFH in Atlanta for Laser Hair Removal Services

If you’re interested in laser hair removal services, contact WIFH in Atlanta by following the address, location information, and contacts below.

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