Best Medical Billing Companies for Local FQHCs and CHCs

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and Community Health Centers (CHCs) are locally-focused, non-profit health centers that are usually located in underserved regions throughout the U.S., commonly in both urban and rural areas. These health centers are aimed at providing complete medical care accessible to anyone irrespective of their status regarding insurance. medical billing company FQHC CHC

Unlike CHCs, FQHCs are organizations that receive grants under (section 330) of the Public Health Service Act. They entitled to additional reimbursement from Medicaid, Medicare, and other services. FQHCs must serve immoderate areas or population, provide complete medical services, have continuing quality assurance programs, offer a dropping fee scale, and have a board of directors governing it.

As a result, problems of patient billings and receiving payment for medical services on time severely face both these types of health centers. Therefore, FQHCs and CHCs often recruit the services of experienced medical billing companies that offer specialized billing solutions. Some of these companies include: Practice Management, Synergy Billing, and MEDCOR Revenue Services.

These CHC and FQHC billing companies provide highly professional FQHC and CHC billing services. Even though the medical billing and revenue recycle process are very complex, they relieve you by facing the challenge for you. Revenue Recycle process is a vital process that impacts each operational element in a community health center. It becomes impossible to serves patients if this cycle is broken. These companies provide analytics and data that help organizations make decisions and assist them to attain higher collection rates.

Synergy Billing

For example, Synergy Billing has it’s collection rate at 95% or more. They directly connect to client’s practice and electronic health record software; there is no software or licensing fees involved. They oversee the credentialing of insurance along with giving training for front office staff to ensure the revenue cycle is operating at maximum efficiency.

In short, they can handle their customers FQHC and CHC billing needs, in which customers will enjoy increased income, reduced costs, greater cash flow, increased provider and patient satisfaction, and coding experience using fully compliant policies and procedures.

Practice Management FQHC medical billing experts

Equally as recognized for it’s FQHC billing services, Practice Management on the other end strives to heighten the advantages of their clients with complete custom tailored FQHC billing services. The company can handle their client’s FQHC billing services by ensuring they enjoy reduced overhead costs, cash flow advancement, and greater incomes, with increased patient and provider satisfaction. They also have excellent reporting resolutions, billing consultations, credentialing, legal compliance, software consolidation, and a service contract for the patients.

Practice Management is a leading FQHC billing company that is committed to customer satisfaction while complying with all published and Federal Local and state laws, regulations, and statutes. They promote ethical and legal business practices throughout the organization with their customers and inside the community. Working with them ensures you get reliable, principled services, maximizing the benefits of your FQHC billing experience.

MEDCOR Revenue Services

MEDCOR Revenue Services is a leading independent revenue cycle management and billing services provider for CHC and FQHC clinics. They provide accurate, steady, and value added revenue recycle and medical billing management services. They do it by utilizing the recent web-based billing revenue recycle management platforms such as Electronic Medical Records (ERM).

Equipped with a specialized team of experts, MEDCOR Revenue Services helps to raise profitability for medical groups, doctors, and hospitals through medical claim submissions, medical practice audits, consulting, and medical practice management.