3 Tips to See Better Local Search Rankings in Google

For any business to survive in today’s competitive business environment, it has to leverage the power of digital marketing, letting SEO be at the heart of its strategy. SEO is used as an effective means to give local businesses a competitive marketing advantage; this primarily due to the efficiency and efficacy SEO offers local business (particularly those who try their hand at SEO in-house.)google local seo

The drivers of local search are now mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, all serving as a means to search Google to find the ideal business to meet one’s needs. Today, 9 out of 10 smartphone users are using their mobile devices to get directions, recommendations or other information relevant to their location.

As a result, it is imperative to use local SEO as a way to reach more potential customers. Employing the right local SEO strategies and resources can help businesses see better rankings in Google local search, and also help increase the number of potential customers visiting the business’ website. To help you get started, below are three tips to help your business see better local search rankings in Google.

1. Registering Your Business With Google+ Local

Registering your business with Google+ Local is easy. The process involves availing relevant data to Google some of this information would include a phone number, physical address, and category.

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When providing this information, it is important to fill in the accurate the information as search engines are trying to give users the most accurate results as well as the most relevant results depending on the what they are searching they are searching for.

Providing this information lets the search engine know about your business what products or services your business is offering and hence helps better your business local rankings.

2. Including Your Business Name & City In Your Homepage’s Title

Indicating your city in the page title of your website’s homepage will help the people and search engines know your location, the business name will help discover your business and the goods and services you offer. While there are many local search ranking factors involved with local Atlanta SEO and determining Google’s local rankings, including the city in the page title it vital.

By giving these crucial details, local rankings are going to improve as this information will help direct relevant traffic to your business. A searcher who is ready to purchase goods and services have the tendency to include the city they are willing to make their purchase like “new laptop in [city]”, this will help your business which has been indicated to be located in a certain city to be found and this helps you local rankings improve.

3. Define Services/Products Available (and In Different Cities if Applicable)

When people are searching for products they want accurate information relevant to them regarding products/services and their location. Having different landing pages dedicated to different cities will show the relevant content to the searchers depending on the search term and the city they would prefer to get content for. When searchers land on a page with no relevant content they tend to leave immediately that is why it is important to make the content on the landing page relevant.