Central Illinois Source for Security System Cameras & Equipment

Seico Security is one of the most popular local companies in Peoria and throughout central Illinois that offers the best selections of security cameras and equipment for home, business and financial institutions, such as banks and local credit unions. The impressive company strives to meet all your security and surveillance needs ranging from indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance systems, photo ID, access control systems, alarm monitoring, and fire alarm systems.Seico

The company has been protecting financial, industrial and commercial businesses since 1972. The highly efficient and inexpensive security systems offered by this company are custom designed and aimed to meet your individual security needs. Seico Security provides consultation and specifications, design and engineering services for all kinds of security systems throughout Central Illinois.

Areas of Specialty at Seico Security

  • Home/ residential security systems.
  • Banking security systems equipment including vaults, teller systems and safes among others.
  • Security systems and surveillance for commercial entities and businesses.
  • Video badging systems, photo ID and access control.

Contact the central Illinois leader in security systems by following the address and contact information below:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554

Residential Security Systems wireless security system

Provision of Security cameras and other security systems for homes is the primary area of expertise at Seico Security. Regardless of the size of your property, the company can put together excellent custom packages to perfectly protect your assets. Whether you want to cover the entire property by use of a complex CCTV security system or a simple control system for your door, Seico Security experts can assist you get a solution that meets your individual needs and budget.

Business Security Systems

There are many forms of commercial security systems for businesses. Seico Security offers support and tremendous flexibility in designing unique business security systems for different types of organizations. Their experts have completed extensive projects for huge organizations and simple security systems for small businesses throughout Illinois.The company always combine a variety of security elements when designing business security systems. Such elements include: alarm systems, photo ID and video badging, door access control security systems, and wireless security systems.

Security Systems & Equipment for Banks

Seico Security has many years of experience in providing banking equipment and security systems for financial institutions in central Illinois. They are different from all the other sources of similar systems and equipment because they can design and engineer security systems for financial institutions with precise specifications.Regardless of the size of your financial institution, project management, and engineering experts from Seico Security can assist you in finding the bank vaults and equipment you require at an affordable price. bank security systems and equipment for financial applications includes the following:

  • Undercover cabinetry
  • ATM security
  • Vaults and safes
  • Video and audio systems
  • Safe deposit boxes
  • Drive-up systems
  • Night depositories
  • Door control systems

All banking equipment and security systems from Seico Security offer dependable mechanical construction. They are beautifully made in America and show considerable durability. Communications systems for financial institutions include audio visual systems for walk-up and drive-up.

IP-Surveillance Systems

Seico Security system company is now offering digital IP-surveillance camera systems for bank and commercial security monitoring. The IP-Surveillance software works with video encoders and network camera to provide video monitoring and recording. Users can record the video on schedule, continuously, on motion detection or/and on alarm. The excellent software provides multiple functions that allow searching for targeted recorded events, remote viewing and playback features.

In the commercial sector, robust IP video solutions provide enhanced monitoring and security operations capabilities. In financial institutions, digital IP-surveillance camera systems works to prevent fraud and optimize physical security. The systems also optimize operational effectiveness with video systems, transaction integration, and advanced analytics.

Here is the bottom line; if you want to hire the most excellent company that offers awesome security cameras and equipment throughout Illinois, don’t be afraid to go for Seico Security Company. The Company will give you peace of mind as they stand behind every product they offer.