Find Kubota Tractor Packages for Sale at German Bliss

German Bliss EquipmentGerman Bliss offers the most comprehensive Kubota Tractor packages available throughout the Midwest. Fitting the specific needs of users without going over budget, German Bliss offer a complete array of Kubota tractor packages at various prices and options. Below we dive into each series of Kubota tractors and the packages offered.

Kubota BX Tractor Package

You have several options for tractor packages falling under this category, each one containing all the materials needed for a smooth operation: BX2370RV60 and BX2670RV60 tractor from Kubota.

The difference between these two tractor packages is the main Kubota tractor. In the BX2370RV60 comes with the BX2370-1 tractor with a 23 HP engine running on diesel. The BX2670RV60, on the other hand, comes with the tractor of the same name, running on the same level of horse power. Additional information on both include:Kubota

  • Transmission is hydrostatic with R4 industrial tires and a top of the line Front End Loader pin featuring a 48” bucket as well as grill guard.
  • There is also a 60” mid-mounted finish mower
  • These boast of a genuine 60” Land Pride RB0560 Rear Blade
  • The packages also come with a 3,500 pound Liberty single axle 78” by 12 feet trailer
  • Land Pride BB1248 4ft Boxscraper as well as scarifiers
  • DOT lighting as well as Rear Date
  • You also get new wheels as well as a 7-way RV plug with load straps
  • Package price goes for $17,099 BX23 while BX26 has a price of $18,399

Kubota B Series Tractor Packages

The Kubota tractor packages that fall under the B Series packages include the following:

  • B2320HSD – The package costs $18,699 and it features a tractor model of the same name running on a 23 HP diesel engine.
  • B2620HSD – This one is available for $19,999 and it comes with the tractor model under the same name running on a 26 HP diesel engine.
  • B2650HSD – This package features a same name tractor with a price of $21,899 as well as a 26 HP diesel engine.
  • B2650HSD – This comes with a same-name tractor model with a cost of $25,199 as well as a 33 HP diesel engine.

The similarities between these four packages are the following:

  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • R4 industrial tires
  • LA304 Front End Loader (with Pin) and 54” bucket
  • Land Pride RCR1248 with a 4ft shredder plus shear bolt driveline protection
  • 7,000 Lb Liberty dual axle featuring electric brakes
  • 18 feet trailer with a dove tail
  • Land Pride BB1260 5ft Boxscraper as well as scarifiers
  • Pull out ramps
  • DOT lighting
  • Load straps
  • 7-way RV plug

Kubota L Series Tractor Packages

Possibly the most extensive line available in German Bliss, these packages feature basically the same elements with a slight difference in the HP of the engine. All the models listed below are available with more coming in from suppliers. Kubota tractor packages

  • L2501DT – tractor package available at $20,199
  • L2501HST – tractor package available for $21,699
  • L3301DT – tractor package sold for $23,199
  • L3301HST – tractor package available for $23,599
  • L3901DT – tractor package available at $24,499
  • L3901HST – tractor package sold for $25,299
  • L4701DT – tractor package available for $29,999
  • L4701HST – tractor package sold for $31,399

Kubota MX Series Tractor Packages

The packages in this series features a stunning 52.1 HP diesel engine for really tough jobs. The additional characteristic are also better compared to the other models, starting with an 8 by 8 partially synchronized transmission and R1 tires.

  • MX5200DT – tractor package sold for $32,999
  • MX5200HST – tractor package available for $34,499

German Bliss also engages in personalized Kubota tractor packages. If you find that your desired Kubota tractor package is not in the list, you always have the option of contacting German Bliss as well as discussing your preferences for a more personalized offering.