Leading FQHC Billing Company to Exhibit at 2015 IPHCA Leadership Conference

On October 14-16, the IPHCA, or Illinois Primary Health Care Association, will host the 2015 Annual Leadership Conference at The Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Even though the last time the conference was held at The Ritz Carlton, St. Louis, MO, this time will be held at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

IPHCA Leadership ConferenceWith a focus on representing FQHCs, or Federally Qualified Health Centers, and CHCs (Community Health Centers), the IPHCA represents 49 organizational members that operate and manage just over 440 sites throughout the state of Illinois.

Account Executive Kevin Vardeleon and Channel Partner Manager John Quatto are excited to announce the conference. They are excited to introduce to everyone the best ERP fund accounting software provider and IT specialists in the state of Illinois. They might be boasting a little, but they are calling it like they see it. The conference will start October 14, 2015 at 10:45 PM and will last till October 16 2015 at 11:45 PM.

What to Expect at the IPHCA Leadership Conference

leadership conference illinoisAt each conference, IPHCA’s main focus with regard to sponsors and exhibitors is to provide valuable networking opportunities with IPHCA members for participating companies. For example, this year a leading participating company will be Practice Management. Nevertheless, IPHCA’s 2015 Annual Leadership Conference will be an exciting opportunity to showcase your products and services to a diverse and receptive audience of executive directors, board members, clinicians, human resource directors, IT professionals, financial officers and more

IPHCA’s mission is to actually improve the health status of medically underserved populations and communities by fostering the provision of high quality care that is accessible, culturally sensitive and community-directed. Furthermore, IPHCA represents health centers created by the Congress to meet the basic health care needs of underserved communities and high-risk patients.

Helping FQHCs Advance & Thrive

Since FQHCs by law serve the medically underserved people regardless of their economical situation or even ability to pay, health centers are located in geographic regions designated as having a shortage of medical and basic care providers who serve this population.

IPHCA is completely committed to fulfilling its mission of helping underserved communities help themselves by advocating and spreading community primary care services across Illinois. Furthermore, IPHCA advocates and provides education and basic training to enhance the operation of these basic health care services, the unique interests and contributors of community health centers and develops information systems.

Practice Management FQHC Billing Company

A reputable FQHC billing company in Illinois called Practice Management will be exhibiting at the Annual Leadership Conference 2015. Practice Management is in business since 1995. Since then it provides comprehensive medical billing solutions with expertise in FQHC billing services. As health care is serving underserved population, these services are designed to improve revenue cycle and overall billing system for health centers across the state.

The human and technology resources of Practice Management FQHC billing company are on the forefront of medical billing. As this company is one step ahead of industry requirements, they save valuable time and money for these health centers. Health centers receive peace of mind knowing their accounts receivable is in good hands.

Practice Management stays up-to-date on medical policies and coding requirements specific to each payer. This company also uses direct electronic submission when billing third party payers (TPPs). Even more, each health center is required to utilize their own username and password. That way health centers only have access to their own practice’s data. For more information, visit the FQHC billing company’s website at MaximizedRevenue.com.