The Glue That Keeps the Community of East Peoria Strong

East Peoria is a beautiful community that sits just east of the Illinois River. The city boasts a population of over 23,000 people and is the home to many Caterpillar Inc. facilities. The city has recently undergone new developments which include the renovation of the interstate 74 and the area’s bridges.

East Peoria, Illinois

Major renovations of the East Peoria downtown area and Washington street has also recently been completed, and even more improvements are planned for the future. The city is relatively young with a median age of 40 as of the census of 2000, yet the culture and community are very cohesive in more ways then one.

East Peoria Schools & Education East Peoria Schools

One of the greater things about the city and community of East Peoria are its schools. The population of the city is rather small which makes it easier for the school districts to maintain a good student to teacher ratio.

There are 4 school districts which only include 1 high school, but it is prestigious and provides its students with all of the resources they need to succeed. The class population is quite diverse including students from all over the world. The small class sizes and diversity in East Peoria schools are wonderful benefits to attending school in any of these districts.

East Peoria Landmarks & Activities

East Peoria is a city full of possible things to do. There are several landmarks and enjoyable tourist attractions. Some people have lived their whole lives in this city and never even noticed the wonderful attractions available to them.

First off it is good to know for potential visitors that the city is a member of the Peoria Area Convention and Visitor Bureau. This means that the city provides a wide range of services for visitors. These services include: leisure travel packages, motorcoach group information, convention and tournament housing services, and many more.

East Peoria: On The Town

The city has a wide array of hotels and high end restaurants available for either tourists or just someone looking for a getaway weekend. The Hampton inn is a luxurious stop that was recently renovated to increase customer satisfaction. Other hotels include the Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino, Stoney Creek Hotel, and several others. The city also provides a wide variety of dining options in both low and high end fashion.

East Peoria Festival of Lights

Probably one of the best and most fun parts of East Peoria happen during the winter. Between Nov. 27 and Dec. 31 the city holds a Festival of Lights. The entire night is lit up as the city spares no expense on Christmas decorations. The festival is truly one of a kind and is a must see if you are visiting during the cold winter months.

Another landmark which is highly popular and suited for those who prefer the warmer times of the year is the East Port Marina. The port sits right on the Illinois River and provides an outlet for all of your water sport needs. Going boating with the family is easy and fun to do at this location. The port also offers several amenities like laundry facilities, restrooms, and plenty of dining options. There is also a pool with a couple of hot tubs to wind down at the end of a long day on the river.