Illinois’ Facet Tech Recognized for Innovative IT Solutions

Facet Technologies, Inc. is an IT solutions services provider company based in Pekin, Illinois. Founded in 1989, for over 26 years they’ve provided virus removal, data backup and business networking IT solutions alongside their partners Cisco, Lenovo, Intel, Microsoft, HP and Barracuda Networks. Discussing project

Facet Technologies, Inc. a very innovative company which creates IT solutions that are tailored to meet each organization’s needs. These are coupled with computer networking and IT consulting services that, enable businesses the ability to learn how to integrate state of the art technologies into their various company’s processes.

Business IT Support

Facet Technologies, Inc. business IT support solutions are provided by the top industry professionals. These are professionals with years of experience, mainstream qualifications and hands down experience with all major computer and network systems.

They’re experienced providing business IT support and consulting solutions for Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, 2003 servers, also supporting workstations in Windows 98, 2000, Vista, XP, Windows 7 and many others. They set up backups and have rotational operations scheduled to ensure the backup of all your media.

Their services are provided on the fly. However, you can also set up 24/7 inhouse rotational services that provide IT support around the clock. This ensures that your systems stay running smoothly throughout all hours.

Home Automation

Facet Technologies, Inc. surprised the industry when they launched home automation IT solutions. These automate simple tasks such as home security systems management, home audio systems controls, vehicle remote controls, light systems and many others.

Such services are provided with state of the art GUI (general user interface) integrated with URC’s proprietary technology. As one of the top home automation companies, the systems by Facet operate seamlessly, being intuitive, straight to the point, efficient and reliable.

Business IT Consulting

Facet Technologies, Inc. is proud to present businesses with IT consulting solutions that are robust, reliable and that can hone their companies. They integrate all your business’ internal and external operations, including those with your customers in a single centralized system. They brainstorm all your company’s possibilities and assess you all steps of the way till you implement them in your company.

This means sitting down with you and laying down all your company’s processes in a readable intuitive flowchart. From there you make your prompt choices on which elements will be best for your company. By doing this, they deliver to you a customized yet unique IT solution that will be available nowhere else.

Network Security

Facet Technologies, Inc. has been over the years very efficient and reliable when it comes to securing your company’s data. They implement network security protocols through state of the art standards that ensure all your company’s information are stored behind a complete robust grid of security.

These are IT solutions that incorporate policies and recommendations for your company to implement in all processes, ensuring that all internal and external procedures work in a tight-knit.

Other IT solutions include virus removal, remote PC support, on-site IT staffing, network backups, network security, hard drive data recovery services, computer repair services, business system sales, among many others. Facet is the company for you. Call or visit them today at the company’s headquarters located just outside of Peoria, IL:

Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street Pekin, IL 61554
Phone: 309-353-4727