Inside Top-Rated 3PL Company: United Facilities, Inc.

United Facilities, Inc. is a third-party logistics/3PL company that dates back to 1953 when two sons of a Swiss entrepreneur (Henry Altorfer) bought a five-storey, 125,000 square foot building with an intention of starting a manufacturing business. It was during their initial planning stages that they started warehousing products for other companies. Soon enough they began doing mainstream logistics and public 3PL company by the name United Facilities was born.United Facilities 3PL Company

The 3PL company’s establishment was unintentional, but makes perfect sense given the founders’ experience and skills. Since the two sons had a background in manufacturing and design, they decide to venture into the logistics industry. They began integrating orders at various points thus aiding in the shipment of customer’s order. This innovative endeavor paid off in 1959 when United Facilities received one of the first multiplayer warehouse contracts in the U.S, making it the first outsourcing 3PL company in the industry.

The company continued to offer excellent services, inculcating innovative technologies in the logistic industry thus becoming a market leader in this realm. With undeterred spirit, unwavering energy, and streamlined processes, the company aimed at nothing less other than optimum customer satisfaction, reduced cost and incremental growth. The company boasts a reputation for having its operations in eleven cities.

3PL Distribution Centers of United Facilities

As one of the leading 3PL companies in California to Florida, United Facilities offers 3PL distribution centers in four states throughout the U.S. They include:

  • Illinois where they have warehouses in Peoria, South Montgomery, North Montgomery and Galesburg.
  • Florida where they have warehouses in North Orlando and South Orlando.
  • California where they have logistic warehouses in Fontana, Mira Loma, Tracy, East Stockton and West Stockton.
  • Colorado where they have a warehouse in Denver.

In addition to offering a number of distribution centers strategically positioned across the U.S., United Facilities also offers comprehensive display of 3PL and supply chain management solutions for it’s clients. We delve into each of these areas below, or you can visit the website to learn more about the 3PL company of United Facilities.

1. Warehousing & Fulfillment

warehousing 3pl companyWarehousing is a vital aspect of any business that holds extensive inventory. United Facility seeks to streamline all warehousing operations by providing top-notch storage services thus ensuring consistency and efficiency in production. The range of warehousing and fulfillment services includes:

  • Quality control inspections
  • Online inventory tracking
  • Recouping
  • Food grade storage
  • Cross-docking
  • Special labeling
  • Performance measurement
  • R&F bar-coding
  • Purchasing and customer service administration
  • Rail service
  • Full array of EDI transaction sets
  • Temperature controlled storage
  • Customer-specific certification

2. Packaging Services

The 3PL company’s reputation in packaging is overboard and its quest to save customers both time and money is relentless. The packaging services include:packaging 3pl company

  • Custom grocery display
  • Packaging and shrink-wrapping
  • Custom pick and pack
  • Quality control inspection
  • Knitting
  • Product testing
  • Repackaging and reconditioning
  • Recycling
  • Pallet displays and other retail displays
  • Contract food manufacturing and many others

3. Information Technology

Since technology has become the lifeblood of any business, United Facilities has invested in superior hardware and software technologies to provide a world class facility for their clients.
The high-end technologies include:

  • Integrated customer ERP systems
  • Electronic data interchange
  • Custom EDI solutions
  • Product monitoring and measuring
  • Operations in standard warehouse management, turnkey, and packaging systems
  • Technical writing and consulting services and more

4. Transportation Services

As a third party logistic providers, United Facilities recognizes that transportation is a very paramount element in any supply chain. They therefore liaise with reliable partners to ensure safe delivery and transport of products.transportation 3pl company

5. Value Added Services

To keep abreast with the dynamic supply chain demands, United Facilities have mad pivotal improvements in products and services. The improvements range from short-term improvements that have immediate effects as well as long-term improvements that resurface over time. Continuous improvements have enabled the company to be more focused as ever before. Their relentless efforts and quest to provide value to their customers were recognized by their largest customers (Fortune 100 Food Company) after they were able to save them over $2.1 million in one year.