Leland Indie Film Company Goes Big With Beyond Glory

Most action and adventure movie lovers are suckers for compelling first-hand accounts of major wars on the silver screen. What if we were served an engaging indie film with accounts of eight Medal of Honor recipients spanning across World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War all in one movie?beyond glory the film

Beyond Glory is a spectacular movie from the indie film company 8180 Films. The film Beyond Glory stars Stephen Lang, with Larry Brand as the director and James Cameron and Jon Landau serving as executive producers. Beyond Glory the film has been adapted from the play which was first adapted by Lang from journalist Larry smith’s book of the same name. It is a breathtaking amalgamation of theatre and cinema.

Stephen Lang who has many notable performances in both cinema and stage to his credit, proves his versatility once again. He plays the characters of all the eight Medal of Honor recipients with equal alacrity and understanding. Gary Sinise adds drama to the film Beyond Glory with his deep voice. Larry Brand has given a true depiction of men at war without using any filters and shows the moviegoers the true tribulations that men and women undergo when faced with hard choices.

This movie recognizes and celebrates all the men and women who serve our nation. It brings to the forefront some of this country’s greatest war heroes and their sacrifices.

About Indie Film Company 8180 Films8180 films

8180 Films is an indie film production company based in Leland, Michigan with award winning producers Larry Brand, Rebecca Reynolds and Jim Carpenter as founding partners. The award winning production house has produced four movies till date with Beyond Glory being their latest production. Their main focus has been to produce cost effective and high quality independent films.

Each of the four movies belongs to a different genre. If Christina was a World War II drama, The Coexist Comedy Tour was a comedy documentary. While The Girl on the Train was a neo-noir suspense thriller Beyond Glory-their latest offering – is a performance documentary. All the four features have been directed by Larry Brand.

The Indie film company has collaborated with a host of talented stars including Stephen Lang, Gary Sinise, Nicki Aycox, David Margulies, Jordan Belfi, Moshe Kasher and John Fugelsang. Their movies have been featured regularly in international film festivals like the Mumbai and the Oaxaca Film Festivals. They have also played in the local movie festivals like Newport Beach, Napa Valley, Sedona international and Chelsea film festivals and won awards under categories including Acting, Screenplay and Direction.