5 Mailing System Solutions Ideal for Business Mailrooms

Are you looking for mailing machine, postage meters, and other mailing system solutions that can help your business save time and realize greater efficiencies? business mailing system

With the advancement of technology and digitalization in traditional mailing systems, new mailing machines are been developed and only a few businesses are taking the advantage of using this new machines to improve their productivity. A complete mailing system can help a business to efficiently handle mailing task with ease and attend to thousands of mail everyday.

1. Postage Meters

Having a postage meter is a great way a business can utilize it’s production time and save more money. With a good postage meter you don’t have to stick and lick envelops and stamps. Most electronic postage meters comes with a base that guides the envelopes for stamping.

postage mailing systemsThe more features the machine has, the more costly it’s likely to be. The main difference between most postage meters is how their base feeds letters through the machines. Advanced postage meters comes with stacker that stack your mail, sealers that automatically seal and wet all envelops as they pass through the base.

The benefits of having postage meters in-house include:

  • They help in postal accounting – postage meters can track and control money that is spent on direct mailing, parcel post and letters.
  • Postmark advertisements – Postage meters can also print advertisement ads and messages as they print stamps on your envelops.
  • Parcel post-dating – Postage meters print dates for third class letters and packaged parcels

The only downside to postage meters is maintaining an adequate stock of postage meter supplies, such as ink, tape, labels, and stamps.

2. Letter Folding Machines

If you have a small or large business that deals with sending thousand of mail to clients and organizations, you must find the task of folding envelops very time consuming. With a letter folding machine, you can save the time it takes to manually fold letters and use it to do other constructive work in your business.
Benefits of having a letter folding machine include:

  • Most letter folding machines can operate at a speed of about 2,000 to 7,000 sheets per hour. This can help a business complete mail folding task very fast
  • Letter folding machines are capable of folding several letter folds standard such as c-fold, right angle fold, double fold, single fold and Z-fold.

3. Postage Scalesmailing system postage scales

One of the most crucial mailing system products that every business should have is a postage scale. The benefit of having a postage scale is that it ensures you are not paying more than you want for all your out-going mail.

There are two types of postage scales, electronic machines and manual versions. Manual machines requires one to read the postage amount and they increase the chances of human error. Electronic postage scales are more popular and recommended because they are more accurate and less prone to errors.

4. Letter Opening Machines

If you receive a lot of mail in your office, a letter opening machine can greatly speed up the process of opening all your envelops. Some of the fastest letter opening machines can open up to 600 envelops per minute. There two main versions of letter opening machines; slitters and chadders.

Chadders normally open envelope by cutting about an eighth inch of the envelop and can sometimes accidentally the content inside the envelop. Slitters versions are the best letter openers and most expensive machines, they normally cut through the top seam of an envelop and they reduce chances of damaging the envelop contents.

5. Mail Shredders

If you receive a lot of mail, it’s good to have a mail shredding machine that will help you destroy envelops before disposing them. Disposing envelops that expose the address and other information can led to a leakage of confidential information that was meant to be used by the business.

With a shredding machine you can destroy mail and envelopes that you have already finished reading and dispose them without the worry of someone else getting to know the information printed in the mail.

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