Medical Billing Agency Provides Full-Service Solutions for Local Health Centers

Practice Management is a pioneer company in professional medical billing. Established in Illinois, they offer various medical billing services to numerous medical practitioners and health centers.professional medical billing solutions

Keen on conforming to the published federal, state and local laws and regulations they achieve to offer their clients competent, full-service medical billing solutions to suit their financial situation. Having a very hands-on approach, they produce consultative and actionable strategies that promise to effect higher revenue, increased cash flow, faster payments and most importantly, lower over-heads.

To help their clients realize greater financial well-being from various economies of scales, they directly implement systems and software’s to make any billing transaction assured with consistent returns. Listed below are the services they offer various medical practitioners and establishments.

Medical Billing Solutions Offered by Practice Management

Whether you operate a community health center or surgery center, Practice Management offers a wide scope of medical billing solutions for a number of local health care providers. From local health center billing to surgery medical billing, many medical specialists depend on Practice Management for their solutions.

1. Comprehensive Medical Billing & Coding

billing and codingMedical billing and coding issues are symbiotic aspects and will both increase in effect to the other. When in much confusion, Practice Management will aid in creating and implementing a cognitive billing solution that will be efficient when tracking fee schedules and medical codes.

The variety of comprehensive billing and coding methods will aim to reduce payment turn-around time, increase cash flow and revenues, which in turn, increase the overall patient satisfaction due to increased income and less overhead costs.

2. Customized Credentialing

In high active participation, Practice Management tracks and keep records of the various transactions that take place in order to keep your business’ cash flowing. This means they help you insure your factors of production. They aim to maintain and increase cash flow by dealing with Medicare and Medicaid credentialing, commercial payers, durable medical equipment, hospitals, physician organizations, workers compensation payers, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They handle CAQH credentialing and NPI registry in terms of updates and applications as well. With this strategy, cash-flow pitfalls will decline in frequency.

3. National Medical Billing Services

Experienced in various technological advancements, the company offers nationwide billing services. With various programs and applications that perform electronic data transmissions, web portal accesses, online phone and video conferencing ensures their hand-on approach, irrespective of the distance and location.

4. Medical Billing Consultations

Ready to accommodate to your business’ financial ability, their consulting services are vastly available. Familiar with giving strategic billing services and solutions to various Federally Qualified Health Centers and physician groups in different locations, their consulting services will be thorough and professional. With an in-depth approach to consulting, they review your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) operations and medical billing performances to give effective and efficient solutions. They offer this even though their other services as well, as it is essential strategy when presenting comprehensive systems and plans of action.

All in all, in view of this day and age various billing operations and process take place in a very formal fashion and without much company-client interaction. Practice Management offers services that are informal but very professional through their abundant hands-on strategies. Customer satisfaction is key to their mission and will be their main aim when doing business with you. From a personal level to a national level, you can be assured of their full and active participation in strengthening their customers’ medical billing practices.