Medical Billing Firm Helps Local Health Centers Improve Patient Billings

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) billing requires a unique and diligent approach to health center billing that can keep up with the ever increasing demands in the industry. Additionally, these demands are compounded as most FQHCs and local health centers collect medical and healthcare payments from low-income patients. As a result, ions and sufficient cash flow can be a struggle for most FQHC billing situations.timely collect local health center billing

Local health centers and FQHCs are currently under a great deal of pressure to improve their billing procedures in order to maximize billing effectiveness so that they can maintain a steady flow of revenue. The only way revenue streams can remain consistent is if patient billing processes are performed in a timely way. The complications of billing in the current atmosphere of health care payment make it more crucial than ever to stay up-to-date with patient billing.

There are billing procedures available that don’t truly provide a solution, however Practice Management ( can take the billing procedures for health centers and FQHCs to a new level of effectiveness with a very efficient system of patient billing. The following components of patient billing are adhered to in FQHC billing practices behind Practice Management.

Proficient Billing Personnel on Staff is Vital

It is essential to have experienced staff members to perform billing aspects for all aspects of FQHC billing. Certified health care (CHC) billing and coding, Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial insurance knowledge has to be fully understood for all areas of insurance including medical, behavioral health, and dental claims. Further, it is important to accommodate bilingual customer service needs with bilingual staff members who can properly care for all clientele.

An established FQHC billing system should have experts who can accommodate all medical specialties, such as family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN, cardiology, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses, dental, and behavioral health providers as well as electronic management records (EMR) including NextGen, GE Centricity, eClinicalWorks, and Allscripts.

Federally & Locally-Compliant FQHC Billing Solutions

FQHC patient billing servicesThe FQHC billing service provider needs to be aware of all applicable federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and regulations. Their legal and ethical business practices will be a reflection of your business and so you must choose a billing system that is efficient as well as well versed in the law as it pertains to medical billing. Failure to understand the law is no excuse for crossing legal lines and so it is important to get billing help from someone who stays on top of the current legal issues.

Data Management, Reporting, & Communication Are All Key

Reporting is an important and often overlooked aspect of medical billing. A good billing system will include a customized reporting system to meet the needs of the FQHC to give a personalized billing service that can be easy to read and follow without spending too much time rehashing the data from the billing procedure.

Find a billing consultant who can help you with credentialing services. It is important to timely payment to have current credentialing for issues such as new locations and providers.

Patient service contact is one of the key parts of the process of FQHC billing. A qualified provider will have services available such as patient statements, past due letter notifications, outbound calls, web-based payment portals, toll free inquiry, and experienced patient service representatives. While you may want to ??mix and match’ these services, you need a provider who can meet your current health center billing needs with the capability of expanding as your business grows.