What Defines the Top Ecommerce SEO Companies in 2016

Ecommerce SEO is an ever-changing art. With the many changes in Google’s algorithm, those companies that don’t keep up to the latest advancements are doomed to fail. Businesses and websites in general need SEO services that will get them to the top spots.

Ecommerce SEO companies using the same practices they have been using in the last few years will fail miserably at achieving this in 2016. Here are the few points that define the top Ecommerce SEO companies for this year.top ecommerce seo companies

1. Sustainability

White hat SEO techniques are sustainable. Black hat ones are not. Applying SEO should be looked at as a long-term tactic. Usually, a company won´t reach the top spots in a few days. It may take a few months to see results and it is equally important to maintain those results for a long time – which is what a top ecommerce SEO agency offers.

2. Personalized Ecommerce SEO Services

Not all Ecommerce sites are created equal. Thus, not all SEO implementation is equal too. When someone offers you a SEO package, that is just a sign they sell techniques that should work for every company but this seldom holds true. A top rated ecommmerce SEO company will look at your company on a stand alone basis. After a complete investigation, it will come up with a unique plan to achieve the desired goals. This is the best way to get results.

3. They Offer Services that Actually Work

A SEO company is only as good as the results it gets. A company with a long trajectory of helping clients with their SEO needs and plenty of positive reviews is one that most likely than not has fulfilled, if not exceeded their expectations.

4. Transparency

Phillip Kotler, the “guru”of Marketing has stated that the companies that will thrive and survive in this era, are those that have an ethical behavior. A SEO company that fails to disclose and detail its practices to its clients, is a company one needs to keep an eye on. A transparent company will be open about any action they are doing and will do and will explain the course of action to its clients.

5. Experience

Experience builds on in SEO. An experienced company with more than several years of experience in the field will be able to do a proper work. This also shows that the company has learned to adapt each year to new SEO techniques and has applied them successfully in the field.

6. Have a Complete Ecommerce SEO Plan

Planning is of utmost importance in executing ecommerce SEO services. a company that does not have a complete plan will fail. The plan has to be made up of two main components. These are the goals and the steps to achieve them. Each step should have a deadline and a timeline is needed as well. This will assure that goals are achieved at a set date.

7. Post-Sale Service

A top ecommerce SEO company should provide the user with ongoing evaluations of the performance. When new goals are set each time, the client can rest assured that it will maintain its ranking over a long period of time.