Revised Traverse City SEO Guide Offers Forward-Thinking Insights

Recently revised from the 2013 version, the new Traverse City SEO Guide for 2015 launched on Saturday Dec. 13, 2014. Packed with local SEO best practices for both on-site and off-site SEO, the guide was refurbished by SEO and Internet marketing director of in Traverse City, MI.

The informative Traverse City SEO Guide differentiates Google’s organic search results and its local listings (associated with the map and red push-pins,) and discusses the primary ranking factors behind each. The guide dives deeper as to how Traverse City-based companies interested in SEO can perform basic optimization on their website and other web properties.

Below is a general recap of what you’ll learn in the Traverse City SEO Guide for 2015.

Google Organic & Google Local

Traverse City MI SEO Guide

Even though the underlying focus of the guide is local SEO (optimizing for keywords that contain a geo-modifier like “chiropractors Traverse City MI”), the guide does a good job at underscoring the elemental differences of Google organic search results and Google local listings.

Google Organic SEO

Optimizing a website for Google’s organic search results focuses on producing unique, keyword-relevant content. Strong content that offers value and purpose is important. But it’s also important to include keywords in the proper places.

The Traverse City SEO Guide explains best practices of optimizing a page via its Meta data and page copy, while hinting at more advanced on-page SEO techniques using internal linking/sitemaps, Schema, and website optimization (for faster crawling and indexing.)

Further in the guide TC Top of Mind underscores the power of backlinks, and how having a well-integrated link generation program is vital to generating a powerful local search engine presence and becoming a local Traverse City authority.

Google Organic SEO

The Google local SEO guide then goes into the general practice of optimizing a website for the Google Local Listings. These more basic on-page SEO techniques are focal to citation inclusion and having accurate information about the site’s business or brand.

SEO Traverse CityDeeper in the the SEO guide designed for Traverse City-based businesses, TC Top of Mind discusses the role citations play in getting ranked in Google’s local listings. Mentioned are best practices at auditing and aligning citations (or Name, Address, and Phone number) of the business, in addition to local SEO resources like Yext.

Beyond Local SEO

The final takeaway in the new Traverse City SEO Guide centers on social media, and how embracing social in 2015 will have a vital impact on a business (SEO/search) marketing efforts. This also hints at the role social signals have on rankings and the movement toward more socially-blended content marketing and SEO programs.

TC Top of Mind of Traverse City, Michigan is a role model among local SEO companies. By tailoring content toward educating the local SEO community, the company has thrived at helping business and brands of all types. TC Top of Mind has also leveraged this powerful content marketing technique as a lead acquisition tool.