Walz Scale Provides Complete Weight Management Solutions

With headquarters in East Peoria, Illinois, Walz Scale is a globally recognized provider of truck scales, mining scales, industrial weighing equipment, calibration services, and other weighing systems and support for many different industries. walz scale

Walz Scale’s weighing solutions range from heavy duty weighbridges and truck scales to floor scales and portable weigh scales designed for versatile applications and needs. The company mainly focuses on developing new advanced technologies that offer customers exceptional value and service.

Walz Scale offers a wide range of rail scales, truck scales, loader scales and onboard scales solutions that are supported by an efficient tracking and management software. It does not matter whether a business is in agriculture, resource aggregation, or even waste management, Walz Scale has a weighing solution for a wide spectrum of applications. Below we go into detail about some of the primary scales and weighing systems that the company offers.

Truck Scales

The Walz truck scales feature heavy duty design, highest quality finish, top access to load cells, heavy duty design, heavy capacity load cells, high CLC rating, NTEP certification and multiple sizes and capacities. You can find Walz truck scales for rent as well as the complete line-up of Walz truck scales for sale that are customized to meet your application and site needs.truck scales by Walz

There are several options available when looking for truck scales that include grain dump truck scales, heavy duty truck scales and AXIM Series truck scales. These truck scales and weighbridge truck scale solutions are designed with rugged designs, most advanced technology and high performance interface options.

The grain dump truck scales are planned to offer high efficiency and ability to weigh a truckload of goods and also unload it while still on the scale. They also come in customizable sizes enabling you to perfectly match your dump pit. The AXIM Series scales allow you to calculate accurate weights for vehicles dynamically and in-motion.

Rail Scales

The rail scales from Walz are designed to offer versatility and efficiency. The company offers individually tailored solutions that are designed to meet all your needs irrespective of whether you are looking for rail scales for rent or sale.

The available rail weighing solutions feature multiple capacities, axle and full bridge designs, heavy duty design, heavy capacity load cells, multiple sizes and local support. The scales for rail are used in many operations that range from recycling to agriculture, mining and chemical operations among others. Walz offers two types of rail weigh scales that are static rail scales and in-motion rail scales.

rail scales by Walz

Static Rail Scales

There are two types of static rails scales that include axle rail scale systems and weighbridge rail scales. Axle rail scales are designed to offer affordable but efficient weighing that can be configured to match your site requirements. Weighbridge rail scale technology designed for customers looking for a legal for trade weighing system. Weighbridge rail scales are designed in both static and in-motion systems.

In-Motion Rail Scale

The portable rail scales provide dynamic in-motion weighing and are perfect for permanent or portable installations. They are designed to deliver accurate weights whether statically or dynamically. Learn more about In motion rail scales.

Load Scanner volume load scanner

Load scanner solutions feature in-motion load scanning capability, volumetric load scanner system (using laser technology), low maintenance scanner technology, high definition load images and simple setup of load scanner platform. The volumetric load scanners are designed to calculate automatic real-time load volumes for in-motion trucks.

The load scanner is perfect for a wide range of applications that range from construction to mining, resource aggregates and waste management among other applications. The load scanner system consists of a 3D laser scanner, mounting hardware and laptop or PC.