Walz Scale: The Evolution of a Local Truck Scale Company

Walz Scale, starting a local service provider, has quickly evolved into a leading nationwide supplier of precision weighing systems and heavy-duty truck scales used in transportation, agriculture, aggregate, recycling, chemical, waste, laboratory, and mining applications. Over the last 50 years, Walz Scale has provided vital local support solutions and payload management products, in addition to supporting an increasing demand for truck scale systems. walz scale

Apart from offering truck scales, Walz Scale is among the largest worldwide service and support organization for mining scale applications, portable truck sales and on-board scales. If you need to invest in or rent advanced fixed weigh-bridge truck scale, Walz Scale offers unique payload management solutions depending on your needs.

Walz Scale has progressively evolved to become a leading company in developing advanced weighing technology and payload management solutions. Walz focuses in modern weighing technology that continuously stretches the boundaries of industry’s best equipment.

The company’s plethora of truck scales (including on-board truck scale, portable axle scales, mining scales, rail scales, wheel loader scales, etc.) are some of the leading weighing systems in their class.

Walz Payload Management Solutions

The payload management solutions offered by Walz Scale are designed to gather critical data, enhance faster processing, and transfer of this info to client’s management system. Additionally, their mining axle scale and truck scales feature ultra modern technology that provides customers with advanced tools to handle their vital weight and payload data, which gives them an edge over other truck scale service providers.

The services provided by Walz is aimed at improving customer satisfaction, increasing customer control, reducing costs, reducing downtime, and increasing productivity and profits. This explains the company’s evolution to now having three subsidiary brands, each focused on specific areas of truck scale marketplace. These include AgWeigh, Payload Pros and Load Scanner.

Branches of Walz Scale


AgWeigh is the leading source for weighing technology and farm truck scales for farmers and agricultural producers. AgWeigh provides a variety of agricultural weighing systems, yield management software applications, and farm truck scales for all levels of farmers.

Other than providing cost-effective solutions for agriculture producers, AgWeigh also supplies farm truck scales like standard portable truck scale and specialized grain dump truck scales for every kind of weighing need. The yield pro software for yield and harvest management enables drivers with fundamental computer skills to enter their critical data and run reports if needed.

Payload Pros payload pros

Payload Pros is a top industry source for advanced truck sales, dynamic weighing systems and on-site payload management. They specialize in a full range of load management systems and heavy-duty weigh scales, portable and fixed truck scales, static and in-motion rail weighing scales, as well as software for volumetric load scanning.

Over the years, Payload Pros has developed various highly upgraded measuring systems which efficiently analyze and manage data, and accurately weigh payloads.

Load Scanner

Load Scanner technology by Walz offers highly accurate, fast and easy to install and use in-motion volumetric load scanning solutions. This is the best alternative to cumbersome weighing systems and truck scales, it seamlessly calculates volume metrics into weight metrics in a few seconds. The brand provides accurate load scanning calculations and affordable payload management system.

The Walz load volume scanner is flexible and durable to endure years of use in construction, mining, and other tough production operations. Plus, the dependable and reliable load volume scanner performs reliably and dependably in the most extreme conditions and remote environments.

Whether for resource aggregation and waste management to agricultural and farming, Walz Scale load of management solutions satisfy the requirements of many industry leaders. Their package of software platforms and management technology are regularly integrated with different truck scales and weighing systems to offer an effective solution for utmost throughput. To learn more, visit WalzScale.com.