Local Atlanta SEO Company Unveils Google Maps Marketing Branch

Atlanta SEO company, Captivate Search Marketing, has recently unveiled a new branch dedicated to providing local SEO and Google Maps marketing services. The new branch is called Captivate Local, and it’s one the newest and quickly-emerging SEO companies that offers focused expertise in search marketing solutions for local businesses.

Responding to the Demand for Specialized Local SEOcaptivate local seo services

Over the course of the last several years, the Atlanta-based SEO agency has seen the increased demand for highly-specialized local search marketing solutions, with an emphasis in helping businesses get ranked in the local 3 pack and Google Maps search results. This call to action lead Atlanta SEO company Captivate Search Marketing to carve a fine niche in helping support this growing demand. Through its new brand Captivate Local, the SEO company provides cutting-edge solutions in:

  • Google Maps Marketing
  • Multi-Location & Franchise SEO
  • Local Organic & 3 Pack SEO
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Members of the Captivate Search Marketing team have also mentioned introducing more agency-level solutions to Captivate Local in the future, such as content marketing, social media, and other more specialized solutions in review generation and offline strategy.

In essence, the new local SEO branch is the brainchild behind Captivate Search Marketing’s passion behind supporting businesses that operate on the local level. And the company delivers a wide spectrum of capabilities design to help clients increase their online footprint and achieve greater search engine visibility.

An Inside Look at the SEO Services by Captivate Local

The local SEO services behind Captivate Local are uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of specific types of business models. For instance, small businesses often thrive investing in programs specific to Google Maps marketing and local organic SEO, while more enterprise-level organizations (like franchises) can leverage more in-depth programs that center on multi-location SEO and reputation management.

local 3 pack seo

The Local 3 Pack has become own of the most highly-sought and in-demand forms of marketing real estate of businesses that operate on the local level.

To paint a clearer picture of the solutions offered by this new local SEO agency, below we take a closer look at some of the SEO and Internet marketing services offer by Captivate Local.

Local Organic SEO Services

Parallel to most conventional organic SEO services, the purpose behind Captivate Local’s localized organic SEO services is to help businesses achieve greater organic search visibility (listings shown below the local 3 pack) for keywords with geographic orientation (i.e. dentists, doctors, surgeons, etc). And similar to most other SEO strategies, successfully actualizing a local organic SEO program hinges on link generation, website optimization and on-site SEO, and optimizing surrounding web properties.

Captivate Local is well-versed in local organic SEO strategies and can help virtually any type of business grow its web presence for target keywords and phrases that will lend to greater and higher quality traffic. The company often combines the organic SEO component with local 3-pack SEO and other more integrated strategies.

Multi-location & Franchise SEO Services

google maps local seoMulti-location and franchise SEO services start with in-depth research, analysis and planning in order to develop a very clear and well-structured strategy. Unlike some search marketing companies that apply a scatter-shot approach to multi-location SEO, Captivate Local helps franchises and businesses optimize for the specific local markets that actually matter. This often includes reputation management solutions and review generation strategies to help ensure franchises maintain positive online sentiment surrounding their brands.

Regardless how many locations a company serves, or where it’s located, the local SEO specialists behind Captivate Local are proficient at helping franchises and multi-location companies with their SEO strategies. From multi-local Google My Business optimization to performing citation audits across each location, Captivate Local helps move the needle for such complex search marketing endeavors.

Google Maps Marketing Services

Services specifically tailored toward Google Maps marketing is emerging as one of the most essential components to local SEO and search marketing. Realizing top placement in the Google Maps listings (both ranked Google maps results and the local 3-pack) is immensely valuable for any type of business operating on the local level.seo google maps marketing

Google Maps marketing and local SEO drives highly-qualified search traffic and helps support the online reputation of a business or brand. In turn, Captivate Local’s Google Maps SEO and optimization services have become one of the most powerful and popular solutions that the company offers.

Online Reputation Management

Captivate Local is among few local SEO companies that specializes in local online reputation management (ORM) services. Applying a search-first approach, the Atlanta SEO firm handles both proactive and responsive reputation management situations, helping clients claim ownership over the keyword queries and Google SERPs that reflect their local business.

The company’s process to assessing the big picture behind a client’s online reputation starts by understanding and auditing the top ranking content surrounding its brand. Captivate Local uses comprehensive local search marketing strategies developed from years of spearheading complex reputation management strategies for high-profile brands. In essence, Captivate Local’s reputation management solutions seek turn the online sentiment around by ensure any damaging content suppressed in Google search.

To learn more about Atlanta’s new local SEO company, contact the company at:

Captivate Local
150 E Ponce de Leon Ave #200
Decatur, GA 30030
Phone: (404) 334-7993

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