Blogger Takes Vegan Protein Powder Reviews to the Local Level

When it comes to 100% plant-based/vegan protein powder reviews, there’s massive demand for quality input. The vegan protein powder market is growing rapidly, and there are now hundreds of products that meet the criteria as vegan protein powders. vegan protein powder reviews

In an effort to distill the nutritional data and flavor profiles of some of the most popular products on the market, emerging blogger Tyler Tafelsky started a site centered on this particular area of interest. The project commenced in April of 2016, and as of the publishing date of this post, he continues to review and document vegan protein supplements of all types.

The Online Roots of  “Vegan Protein Powder Reviews”

The Vegan Protein Powder Reviews site (which can be found at,) is the keep-it-simple brainchild of Tyler’s. With advocacy and aspiration toward a plant-based lifestyle, combined with hobbies in fitness and endurance sports, Tyler’s blog organically evolved out pure curiosity in plant-based human optimization.

“I found myself analyzing the nutritional profiles of various products that I was interested in. In doing so, I was also try to pinpoint the plant-based that tasted best.”

Upon starting the blog, Tyler began taking the review process a little more meticulously.

“Because a lot of people, even those eat meat and dairy, and turning on to the benefits of vegan protein supplementation versus common animal-based proteins. As such, you have a widespread audience ranging from fit-minded moms to top-performing athletes. Some people have aversion to soy. Others need BCAAs (brain chain amino acids) for athletic recovery and  building muscle. And most want something that tastes good.”

This why Vegan Protein Powder Reviews is one of the few resources on the web that publishes such comprehensive overviews and insights of the products it reviews. Each review takes an inside look at the product’s ingredients, sources of protein, and overall nutritional profile. Because the nutritional composition is a major qualifier for researching consumers, Tyler addresses this first in each review.

best vegan protein powder weight loss

One of the reviews written by Tyler was based on the “Best Vegan Protein Powders for Weight Loss” featuring five great products.

To follow is the experiential component that gives readers a totally subjective yet 100% honest review of each product’s taste, texture, and overall flavor profile. Unlike wine and coffee where the descriptors are vast with different notes, forwards, and finishes, protein powders are to the point. In other words, Tyler’s rating system is based on a “Sweetness Scale” which measures his perceived level of sweet from 1-10, in addition to some notes on each product’s flavor and texture.

Each vegan protein powder review takes less than 5-7 minutes to read and comprehend. In short, it’s a nice blog that serves its purpose. The help consumers know what to look for in plant-based protein powders.

Distilling Product Insight on the Local Level

Upon starting the blog, Tyler sourced most products from his local organic food market, Oryana, based in Traverse City, MI. He quickly became a regular in the wellness department and made many quality connections. He also piqued the curiosity of some of the employees who often get asked what certain products taste like.

As a result, Oryana’s wellness employees with source information from Tyler based on the inventory of vegan protein powders. Not only were many shoppers coming in specifically asking for plant-based protein powders, but many also asked about the flavors and what certain products tasted like. Further, some requested products with certain qualities, such as BCAAs, soy-free, hemp, etc.

In addition to spreading awareness at his local organic food market, Tyler has hopes of doing more locally-based workshops in the future, promoting specific brands he stands behind. He’s a big fan of a few select products (with respect to both nutrition and affordability) that are not very well known in the marketplace for vegan protein powders. So Tyler Tafelsky hopes to continue to spread awareness on which options are available that individuals might not know about.

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