How to Find the Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons in Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, MIWhen you are looking for the right breast augmentation surgeon in Ann Arbor, MI, you may have no idea of where to start, or what to ask. As much as there are several factors to consider before making any decision, the qualities of a good plastic surgeon revolves around three things; skills, credentials and experience. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a breast surgeon in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


While there are many certifying bodies and surgical associations for plastic surgeons, the American Board of Plastic Surgery is regarded as the supreme body in this field. Certification by this body indicates that an local Ann Arbor breast surgeon has completed specialized training that shows his or her excellent knowledge, experience and commitment to excellence.


It’s obvious that you would not want an Ann Arbor surgeon to perform his first breast augmentation job on you. It is advisable to choose a surgeon who has handled many similar procedures. It is also important to check the qualifications of the surgeon’s support team.

Before and After Photos

Like professionals in other fields, breast augmentation surgeons sometimes use photos for promotional or illustrative purposes. These photos show the before and after photos of past clients who the surgeon has operated on. However, this does not mean that the surgeon has actually operated on the patients in those photos; it could be a marketing gimmick. Insist on photos of actual patients of that given surgeon.

Complication Rate Find Breast Augmentation Surgeon Ann Arbor MI

A surgeon should absolutely be willing to tell you the number of breast augmentation complications he has had. This will help you make an informed choice for the sake of your own health. You also need to consider the complexity of your procedure and any issues specific to your case (such as age, overall health, etc.).


A good surgeon should be able to provide you with at least 3 references to patients on whom he has performed this procedure. These references will give you valuable insight about a surgeon’s skill and experience in terms of recovery, downtime and pain management.

There are also many websites that feature top breast augmentation surgeons in Ann Arbor. Although you search for several surgeons who provide breast augmentation in Ann Arbor at associate sites like the American Society of Plastic Surgery, or review-based directories like, we suggest looking for more locally-focused sites like for Ann Arbor breast augmentation surgeons.

These tips will help you find a credible and trustworthy breast surgeon in Ann Arbor. As much as cost is also important, it should not be used a factor for determining the expertise of a surgeon. This is because breast augmentation is a highly delicate procedure which requires highly trained and experienced surgeons, who will definitely offer expensive rates. However, ask for a documented breakdown of the cost.

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