Shopping Online for Organic Toys Supports Local More Than You Think

organic toys babies When people shop online for toys, they often think that they’re buying a big-box retailer and sale supports a corporate entity. Well when it comes the organic toy market, you may be surprised to learn that many of these niche online retailers are actually local small businesses.

Just imagine yourself strolling the downtown streets of city. You often see small boutique retailers with modest yet higher-end storefronts. But unbeknownst to you, some of these cute little boutiques are more than just local small retailers – many of them might also be a booming ecommerce websites.

The marketplace for organic toys is a prime example of this, as many local players get most of their business from only customers. Below we highlight a prime model of an ecommerce-infused local small business that sells organic and wooden toys for babies, toddlers, and kids.

80/20 Ecommerce/Local

One online retailer of organic and wooden toys has integrated the 80/20 rule in its business model. While the toy store focus 80% of their business on the web (and thus where 80%+ of their customers derive,) they still operate a cute local store front on a downtown street of Traverse City, Michigan.

At first glance, one wouldn’t fathom to think that this company is pulling-in most of its sales online. But it is. The baby toy boutique is Hazelnut Kids. And on the company’s website,, shoppers can explore one of the largest selections of 100% organic toys, include a number of wooden toys for children of all ages. From bamboo wooden puzzles to organic cotton dolls and stuffed animals, the collection of organic and wooden baby toys at is one of the grandest on the web.

Stimulated the Demand in Organic Toys

organic wooden toys babies toddlersNot only is the Hazelnut Kids brand an authority for natural, wooden, and organic toys, but they are also advocates in the movement away from conventional, chemically-infused alternatives. There is a high level of concern among conscious parents, and the mission of the company is to help stimulate and spread awareness of the health risks that are associated with in-organic baby toys.

The brand it proliferated all over the web, helping to spearhead content marketing and consumer awareness campaigns that reflect the benefits of organic toys for child development. The fact of the matter is – conventional toys, which make up most options available on the market, can be host to many questionable materials and chemicals – particularly the way in which the materials are produced (e.g. non-organic cotton that’s ridden with pesticides and insecticides). Now envision your baby (or future baby, if you don’t have one) putting that pesticide-packed stuffed animal in her mouth. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with non-organic toys. Issues with paints and dyes are a completely different case.

Explore more kids wooden toys for toddlers and babies at to see the selection of options they have available. Call the local store toll-free at 1-231-941-1901 or by email The courteous staff is happy to assist in any way possible.

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