Local Businesses Leverage Walz Truck Scales Rentals for Short-Term Use

Walz ScaleWalz Scale has been a leader in truck scale rental services throughout Illinois and the Midwest. Their business model is simple – provide a wide variety of scales for short term use at affordable prices (in addition to truck scales for sale.)

What sets Walz Scale apart is their focus on ensuring you get the scale that is exactly what you need and that it will give you accurate results. Results are key and Walz ensures that you never have to question the quality of their products.

Many Uses of Truck Scales

Scales can be a fairly expensive investment if you aren’t planning on using them frequently. Customers often needs scales for short term projects or for an end of season weigh in. For example, a farmer finishing their harvest needs to know what their total yield weight is. While they could spend a significant amount of their income on buying a permanent scale for the end of each season, it will spend most of its time sitting in storage. For the few times a year that the yield needs to be weighed, rental is a perfect option.

portable truck scales for rent
There is another consideration that shines a bright light on just how important truck scale rentals can be. Technology is constantly pushing heavy equipment forward. If you are using something that has been around for a few years for your particular line of hauling, you may run in to a point that it is time to upgrade. Will your current truck scale work with the new truck? Truck scale rentals protect you from making one big investment, multiple big investments.

Winters can Get Brutal

Focused on business in the Midwest, ice and snow is a common issue in the winter for customers of Walz. Salt trucks don’t just head out on the road with a bunch of salt and hope it is enough, they need to know what they are taking. This ensures they have enough to get through the project and makes sure they know when they are close to needing to get more salt delivered to the station.

This is generally an event that only occurs over the course of a few months. Again, this falls under the same idea as the farmers that don’t need the scales year around. An additional issue with salting the roads is the fact that many of the trucks are different. Making sure that you own a scale that will work for each truck can become a nightmare. This, of course is solved through renting truck scales and Walz Scale will work with you to ensure that you have the right scales when you need them.

Finding the Right Truck Scales for Rent portable truck scales rental

Of course, Walz Scale is not the only truck scale rental company out there. It is the extra steps the company takes to ensure you get just what you need that sets them at the front of the pack. Their scales are like new, well maintained, provide certified accuracy and Walz offers a wide variety of truck scales for rent. Rental isn’t for everyone – some industries will need the scales year around – but for the rest, there is no better team to turn to than Walz for your truck scale rental needs.