Local Medical Billing Firm Makes National Strides

If you own or run a health or medical practice, then you most likely understand how hectic it is to management medical billing effectively. It has been every medical practitioner’s aspiration to establish a sound billing solution that will help fufill patient billings quicker while maximizing the pratice’s revenue stream.

With the help of Practice Management, a nationally-recognized medical billing company, comprehensive and custom-tailored medical billing systems can be established to meet the specific needs your practice may have. Unlike other medical billing companies throughout the U.S., Practice Management works with individually with each practice in order to come up with a billing solution that guarantees more timely returns on patient billings.

What Makes Practice Management Different

medical billingThere are so many factors that threaten the healthy existence of a medical practice. Paramount among them are medical coding, fee scheduling, credentialing, and medical billing software which can pose a number of compatibility problems with any given health and medical practice. All these factors affect the viability of a practice and as a result, it is necessary to find a sustainable solution.

The first area that Practice Management focuses on with clients is carrying out an analysis of each individual medical practice to assess its current billing and coding processes to pinpoint areas that need to be improved. After the analysis, the company comes up with a billing solution that is both efficient and comprehensive for the practice to operate profitably.

Medical Billing Solutions Provided by Practice Management

Billing Systems Consultancy

Practice Management is highly-specialized in offering consultancy services to practices belonging to physician groups and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). Consultants of the company usually review a practice’s revenue management cycle and the medical billing practices currently employed. Practice Management then tables their analysis, which is then assessed and evaluated so that strategic recommendations are put forward. In essence, the recommendations are aimed at improving revenue management for a given practice.

Credentialing Services billing

For any new, growing and changing medical practice, credentialing is important in keeping the cash flow flowing. If a proper credentialing system is establish, then a practice can better mitigate cash flow pitfalls normally experienced. Practice Management is capable of offering credentialing services for medical practices that are complete. They also handle NPI and CAQH updates and applications as well as keeping record of all the credentialing communication and document of the practice.

Nationwide Billing Services

Practice management is capable of providing billing services nationwide. It has able representatives who have a deep knowledge on how the billing ought to be done while ensuring that they do it in accordance with all the State, Federal and Local regulations and rules. It is possible for Practice Management to access the practice’s billing data remotely and perform the billing services on it. It is the knowledge that staff members of Practice Management have in their work coupled with the technology resources they have put in place that makes the most trusted billing company for medical practices.

Practice Management’s medical billing service has several advantages it offers to the practice that embraces it. All in all it generally reduces the amount that the practice used to spend on over-head costs. The time for payment turn-around is greatly reduced once a medical practice adopts this health center billing service. Lastly, the practice enjoys an increased cash flow as well as revenues and it also leads to the increase in patient satisfaction.