Peoria’s Source for Bank Security Systems, Equipment, & Monitoring

Seico Security is a reputable surveillance and security systems company that recognized as a leading provider for many organizations, institutes, and homeowners in the Peoria and central Illinois area.

Seico Security Systems Company Peoria ILSeico Security is known for bank security systems as well as business and home security solutions in many forms. The company offers a wide variety of product and services such as indoor and outdoor CCTV-video surveillance, photo ID systems, access control systems, fire alarm systems, and burglar alarm systems, as well as alarm monitoring and bank security equipment for financial institutions.

Mot only does Seico offer these products and services, but the company also provides support solutions and monitoring for a wide range of security needs. Additionally, the security systems on offer at Seico are not all standard, as most system requirements, including bank security, can be provided with custom designed and engineered security systems.

Bank Security Systems & Equipment

Seico Security of Peoria, IL has been providing banking security equipment and services since 1972. The equipment is precisely engineered to the requirement of the banking or financial institution. Regardless of the size of the bank or financial institution, it’s easy to find banking equipment that will suit specific security needs and budget restraints.

bank security systemSome of the primary bank security systems, equipment and services offered by Seico security include:

  • Audio and video systems are essential to any security system.
  • ATM security requirements.
  • Entrance Control Systems is the initial security system of any home, financial or banking institution.
  • Night depositories are another product offer by a leading security service company.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes are also provided.
  • Bank safes and vaults for sale specially designed for the client’s needs.
  • Under-counter cabinetry is another security speciality.
  • They offer 24 hour security and fire alarm monitoring as a service.
  • They also offer fire alarm inspection, repairs and testing.
  • They are available for support 24/7.
  • Clients can choose from four different flexible maintenance plans designed for the convenience of the customer and specific security needs.
  • Qualified technicians are trained in all banking equipment and security equipment to ensure speedy repairs.

The Hamilton Safe product line is the preferred choice and the banking equipment are manufactured in America with sound mechanical construction and they are highly dependable. The design, installation and all related ongoing services form part of any security package purchased from Seico Security.

Other Industry Security Solutions by Seico

  • security camerasCorrectional Facilities makes use of access control systems, security systems, surveillance and fire alarm systems provided by Seico.
  • Educational Institutes can make use of services such as audio visual services, alarm systems, security systems, conference rooms and smart boards.
  • Governmental Agencies might take to the security systems, audio visual services, conference room equipment and fire alarm systems.
  • Healthcare Organization need security systems, fire alarm systems, conference room facilities and sound communication systems.
  • Retailers focus on security solutions such as burglary security services, surveillance services, digital display services, safe and vault services including audio and visual systems.

Seico Security provides security solutions to customers in all of the above industries and specialize in banking solutions with over 40 years experience in the security industry. It is therefore a trusted name for all security solutions and services. To learn more about this Peoria area company, contact:

Seico Security
132 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554