5 Reputable Logistic Management Companies in California

California Logistics Gold Gate

Warehousing and third-party logistic companies handle almost every end of a manufacturer’s or retailer’s supply chain. For the investor of such solutions, this makes it important to learn about the reputations and track records of third-party logistic companies before hiring them to warehouse, package, and transport goods.

In California, these five logistics companies are considered to be reputable because they continually perform safe and secure transportation practices, deliver merchandise and products on-time deliveries, and ensure undamaged wares throughout the state.

United Facilities

United Facilities, also called UniFac, is a nationally recognized 3rd-Tier logistic company. Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, they also offer several distribution centers throughout California, Colorado, and Florida. What makes them a top-tier logistics and warehouse management company is the vast number and types of services that United Facilities provides. They offer transportation, packaging, warehouse and fulfillment, transportation. Their value added services are what make them stand out as a leader for California logistics management and warehousing solutions as they are always evaluating and analyzing what works for their customers and what they can to better. They also strive to maximize supply chain and business performance.

Freight Shipping Pros

Located in Irvine, California, Freight Shipping Pros offers transportation a variety of needs. They are reputable because they guarantee what they ship will arrive on time. They also work to ensure freight is handled and packed according to customer specifications, as they offer complete warehousing and distribution.

More features that indicate reputability are the extra services Freight Shipping Pros provides, such as extra lift at gate, limited access pick up, and trade show pickup. For smaller loads they offer LTL services and for freight that takes the full truck they offer FTL services. They offer refrigerated trucking options as well.

Elmar Corporation

Elmar Corporation is Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. It is a reputable shipping and logistics company with a location in Carson City, California as well (not far from United Facilites Stockton, CA warehouse). Elmar Corporation offers international shipping and distribution, supply chain management and warehousing, and product packaging.

Elmar makes sure delivery deadlines are met, and they safeguard your products. They give the same quality service to every job they take no matter how small. In addition to international and local services, they also offer local pick-up and delivery services.

InLog, Inc.

InLog, Inc. provides efficient and on-time deliveries. Located in Anaheim, California, their services are proven professional time and again. They offer logistics solutions for manufacturing companies and small businesses. Discounts are also offered on some deliveries depending on distance, and they have a shared-driver and co-op driver formats to deliver your goods on time.

InLog, Inc. is a customer friendly company of drivers with the main goal of getting your products to you on time and in good form. They are reputable and well-organized environmentally conscious as they use low-emissions vehicles to transport goods to destinations.


UPS is so well-known and reputable it is no longer necessary to indicate that UPS stands for United Parcel Service. They deliver products via air and ground transportation, and they also deliver packages on-time. If they don’t, of if the items or items are damaged, the customer who paid gets reimbursed. Other options that set UPShas one of the top 5 logistics companies in California are their locations nationwide and internationally. Their recordkeeping also adds to their excellent reputation. Tracking deliveries online makes it easy for customers to be available when products arrive.