Site Connects Athletes & Triathlon Coaches in Traverse City, MI

Better Triathlete ( has taken storm on the Internets to help connect athletes and triathlon coaches, starting in Traverse City, MI. ¬†As a rather new website that’s focused on providing information and resources for triathletes (spanning from training tips to coaching resources), Better Triathlete helps athletes find triathlon coaches in their local area.better triathlete coaching traverse city

Through the Better Triathlete coaching network, the website offers a growing directory of triathlon coaches (as well as coaches who are specialized in swimming, biking, and running) designed to help connect athletes with coaches in their local area.

In addition to local triathlon coaching resources, Better Triathlete also plans to offer online triathlon coaching services and programs. Be sponsoring some of the top coaches in world, the brand’s mission is to make premium quality triathlon coaching accessible to anyone.

Roots in Traverse City, Michigan

Starting in the waterbound town of Traverse City, Better Triathlete has deep roots in the northern Michigan triathlon community. With limited coaching resources, the area is a hotbed for growth in multisport. Currently (as of when this article was published), the Traverse City triathlon coach page is still available for sponsorship.better triathlete

Team members and staff of Better Triathlete are discussing holding local clinics in the near future. The focus of these triathlon clinics will focus on aspects of form and biomechanics in swimming, biking, and running; mindful approaches to training and racing; and transitions and other disciplines of multisport.

Currently, Better Triathlete is operating a simple web presence that’s focused on building its coaching network, all while sharing content, ideas, and tips through its blog. The focus is unique information that’s cutting edge as well as effective at helping athletes cultivate greater fulfillment and longevity in the sport.

In the meantime, if you’re triathlon coaching in Traverse City looking for opportunities to connect with new athletes, visit the official website of Better Triathlete at