Top 5 Companies for Truck Scales & Advanced Weighing Systems

The most reliable truck scales and advanced weighing systems in the United States are made by reputable, honest companies in the field, and many of them have local roots. Because truck scales and weighing systems are high-dollar investments, these companies set out to offer exceptional products with quality customer support.

Firms that invest in truck scales systems want to choose the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers, as they can provide items that are based on the most advanced technologies. The following 5 companies are top providers of truck scale systems in the U.S.truck scale companies


On-board truck weigh scales are the most advanced heavy-duty truck solutions provided by this company. Vulcan is a top provider of on-board weighing scales for any type of truck or loader. With products that are used by the marine and the aerospace industry, the manufacturer can also cover general trucking, the timber market, aggregate, or refuse. Already existing customers are very pleased of the available items, as they are reliable and easy to load.

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing is a top truck scale manufacturer with headquarters in Webb City Missouri that also has warehouses overseas. There are more than one hundred distributors of the scales from this company.

All types of truck scales and advanced weighing systems are offered by Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, including different types of portable weighing systems, load cell units, steel deck weighbridge truck scales and peripheral equipment for truck scales and weighing systems. The truck scales offered by this manufacturer can be electronic, electro-mechanical and hydraulic, with a wide range of load capacities.

Walz Scale walz scale

Walz Scale is a well-known supplier of truck scales and advanced weighing systems in the US. The main focus of this manufacturer is providing precise and versatile systems for a wide range of industries, like construction, mining, agriculture, waste management, or recycling. As one of the top truck scale companies, Walz Scale can provide customized solutions that are developed according to the needs of every specific customer instead of having a general approach.

Walz Scale is specialized in a wide range of advanced heavy-duty weighing systems, such as on-board weighing systems, axle scales, agricultural and farm scales, mining scales and load volumetric scanners. The advanced technology that is implemented in these solutions makes them some of the best in the industry. Both surface and pit mounted loader scales can be chosen, along with portable mining scales and portable rail scales. The systems are electro-mechanical, with pneumatic and hydraulic load cells.

Avery Weigh Tronix

Avery Weigh Tronix is another popular and respected truck scale manufacturer in the United States that is also a supplier for more than eighty countries all over the world. The company has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

There are many industries covered by this Fortune 200 company, such as agriculture, mining, aggregates, waste or recycling. Avery Weigh Tronix even offers software for scales or data management.

Payload Pros

Payload Pros manufactures static, dynamic, and portable truck scale solutions for different industries: agriculture, mining, construction and recycling. These items are meant to serve anyone who is performing different types of weighing operations in an efficient and affordable manner. In addition to truck scales for sale, Payload Pros offers a wide range of portable truck axle scales for rent.

One of the main advantages of the scale solutions offered by Payload Pros is a maximum versatility without impacting precise measurements in a negative way. Customers can choose from various scale designs, such as aluminum and steel construction to cover both light and heavy duty applications.