Central Illinois’ Source for All Things Computers

nerds on call central illinois computersNerds on Call is a customer driven computer sales and solutions company with locations throughout central Illinois. Nerds on Call is a branch of the Facet Technologies, Inc. family of companies – a renowned computer company dealing with computer software, hardware, PC maintenance, networking, computer repair and support.

Nerds on Call has built an impeccable reputation by making sure that all customers are satisfied. The technicians at Nerds on Call offer responsible and comprehensive computer services. They are knowledgeable on a wide variety of computers and software systems, and their skills in configuring and troubleshooting computer viruses and repair issues is second to none. In short, the solutions provided by Nerds on Call are seamless and the company’s innovative approach in computer hardware and software optimization is unparalleled.

Comprehensive Local & Remote Services

computer network data backupThese key characteristics of the Nerds on Call computer repair technicians make their services professional and sufficient. Services Nerds on Call offer a comprehensive array of desktop, laptop and iPod services which include computer repairs, computer upgrades, local area network connections, data cabling, wireless communications, email and internet setups, virus and spyware eradication, internet security, software installation, computer/network data backups, IT support and consultation and game console repairs.

To put it simply, Nerds on Call has the solution for your computer or computer systems. Besides computers repair and computer maintenance, the company sells new and used computers, computer and iPod parts and accessories and much more. One thing that catapults the company to the front pack in computers repairs is the fact that they repair all computer and iPod brands including Apple. They have local technicians ensuring that the services they offer are on-site or in-shop services.

Experienced Computer Technicians

computer repair technicianBy continuing to offer quality and professional services and residential and business computer system sales, Nerds have garnered a high number of customers from residential users, small businesses, medium sized businesses, large corporations, through professional computer practitioners and government institutions. The technicians work with every client at their level to ensure that the services they give are tailored to meet the client’s needs. The technicians later install and also maintain the client’s equipment to keep it running at the optimum level.

The success of Nerds on Call can be attributed to the experienced and knowledgeable technicians. Irrespective of the problem with your computer, you are always guaranteed of getting help. May it a virus, lost files, lost internet connections, spyware, slow computer, computer getting hot, spam, computer screen blackening or even memory crash, Nerds on Call computer repair technicians got you covered. All technicians are motivated to work fast thanks to the great working conditions, their knowledge and their passion for computers.

Affordable Computer Repair Services

business computer systems salesClients will only pay for services offered and not services attempted. It is for this reason that the company does not charge per hour but rather based on the services offered. Different services are charged differently. Clients do not need to keep on checking their watch as time is of no essence in regards to charges. However, they respect the urgency of a project.

Another thing about Nerds on Call prices is that there are no surprises. After assessing your PC, laptop or iPod, the technician knows how much to charge you. There is however a small non-refundable fee on computer troubleshooting or hardware diagnostics. Nerds on Call offers the most competitive prices on computer and computer accessories sales.