3 Perfect Postage Meters for Small Businesses

Saving on expenses/cost and time are the two critical factors that impact almost all small businesses. Postage meters play a key role for businesses in weighing, labeling, stamping and sending outbound mail. A postage meter eliminates the need to make multiple trips to the post office, adds convenience and cut mailing costs. In fact, research has shown that a postage meter can save a business up to 20% of their mailing costs.

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Postage meters also make it easy to download postal rates and note any changes in the postal regulations. Furthermore, a postage meter enables a small business to streamline their postage facilities in one designated place. Lately, manufacturers have flooded the market with a variety of postage meters. Below are the three perfect and affordable postage meters for small businesses.

1. Mailstation2 from Pitney Bowes

Mailstation2 Postage Meter from Pitney BowesThe Mailstation2 from Pitney Bowes is a digital postage mailing meter designed with the needs of small businesses in the mind. It is the easiest postage meter to use around. It is highly efficient in web connectivity and is equipped with PB web connect feature. Mailstation2 is a low-end postage meter that can mail about 18 letters in a minute. It is both affordable, accurate and reliable.

Pitney Bowes Mailstation2 is an ideal postage meter for small businesses that send less than 100 letters in a month. The user gets instant software updates directly to the machine. The machine is available for rent, and the costs start at $25 per month making it a perfect choice for startups. Additionally, it comes with 5lb weighing scale that suits the needs of small businesses. Apart from being a perfect postage mark printer, it can be used in printing marketing messages on envelopes for customers.

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2. Neopost IN-360 Postage Meter

Neopost is another popular manufacturer that provides perfect mailing solutions for small businesses. The Neopost IN-360 is a reliable postage meter that provides affordable, quick and accurate mailing solutions. It is designed with the goal of minimizing mailing costs while reducing the mail processing time. It can process up to 45 letters in a minute which is a huge number for a small business.Neopost IN-360 Postage Meter

The Neopost IN-360 postage meter makes mailing accurate and easy to manage. Moreover, IN-360 enables the user to adapt to the changing USPS rules and mail posting requirements. It allows up to 10 customized text message styles for customers. It comes with all the ideal peripherals ideal for increasing mailing efficiency. The Neopost IN-360 can also manage all the shipping and postages through apps and over the internet. Any small business seeking for well-organized mail system should consider Neopost IN-360.

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3. FT PostBase Mini Postage Meter

FT PostBase Mini Postage MeterFT PostBase is an entry-level postage meter specifically designed for a small business struggling to get off the ground with their mailing needs. It is packed with impressive features that make mail handling efficient and hassle-free. It can handle up to 17 postage letters in a minute hence a perfect choice for small businesses with light postage needs. Its quiet operation and unobtrusive design make it a must-have option for most businesses.

The FT PostBase Mini Postage Meter is best suited for small offices and other home-based businesses that send a limited number of postings. The benefits of FT PostBase is that it is easy to use and is available on a budget. Small businesses seeking for simplicity and flexibility can consider FT PostBase Mini.

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Postage meters are the best solutions for every small business that strives to improve productivity and enhance the reach of their customers. The ability to provide custom mails helps build a great customer relationship. Listed above are the top 3 affordable postage meters for small businesses.